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Good morning..

I'm Dr. Jung.

Become dangerous. Unless proper procedures are instituted, personnel installing or servicing these systems are frequently exposed to the hazards of shock, arc flash and arc blast. Eliminating and/or reducing these hazards require a basic knowledge of electric circuits. The following is a brief overview. John Michael Kerr (January 31, 1950 – July 18, 2016) was an American editor, psychologist, and author raised in New York City.He was best known for his 1993 nonfiction book A Most Dangerous Method: The Story of Jung, Freud, and Sabina Spielrein, which explores an episode in the history of psychoanalysis.It examined the relationship between Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Sabina Spielrein.

I admitted you yesterday.

I'm not..

I'm not..

not mad, you know.

Let me explain what I have in mind.

I propose that we meet here,

most days, to talk for an hour or two.



Just talk.

See if we can identify

what's troubling you.

So as to distract you

as little as possible,

I'm gonna sit there,

behind you.

I'm gonna ask you to try not to turn around

and look at me under any circumstances.


Have you any idea what may have brought

on theseattacks you suffer from?

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Any kind of..


Like, I can't bear to see it and

it makes me feel nauseated.

I startpouring with sweat,

cold sweat.




my.. my.. my father..

lost his.. his temper all the time.

He was always..

he's alwaysangry with me.

When you stoppedtalking just now,

did a thought come into your head?


I don't know..

Or an image, perhaps.

Was it an image?


What was the image?

It was a hand.


my.. my father's hand.

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Why do you think you saw that?

When.. whenever he would..


whenever he..

whenever he hit us, we..

afterward we had to..

we had to kiss his hand.

What's odd is..

that case I was writing up last week,

I happened to pick the codename

Sabina S.

And here she is.. Sabina Spielrein.

Quite a coincidence.

As you know, I don't believe

there is such a thing.

Spielrein's not a very Russian name.

No, Jewish.

Father's a very successful

import-export man.

And she's exceptionally well educated,

speaks fluent German.

Aspires to be a doctor herself,


Perhaps she's the one.

What one?

The one you've been looking for.

For your experimental treatment.

The talking cure.

You're so astute.

I've alreadybegun it with her.

He's kicking.

Can you feel it?

Oh, yes.

There he is.

What I don't understand is

why Freud, having proposed

this radicaltherapeutic idea,

this talking cure, this

psychoanalysis, then lets

years go by without giving

even the barestoutline of

his clinical procedures?

What's he playing at?

Presumably he uses the

method on his patients?

I've no idea.

So might you be the first

doctor to try this out?

It's possible.

Why don't you write and ask him?

I don't know him.

As it happens, Miss Spielrein's mother

wanted to take her to see Freud.

Another coincidence.

My fatherthinks my

mother doesn't love him.

And he's right, she doesn't.

How do you know?

My angel told me.

What angel?

An inner voice.

He used to tell me

I was an exceptional person.

For some reason

he alwaysspoke in German.

Angels alwaysspeak German.

It's traditional. Is nikon d50 still a good camera.

He gave me the power to know

what people are going to say..

before they open their mouths.

Useful ability for a doctor.

You hope to be a doctor

some day, don't you?

I'll never be a doctor.

Why not?

I have to go away for awhile.

I'm sorry.

We've just gotten started.

Military service.

We all have to do it.

- Just for a couple of weeks.

- It's a waste of time!

I can't tell you whatever it is

you want to know! You're just..

you're just making me angry.

And even if I could tell you,

you'd be sorry you ever..!

Anyway, there's nothingwrong with me!

I don't even want to get better!

Stop it!

- What? I was only trying to..

- Will you just stop with..

stop with that!

I'm sorry.

Can we get back now?

- Yes, if you want to.

- I need to get back.

It's a completewaste of my time.

Writing prescriptions


for athlete's foot..

and examining c*cks

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from morning 'til night.

Is that what you do?

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It's not good for me.