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Of all the five sections that Aurelius has (i.e. About-Us, Portfolio, Blog, Contact-Us and Home), the Portfolio and Blog sections will need the 'cloned pages' feature of Couch because they consist of multiple pages each cloned out of the same template.

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About Us CSS Templates. Free Download the biggest collection of CSS Templates 2021. Create your own CSS Template with the best web design software. A clean layout and simple design appeals more to users. This “about us” page is.

We'll tackle the cloned pages in the next chapter. For now let us begin with a simpler section that doesn't require cloning. The About Us page will serve our purpose.
Before proceeding further, make sure that you are logged into Couch using the super-admin account that got created during installation.

Access about.html in your browser by visiting http://www.mytestsite.com/about.html
The About Us page should appear.

Change the extension of the template from .html to .php so that about.html now becomes about.php. Access about.php in your browser -
The same About Us page should appear as did when the file's extension was html.
This change of extension from .html to .php is necessary before Couch can be retrofitted into a template.

Time to fit Couch into about.php.
Open up about.php in your favorite text editor and paste the following line to the very top of the file -

If you had chosen to rename the default admin folder from couch to something else, make sure the line pasted above also reflects the change. Thus if the new name of the folder was myadmin, the line to be pasted will become -
<?php require_once( 'myadmin/cms.php' ); ?>

As the final step, paste the following to about.php as the last line of the file (i.e. after all other content of the file) -

These two boilerplate lines of code are the only PHP that you should ever need to write to work with Couch.

Refresh the template within your browser by revisiting about.php and now visit the admin section once again.

Notice how about.php now appears in the list of templates in the sidebar on the left and how the right panel informs you that about.php has no editable regions defined yet.

These steps are all that you need to take in order to port any template to Couch.

Defining editable regions

With Couch now hooked into about.php, let us now decide which regions within the template should be editable by the client.
Looking at about.php in the browser, it appears that these two regions are the ones that the client will want to edit -

With about.php open in the text editor, find the HTML block representing the main content region -

and surround it with Couch's editable tags as follows -

Similarly find the content in the sidebar -

and surround it with the editable tags -

Refresh about.php by revisiting it in your browser. Go to the admin section and click on about.php in the list on the left.
The right panel should now display the following -

As you can see, Couch has now created the two editable regions for you.
Try editing the contents in them and revisit about.php after saving your changes. Your changes should now appear on the website.

The editable tag, particularly the richtext type, has a plethora of options that you can set to tailor the created editable region to your client's need. Please consult the documentation for details.

This is all that is needed to make a single page editable.
To further refine the experience for your client, a few minor enhancements can be made.
The name of the template appears as about.php in the admin panel. Let us make it appear as About Us.
Couch has a tag named template. Add the following line containing the template tag to somewhere at the top of the page (below the boilerplate PHP include code we added, of course) -

Repeat the mandatory step of refreshing the template in browser and then revisit the admin panel.
The template should now be listed as 'About Us' instead of its file-name.

In the next chapter we'll tackle the templates that will be used to create multiple cloned pages.

Contact pages are an essential part of almost any website. The relationship with your clients/customers, receiving feedback, customer support and other forms of online communication can be facilitated by a well-coded contact form.

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Of course, it is possible to simply mention your email address on your contact page, but this may be an inconvenient sometimes, as scrapers can easily gather your email address and you will soon be flooded with spam emails. An HTML & CSS contact form protects you from this, thus preventing a significant number of spam emails from reaching your inbox.

There are many tools you can use in order to add a sleek custom form on your contact page. For WordPress, there are WordPress plugins you can use, and other CMS systems may offer similar tools, however, if you have some coding knowledge, you can easily use one of these free HTML & CSS contact form templates.

These uniquely designed custom form templates will make your contact page stand out! Some of them even have additional features, such as maps! Check out the free HTML & CSS contact form templates below and choose your favorite!

Contact Form 1

Contact Form 1 is a modern and interactive contact form template with mail icons that move along with your cursor and other cool visual effects. This type of contact form is perfect for interactive websites. It also has field validation and it’s completely responsive.

Contact Form 2

Contact Form 2 has some lovely colorful accents. This is a full-width form template with subtle animation effects. The button is in a colorful gradient that changes once you hover it and can be easily modified by you to fit your website’s color palette.

Contact Form 3

Contact Form 3 is another cool contact form template that’s extremely versatile. It has an interesting new feature added, a dual option for your message, so the user can either use it as a contact form or as an inquiry form. It also comes with a photo background and a bright green color. These can be easily customized.

