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Garage Item Pricing

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for making your next yard sale successful: How to Organize a Successful Garage Sale. There are a lot of things you can do to get organized before your yard sale to make it go more smoothly. Here are 20 of the best ideas, tips, and tricks to help you organize your garage sale, make money, and maybe even.

Knowing how to price your items is of importance. For example, there was a man in California who purchased Ansel Adams negatives for $45.00 only later to find out they were worth $220 million.

  • Baby Clothes– Price depends entirely upon condition and brand. If it's from baby gap or Gymboree and has a tag on it still, 5.00 and up should be reasonable. If there's no tag or it's been worn then $3.00 or less is appealing. If there are stains or damaged clothing it can be thrown in a donation/free box which will entice other purchases.
  • Clothing - Again, brand names and condition help the asking price here.
  • Plain tee shirts -.25-50 cents.
  • Brand name polos, lacoste or other trendy brands - $5.00
  • Plain blue jeans - $1.00
  • Brand name jeans - $3.00
  • Fleeces, jackets, coats, and other winter gear - $4.00
  • Dresses & skirts - $5.00
  • Items with tags still attached - $10.00 or 70% of original retail price whichever is more reasonable
  • Pocketbook and purses – Depending on brand name $10 - $70
  • Ties - $1.00 or bulk deals such as 10 for $6.00
  • Dress shoes - $5.00
  • Tennis shoes - $3.00
  • Flip flops and sandals – If never worn $3.00

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Books, Novels, and Textbooks – The going rate for a single paperback novel and outdated textbook is typically $1.00. A hardcover book in good shape can go for $2.00 and, and depending one how many books you have, it is often a good idea to make bulk sales at a price break to help move them.

Cassette Tapes – Many people still drive cars that have cassette players and many elderly individuals listen to opera, musicals, and classical music on cassettes. Also jam bands such as the Grateful Dead and Phish have lots of cassettes floating around that are worth a pretty penny. So there still is a market for these. 10 cents apiece for a non collectible tape. If you have a collectible tape or motivational tape then $1.00-5.00 is an ample starting price point.

Compact Disks – CD's are another dying breed due to electronic and digital media players like the iPod. However, we all have a CD player in our vehicle. $1.00 a piece with a bulk deal of 10 for $5.00 is fair, just make sure to check for scratches as you wouldn't want to purchase a disc that doesn't play or skips.


Electronics - This is the broadest category of items to price:

  • VHS players - $15.00 try to sell it as a bulk deal with your VHS tapes
  • DVD Players - $20.00 Also push this with the DVDs for sale
  • Blue Ray Players - $40.00 although uncommon at sales they are available time to time
  • Casio Style Keyboard - $25.00
  • CD Players, Radios, and Alarm Clocks - $4.00
  • Car Stereo – Dependent upon condition and wiring parts $15-30.00
  • Printer - $10.00
  • Desktop Computer – Depending on age and software - $50-150.00
  • Computer Speakers - $10.00
  • Landline Telephone - $5.00
  • Remote Controllers - $1.00

DVDs – Depending on the age of the movie $2-3.00 is a fair starting price point. If it's brand new in the wrapper still or is a new release within the past couple of years then $4-6.00.

Household Items – As long as its in decent condition most household items are a breeze to sell at a sale as the bulk of visitors are looking for new furnishings and useful items for their home. Make sure to clean up all of these items, especially food related ones, to avoid spreading germs to the new owners.

  • Pictures and Paintings - $5.00
  • Center Pieces, Vases, Trays - $3.00 a piece
  • A/C Units - $10.00
  • Toaster - $7.00
  • Coffee Maker - $12.00
  • Microwave - $10.00
  • George Foreman style Grills - $10.00
  • Kitchen Supplies such as cereal bowls, glasses, plates, pots & pans, and silverware go for $1.00-3.00 a piece but try to sell them as a set of plates with the knife, spoon, and forks to match for $10.00.

Furniture – If you are a college student or a new homeowner who needs furniture then a garage sale is a dream come true for a bargain hunter. If you have antique items like an armoire, bookshelves, or other furniture, then you may want to seek a consignment shop opposed to a rummage sale.

  • Couches - $35.00
  • Kitchen Table - $25.00
  • Entertainment Center - $20.00
  • Desk - $15.00
  • Office Chair - $5.00
  • Love Seat - $15.00
  • End Tables - $10.00
  • Head Boards - $5.00
  • Coffee Table - $10.00
  • Rug - $25.00
  • Dresser - $25.00
  • Book Shelf - $30.00
  • Patio Furniture Full Set - $45.00
  • Patio and Lounge Chairs - $5.00 a piece

Sports Equipment – Whether its golf clubs, exercise equipment, or other miscellaneous sports equipment there will certainly be a market for it at a tag sale. As long as the item is not broken beyond repair you can wash off the item and place it for sale.

  • Exercise Balls - $2.00
  • Weights - $1.00 a set
  • Treadmill - $50.00
  • Exercise Bike - $40.00
  • Baseball Gloves - $3.00
  • Golf Club Set - $25.00 or $4.00 a club
  • Dart Board - $5.00
  • Pool Table - $55.00 and they haul it away!
  • Soccer, foot, and basketballs - $2.00
  • Hockey Sticks - $4.00
  • Helmets - $2.00
  • Fishing Rods - $8.00 a piece or a set of bait and tackle for $12.00

Toys – This is a tough category to price because the range of items depending on year and condition can vary. The consumer products safety commission has made it illegal to sell recalled products at a yard sale so please make sure that you are following legal guidelines for the safety of the children. Try not to sell broken toys that cannot be easily put back together. Some of the bigger brand names such as Leapfrog, Fisher Price, and Playskool usually command a small premium to off brand products.

