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Apple Specs (All Apple Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad Specs)

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Complete technical specs on every Apple Macintosh, as well as iPod, iPhone and iPad, ever released follow, organized by series. Click on a series for complete details.

Mac specs are listed below by Modern (Intel/Apple Silicon, 2006-Present), Recent (PowerPC G3-G5, 1997-2005) and Vintage (68k-604e, 1984-1998). Current Macs are available, too.

iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV specs have their own category below. Specs for Apple Displays are provided on their own page.

See what makes each Mac notebook and desktop different. And find the one that’s perfect for your life, your work, and your budget. Available in silver, space gray, and gold, the latest MacBook Air features a stunning Retina display with True Tone technology, Touch ID, a backlit Magic Keyboard, and a Force Touch trackpad - all housed in a thin and light iconic wedge design made from 100 percent recycled aluminum.² And with 11-hour battery life, it's a do-it-all notebook. Below is a list of current and discontinued products from Apple Inc.: 1 Current products 1.1 Current hardware 1.2 Current operating systems 1.3 Current software and services 1.4 Current accessories and peripherals 2 Discontinued products 2.1 Discontinued hardware 2.2 Discontinued operating systems 2.3 Discontinued software and services 2.4 Discontinued accessories and peripherals 3 See also 4. If you are thinking about switching from a PC to a Mac, consider the Apple laptops. Compact and elegantly designed, they show up more and more at meetings where clunky Windows laptops used to predominate. Quality construction matters more in mobile devices like laptops, and Macs are among the best-built machines out there. Shop Best Buy for Apple desktop and all-in-one computers, including the iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro models.

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Have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android? See the EveryMac Mac specs app, too.

Please note that the thumbnail images merely show one of the more representative Macs in a category. Many series also include other models with different designs.

Modern Apple Macs (Intel/Apple Silicon, 2006-Present)


MacBook Air

MacBook Pro


iMac Pro

Mac Pro

Mac mini


Compare All Apple Computers also organizes specs on modern Macs By Year, Processor and Case Type and lists all of these Macs By Capability and Identifier. has a complete listing of Global Original Prices for Intel Macs, too.

To lookup a specific Intel Mac by a precise identifier, please refer to's Ultimate Mac Lookup. Current Macs also may be of interest.

Recent Apple Macs (PowerPC G3-G5, 1997-2005)

All Apple Computers Black Friday

PowerBook G3

PowerBook G4




Mac mini

Power Mac G3

Power Mac G4

Power Mac G5

Mac Server G3

Mac Server G4


Do All Apple Computers Come With Garageband also categorizes specs on recent Macs By Year, Processor and Case Type and lists all of these systems By Capability and Identifier with the above Intel Macs.

To lookup any Mac in the above 'recent' section by a precise identifier, see's Ultimate Mac Lookup.

Vintage Apple Macs (68k-604e, 1984-1998)

Mac 'Classic'

Macintosh II

Macintosh LC

Mac Centris

Mac Quadra

Mac Performa

Power Mac

Macintosh WGS

Network Server

20th Anniv. Mac


PowerBook Duo also organizes specs on vintage Macs By Year, Processor and Case Type.

All apple computers list

Apple iPods, iPhones, iPads, TVs, Watches & Newtons (1993-Present)






iPod touch

Apple TV

Apple Watch

HomePod also organizes iPod, iPhone and iPad devices By Year, Processor, Identifier, and Capability as well as Global Original Prices.

To lookup a specific iPod, iPhone or iPad by a precise identifier see's Ultimate iLookup. Also see Current iPods, iPhones & iPads.

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