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No matter how great your video footage is, it won’t amount to much if your audio quality is subpar. As such, you need to learn how to edit audio so you can instantly improve the quality of your videos.

Adobe Audition is a powerful program that makes audio editing easy and in this post, we’ve scoured the Internet for the best Adobe Audition tutorials. You will learn the basics of working with Adobe Audition, mixing audio, getting rid of the background noise, and more.

Jan 21, 2021 Adobe is well-known for its PDF Reader, but the company also offers a powerful audio editor called Adobe Audition. This tool allows you to edit your audio files like a pro: you can mix, edit, and create audio content with a tool that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display. Adobe also included Audition 2.0 as part of its Adobe Production Studio bundle. Adobe Audition 3 was released on November 8, 2007. New features included VSTi (virtual instrument) support, enhanced spectral editing, a redesigned multi-track interface, new effects, and a collection of royalty-free loops.

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Getting Started with Adobe Audition

This video tutorial will give you all the basics you need to know to get comfortable with using Adobe’s Audition software. Learn how to use the waveform view to how to masterfully mix multitrack audio to get the perfect mix of music, voice overs, and special effects.

How to Make Your Audio & Voice Sound Better in Audition

Adobe Audition Spectral View 2020

With this video tutorial, you will learn how to tweak your audio settings for recordings so that you can get crystal clear sounds. Perfect for anyone who uses a microphone!

The Best Adobe Audition Workflow for Beginners

Learn how to create the best workflows for you! Learn how to select your clips, trim them, and get them all prepped so you can save time on your audio editing and speed up your workflow.

How to Export a Multitrack Session from Audition


With this step tutorial, you will learn how to mix and produce your very own multi track audio files. You will learn about presets and audio channel customizations without having to create multiple mixdown files.

Get Started with Audition Audio Mixing

Improve your audio editing by learning how to perform key tasks that work in both Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Audition. This allows you to finesse audio effects, automation keyframes, track and submix routing and more!

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How to Clean Up Audio in Adobe Audition

In this tutorial you will learn how to remove all those annoying noises like beeps and hisses through using a visual waveform with the Spectral Frequency Display. In the end, you will quickly be able to get better quality on all your audio.

How to Apply Effects in a Multitrack Session

With this video tutorial you will learn how to apply effects in a multitrack session as well as why and how this differs from a single audio file.

How To Work With Multitrack Sessions In Adobe Audition

Learn the features of working within a multitrack session. You will find out how to seamlessly add individual tracks to create anything from a video soundtrack to a composition or podcast.

Noise Reduction & Restoration in Adobe Audition

Everyone hates background noises. Or the background fan that keeps you cooled. With this video tutorial you will learn how to lessen and remove them from all of your videos.

How to Remove Room Echo in Adobe Audition

Adobe audition spectral view free

Adobe Audition Spectral View Pro

In this video tutorial you will learn how to remove excess ambience noises and room echo using some Adobe Audition presets. Give your videos crystal clear audio quality in a matter of moments.


Whether you’re editing video files and looking to improve the audio quality or starting a podcast and need a reliable program to edit your podcast recordings, Adobe Audition has you covered. Use the tutorials on this list to learn the basics of audio editing.

Adobe Audition Spectral View Software

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