Ableton Audio Interface

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Avocode flutter. Using Aggregate Devices and multiple audio interfaces. Live Versions: All Operating System: All Aggregate devices on Mac. On Mac, it is possible to choose different interfaces as Input and Output device in Live. It's also possible to combine multiple audio interfaces into an aggregate device at a system level. Creating an aggregate device is a way to group multiple audio interfaces into one. Ableton, a digital audio workstation, is designed for recording, mixing, composing, mastering, and arranging all sorts of audio. It is also considered a fantastic choice for live performances and works on Windows as well as macOS. Anyone making music can benefit from using Ableton, including DJs. You can take a look at Ableton’s features here.

Cheap audio interfaceI have a really annoying problem with Ableton live 9 intro !
every time i open the software I can't hear sound from windows anymore nor from any other place (just from LIVE itself)..after i close the program sometimes there's sound and sometimes not.
If i want to fix it i just need to restart windows..further more..instead of the fact that there is no sound anywhere when I use Ableton, if i want to open a video in youtube - the video itself won't work.. i can move the clip to any part of the video, but it just won't work, it will be stuck.Ableton audio interface latency

Ableton Audio Interface Setup

Ableton Audio Interface

I am using SPL crimsoin external sound device if it helps.. i really want to fix this problem !

Ableton Audio Interface Latency

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