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Author: John C. Dean

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Published: 2 months ago

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Book Description

'Seeing the Big Picture' is the autobiography of John C. Dean, the engineer who proved the take over of the US in 1963 by a shadow government represented by puppet presidents who followed: LBJ, Nixon, Ford, GHW Bush, and GW Bush. These presidents all had prior knowledge of the assassination of JFK and in all but one case, took direct action to kill JFK or cover up how he was killed with the Oswald allegation. John performed a detailed forensic ballistic analysis to account for all the missed shots,and wounds known for the actual assassination. He provides visual proof in this with his reprocessing of the old photos/movie frames, and most important, makes his whole life transparent to the reader while showing his fabulous art and other creations too precious to pass up. Enjoy your trip.

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