Contact Form 4

This contact form is similar to the one presented above, but unlike that one, it has a neon-colored gradient in the background and a simple, white color for the main elements of the form. This well-coded contact form supports field validation and is easy to integrate into any platform you use.

Colorlib Contact Form

Colorlib Contact form is a simple, yet effective contact form template with indicators for the field labels, field validation and a minimalist design.

Contact Form 5

Contact form 5 has a nice structure for a contact form and it’s a good fit for blogs or magazine websites. It’s black and white, simple and clean. The fonts used are bold and the overall design is responsive and easy to use even on small screens.

Contact Form 6

Contact Form 6 is a unique contact form design with a creative layout. The background isn’t static, but instead, it is an interactive map powered by Google Maps. The shadow effects are also interesting. Check it out in action!

Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 has a more corporate style, with a minimalist design and a straight-forward layout. It offers the option of sending the user a copy of the message, by ticking the box at the bottom of the form. This form can even be integrated with an email marketing tool or a CRM system for immediate response.

Contact Form 8

Contact Form 8 is similar to the map form above, but has a cleaner, lighter design. The map in the background is also interactive and powered by Google Maps and the form remains open. There is also the option to send the message as a copy, like in the form above.

Contact Form 9

Contact Form 9 another colorful form, a combination between two of the contact forms mentioned above. The background is an interactive Google Map, but it’s covered by a beautiful neon gradient. The message form is simple, with just three fields, and with subtle shadow effects.

Contact Form 10

Contact Form 10 is a simple and modern contact form template that you can install on your website for free. This flexible HTML & CSS contact form is easy to customize, so you can add new fields if you need to.

Contact Form 11

Contact Form 11 has a bold design with bright colors and beautiful vector illustrations. The background is purple, but the colors can be easily changed with some CSS tweaking. The texts can be seen clearly even from mobile devices.

Responsive Contact Form with Map

Lentie Ward is the designer behind this unique contact form template. This form was made with Haml and SCSS technologies and also some JavaScript. The result is a sophisticated form template with a cool map in the background. If you want to offer your visitors a spectacular experience on the contact page, make sure you use this form.

Contact Form Bootstrap 3

This contact form was created with the help of Bootstrap by designer Shuvo Habib. It’s clean, simple, and full-width. It has all the basic info you would need from the users.

Responsive Contact Form

This responsive contact form template was designed by Lisa Wagner. It is mobile-optimized, has a dark layout and perfect for support sections on your website. The colors can be easily modified with some CSS tweaks.

CSS3 Contact Form

This CSS3 contact form was created by Hong Liu and it is entirely responsive. It also has a great colorful border, which gives it a retro vibe. It’s perfect for any website with a light color palette.

HTML5 Contact Form

Here’s another HTML5 full-width contact form . The design has an interesting approach for each field’s labels. The colors may be too bright, but this can be easily changed with some CSS modifications.

Minimalistic Form

As the name states, this is a minimalist form, with a clean, ultra-simple design. This form design was created by Matheus Marsiglio and contains only three basic fields – for email, name and message.

Pen a Day Contact Form

About Us Html Template Bootstrap

Pen a Day contact form is a lightweight design perfect for feedback forms on websites. The layout is clean and basic and has every field needed for a suggestion box.

Appointment Contact Form

Do you need an appointment contact form? This template is for you! Created by Andrew Wright, this modern CSS3 and HTML5 contact form gives you the possibility to easily manage appointments and book clients for your business! There’s even a feature that lets users specify the best time for reaching out.

Quick Minimal Contact Form

This quick and easy to use minimal contact form was created by Erin Masson. It has an interactive design for filling in the contact details. It can be easily adapted to any website’s color palette.

Pleasing Contact Form

Just as its name states, this contact form template has a pleasing design. Developed by Grandvincent Marion, this well-crafted contact form lets you collect a lot of info about your potential customers/clients through detailed fields arranged in a boxed layout.

Contact Form by Colorlib

This pretty free contact form template is paired with a large image on the left side of the page. It has the basic fields for a contact form and a simple design. Plus, at the bottom of the form are some neatly-arranged social media icons.

Elegant Contact Form

This elegant contact form created by Mark Murray, uses the Compass framework. This modern design can be easily adapted to any CMS your website is using. Give it a try!

Clean Contact Form

About Us Page Template Html Css


This clean contact form template was designed by Nick Haskell and also uses the Compass framework. Unlike other free contact forms from this list, this template uses a background image at the top of the form. Its design is visually appealing and professional.

Html About Page

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