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The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a government organization that maintains a database of drivers and vehicles for various Indian states and union territories. The RTO issues driving licenses sells customized permits and manages the collection of excise duties, such as road tax. Vehicle compensation and emissions checks are also carried out by the Local Transport Office. There are thousands of RTOs in India, and you should visit the nearest RTO in your area to get all the vehicle and transport-related work done.

Apply for a permanent driving licence between 30 to 180 days from the date of obtaining the learner’s permit. Be above 20 years of age and have held a driving licence to drive a light motor vehicle (LMV). Use this application to apply for one of the following: an Operator’s License, a Learner’s Permit, a Commercial Driver License (CDL), a Class “D” Commercial License (Non-CDL) or a Non-Driver’s Identification Card. This application may also be used to change your name and/or address on you driver license.

A driving license is a very important document. The key benefit of a driving license is that the holder is a licensed driver who is legally allowed to drive a vehicle on Indian roads. It can be used as proof of identity wherever possible. In order to drive a car, a valid driving license is required for compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

  • DMV.ORG prides itself on offering you the most up-to-date information available in your state. Click around DMV.ORG and you'll find which government agency processes driver's licenses in your state, and where to apply for your driver's license.
  • Apply for your first provisional driving licence Get your first provisional driving licence for a moped, motorbike and car from DVLA online. To apply you must: be at least 15 years and 9 months old.
  • So, basically, anyone who wants to drive a motor vehicle on public roads and is wondering how to apply for a driving license needs to first obtain a learner’s license from the local RTO. The same is issued for a period of 6 months, wherein the holder can learn to use a vehicle.

Types of Driving License

Driving License in India can be of 3 types depending on the intent of the vehicle. The registration process varies marginally in respect of the acquisition of any of the following forms of driving licence:


1. Learner’s License

The Learner License is given to a person who is willing to learn how to drive a car. This is a temporary license valid for six months. An individual can apply for a driving license only after completing 30 days of training.

2. Driver’s License (Private)

A Driver’s License can be obtained from people who have successfully completed their vehicle driving training. It is mandatory to hold a Driver’s License if you want to drive a vehicle in India. You can not drive a commercial vehicle with a Private Driving License.

3. Driver’s License (Commercial)

It is marginally more difficult to acquire a commercial driving license than to acquire a private driving license (DL). The age limit is also 3 years higher than DL for private use, i.e. 21 years. Driving a commercial vehicle requires taking responsibility for other persons traveling inside it. This is why it is important to bring a fitness certificate when driving a commercial vehicle.

Temporary Registration Number

At the time of purchase as a new car, the dealer shall issue a temporary registration number to the car. This is yet to be officially registered. It is typically true for a limited period of time like a month. This is the time span for the owner to officially register his / her car.

Vehicle Registration at RTO

For a smooth ride, it becomes mandatory for a vehicle owner to get his/her vehicles permanently registered within the stipulated time.

This registration can be done both online as well as by visiting one of the nearest RTO.

Online Registration

Online registration comes handy and more realistic in today’s busy people’s lifestyle. Looking at the whole digital transition in the country, RTO has incorporated software called Vahan, which is primarily used for vehicle registration in the country. Not only vehicle registration, this program also takes care of the renewal of the printing, the issuance of the fitness certificate and the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

By sending an SMS VAHAN{SPACE}VEHICLE NUMBER to 77382 99899, you will receive the following details-

  • Name of the owner
  • RTO office where the vehicle was registered
  • Fitness certificate expiry date
  • Ownership serial number (If it is the first owner, second owner, or third owner)

One can visit the Vahan official website and enter the vehicle number and click on the submit button to get all the information about the vehicle. Combine data from multiple worksheets into one.

RTO has multiple forms which can be used for the different purposes that suit you.

  • Form 20- Application for registration of a motor vehicle
  • Form 21- Sale certificate
  • Form 23- Certificate of registration
  • Form 24- Registration of motor vehicle
  • Form 29- Notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle
  • Form 38 A- Report of inspection
  • Form 50- Bill of lading
  • Form 51- Certificate of insurance
  • Form 54- Accident information report
  • Form 57- Certificate for foreign insurance

Downloading and filling the required form before visiting the RTO will surely save a lot of time.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration

  • Application form CMV20
  • Sale Certificate of the vehicle
  • Active insurance certificate
  • Valid address proof
  • Temporary Registration issued by the dealer
  • Registration fee
  • A copy of your PAN

Application For Driving Licence Listening Answers

You can visit a nearest RTO for registration of your vehicle or just visit the website for online registration.

How to File an RTO Application for Driving License Online

It is mandatory to have a valid learning license before applying for a driving license. Here is a full step-by-step guide to the submission of RTO applications for Driving License Online:

Step 1 RTO Learner’s License Facility

Based on your place, check your state’s RTO website online. Browse through the menu to find out whether your state requires an online Learner License RTO submission.

Step 2 Application for Learner’s License

To apply for a learner’s license, please visit the RTO state website online. Fill in the application form and book the online test slot. You can obtain a learning license if you pass this exam. You will apply for a driving license 30 days later.

Application For Driving Licence Uk

Step 3 Driving License Application Form

The process for applying for a driving license is identical to the process for applying for an apprenticeship. You will file an online RTO application to receive a driving license. Go to your state’s RTO website and press New Driving License. You will be redirected to fill out the application form.

Step 4 Documents

After completing the application form, you will be asked to upload the scanned soft copies of the following documents:

  • Learning License
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Photograph
  • Signature
  • Documents relating to the type of vehicle to operate. This might be a motorcycle, personal vehicle or transport vehicle.
  • Certificate from a recognized driving school

Replace Driver's License Online

Step 5 Driving Test

Some Indian state RTO allows you to book an exam slot via their website. Consider picking a slot when you have enough time to train for a driving test. Keep your Aadhar card handy when you book your slot.

Important Notes

Bring all of the records in the original and the photocopies as you appear for the driving test. Photocopies should be self-tested. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate that will serve as your Driving License (DL) before you receive a permanent smart card. It will take no longer than 30 days to hit your address by email. Visit the RTO if you had passed the test and yet not received the smart card within 30 days. Always carry your DL while driving/ride a vehicle.

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