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In this video we show you how to get up and running with Ableton Live Lite and the Clarett USB product. For more tutorials using Ableton click here: https://. Gold fx babyliss pro. How to avoid crackles and audio dropouts. Live Versions: All Operating System: All If the CPU load is too high and audio can't be buffered within the chosen buffer rate, then crackles, dropouts (gaps in playback), or glitches may occur during playback. Using an ASIO audio driver on Windows. Live Versions: All Operation System: Windows There are a variety of audio drivers available for Windows such as ASIO, MME/Direct X, Realtek, Direct Sound and Direct Capture.

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I'm hoping someone out there can help me with an unexpected problem.
I just bought a Scarlett 2i4 to replace my previous M-audio interface. The Scarlett drivers were installed from the Focusrite website and installation went without a hitch.
I went to the Live preferences to setup the new audio device and I've found that I can't adjust the buffer size.. I also can't adjust the input latency and output latency. The Live preference menu doesn't give me a value box that I can edit and the buffer is set to 512 samples, the input latency is set to 24.2ms and the output latency set to 34.9ms. This gives me a whopping 59.1ms of overall latency!!!
The only variables that I can adjust are the in/out sample rate (Ive set it to 48,000) but this has no effect on the overall latency time.
I can adjust the driver Error Compensation and if I set it to -50.0ms, the overall latency drops to 9.08ms.

Ableton Live Lite 9 Download

I've tried setting up the driver as per the ASIO Hardware Setup tutorial that comes with Live but the tutorial goes on about adjusting the Input/Output Latency and adjusting Buffer sizes while monitoring the test tone and I'm not presented with an option to adjust these values.

Ableton Live Lite Manual

If I click on the hardware setup button, I get a bare-bones Focusrite menu that has a slider to adjust Buffer Length (from 0 to 10ms) and a drop down menu to adjust the sample rate. It also gives me a non-editable readout of the Live input and Output buffer size (which is 24.2ms and 34.9ms, respectively).
So - my question(s): does anyone else have this problem? Have you worked out how to fix it (reduce the buffer size) or at least reduce the huge latency? Is there another/better driver out there??
AbletonI'm using Live 9.2.3 (32bit), Win 7, Scarlett 2i4 (latest drivers from website).
Thanks very much for any help or suggestions.