  • Post 1990 board games - $1.00 a piece (i.e. Guess Who, Life, Monopoly, etc..)
  • Jenga, Skip its, and other recent decade toys - $2.00
  • Fisher Price Little People fun park - $10
  • Playhouses - $10
  • Toddler chair - $15
  • Barbie electronic shopping cart - $20
  • Stroller - $10.00
  • Beanie Babies - .10 a piece
  • Dolls - $1.00- 15.00 depending on condition and rarity
  • Power Wheels – 45.00
  • Roller Skates, Ice Skates, Roller Blades, and Skateboards – 15.00
  • Bicycles - $20.00
  • Boys Action Figures - $10.00 for a shoe box full
  • Matchbox Cars –$1.00 a piece if vintage hold onto if you can newer ones
  • Changing Table - $45.00
  • Crib – $50.00-100.00 depending on brand and condition
  • Scooter - $10.00

Tools - As long as they still function you can sell them. Some of the bigger and more industrial items will sell well above the normal garage sale prices.

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  • Lawnmower (non riding) – $60.00
  • Sewing Machine -$20.00
  • Saw - $5.00
  • Tool Box –Depending on size and condition $20-75.00
  • Drills, Wrenches, and Screwdrivers - $2.00 a piece on average.

Videogames – Consoles, games, controllers, and memory cards are very popular items at garage sales and always attracts family friendly visitors. If you are selling a game that was released in the last two years and the purchase price was $50.00 or greater then 70% off or $15.00 is a fair starting point.

  • Playstation 1- Console - $5.00 Games - $1.00 a piece Controllers $2.00 Memory Cards - $2.00
  • Playstation 2- Console - $25.00 Games $3.00 a piece Controller $3.00
  • Playstation 3 – Console – Make sure it works Games $25-35.00
  • Xbox – Console - $35.00 Games – $3-5.00 a piece
  • Xbox 360 – Console – Make sure it works Games - $25-35.00
  • Nintendo – SNES, NES, N64 games $.50-2.00 Consoles $20-35.00 dependant on
  • Condition Controllers - $3.00 a piece
  • Handheld – Console - $20.00 & Games $.50 if older than 4 years $3.10.00 otherwise
  • Sega – Genesis - $25.00 Dreamcast $40.00 Games - $3 a piece or 10 games for $20.00

The Garage Sale Company

Videotapes - VHS tapes tend to be popular at a garage sale and some shoppers like adding to their historic collection. 25-50 cents a piece is the going rate, and bulk deals such as 5 for a dollar will help sales. If you have a rare or collectible tape such as a Disney limited release you may want to consider keeping it or auctioning it off as you probably won't maximize your value at a yard sale.


A Garage Sale Is An Example Of What Is Called

04-19-2021 to 04-25-2021

Valrico, FL
Haunting decorative clock. The lock to open is off. Still in good condition. Halloween
Ashburnham, MA
This was custom-made from a large Coca-Cola sign. There is some discoloration around the lettering but still a great addition to a Coca-Cola collection. Solid construction. Paid $700.00
Ashburnham, MA
This was custom handcrafted a few years back and is still in great condition. The chairs are leather and fabric. The original cost was $4,900.00 Please make an appointment to look at it. It's a..
Ashburnham, MA
Opens flat giving plenty of sleeping space. The ends adjust to create headrests. Can be separated into two half-sections to use as oversize chairs.
Fulton, MO
Henderson, NV
Clothes, bikes, tv, appliances, camping, dishes, snow gear, purses, toys etc
Citrus Heights, CA
Lots of new and slightly used baby clothes NB to 3+ months. Previously loved, good condition baby bassinet, toys and games. Prices very per item, please contact and we will discuss, very reasonable.
Garage sales in my area
Fulton, MO
San Luis Obispo, CA

Posting A Garage Sale Online

Oak Computer Desk 3 drawer, plus keyboard drawer. 55 3/4' x 23 3/4' x 29'
Fulton, MO
San Luis Obispo, CA
Claw and Ball Foot Vintage Oak Table. 54' round or add the 24' leaf and make it 54 x 78. Feed the whole family.
San Luis Obispo, CA
Ashburnham, MA
These were custom ordered through Winchendon Furniture in 2019. The chair has electronic controls to recline and the 7' couch, measured from the outside edge of the armrests, has a manual recliner..
Slidell, LA
Slidell, LA
Garage Kept
Shelves are partial board and in great condition
Shelves are adjustable
72” H x 48” W x 24” Deep
Slidell, LA
Multi use, needs cleaning, restoring, painting.
Solid wood back
46.5” H x 64” W x 12” D
Slidell, LA
Garage Kept
Shelves are partial board and in great condition
Shelves are adjustable
72” H x 48” W x 24” Deep
Slidell, LA
Garage Kept
Shelves are partial board and in great condition
Shelves are adjustable
72” H x 48” W x 24” Deep
Slidell, LA
Garage Kept - Has Rollers
Shelves are partial board and in great condition
Shelves are adjustable
72” H x 48” W x 24” Deep
Slidell, LA
Garage Kept - Has Rollers
Shelves are partial board and in great condition
Shelves are adjustable
72” H x 48” W x 24” Deep