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Asher Roth ahh who cares?? To all you mixtape dj's bring some heat something new make your own beats put some effort into it for fucks sake. I can copy and paste too. I love asher roth, anyone got 'Believe the Hype'? Cant compare him to eminem at all, similar voice but thats about it! Future & Lil Uzi Vert Hype Friday The 13th Collaboration. March kicks off with a substantive lineup of releases by the likes of Asher Roth. 30 Minute Layover Mixtape. March 2 Asher Roth.

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The GreenHouse Effect Mixtape
Mixtape by Asher Roth
ReleasedJune 18, 2008 (digitally)
GenreHip hop
ProducerOren Yoel, Novel, Don Cannon, DJ Drama
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Believe the Hype
The GreenHouse Effect Mixtape
Asleep in the Bread Aisle

The GreenHouse Effect Mixtape is the first official mixtape by AmericanrapperAsher Roth. Most of it was produced by Don Cannon and DJ Drama, the other tracks were sampled from other songs. A popular song on the mixtape was 'Roth Boyz' which sampled Jay-Z's Roc Boys hence the name. The mixtape was released and available for free download on in June 18, 2008. The mixtape was well received in the mainstream hip hop industry and made Asher Roth more popular and a regular talk about on internet blogs.

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Track listing

  1. Start The Show (Produced By: Kanye West) - 1:35
  2. Roth Boyz (Produced By: Sean C, Diddy, And L.V. Of The Hitmen) - 3:44
  3. Humans Irk Me (Produced By: Studio 44) - 2:41
  4. DJ Drama - See Me? - 0:33
  5. Cannon (Produced By: Don Cannon) - 3:18
  6. Black Mags (Produced By: Evan 'Chuck Inglish' Ingersol) - 1:20
  7. MR. Me 2 (Produced By: Pharrell Williams) - 2:19
  8. Battle Me (Produced By: Sha Money XL And Dr. Dre) - 2:07
  9. Rub On Your T*ts (Produced By: Oren Yoel) - 3:27
  10. DJ Drama - Saw You! - 0:28
  11. The Sun GOD Free (Produced By: Hi Tek) - 1:53
  12. The Lounge (Produced By: Novel) - 4:15
  13. Just Listen (Written By Asher Roth) - 1:22
  14. Morning Do (Produced By: Timbaland) - 2:43
  15. Demonic (Produced By: Nate 'Danja' Handz) - 2:03
  16. Gimme Your Box (Feat. The Room Mates) (Produced By: Nate 'Danja' Handz) - 3:48
  17. Keep Bouncing (Feat. The Room Mates) (Produced By: Will.I.Am) - 2:37
  18. DJ Drama - The Daily Kush - 0:18
  19. Dey Know (Produced By: Ballis Beats) - 2:35
  20. Morris Roth - 2:44
  21. Cartoon Chick (Produced By: Disco D) (SFX By: Scrappy) - 2:22
  22. Stop Waiting On The World To Change (Feat. John Mayer) - 2:05


  • Oren Yoel producer of the song 'Rub on Your T*Ts' also produced most of the beats on Asher Roth's album Asleep in the Bread Aisle.
  • Fellow label mates Tami Chynn, Akon and Jay-Z makes a cameo appearance in Asher Roth's video of 'Roth Boyz'.
  • The Mixtape can be available for download on
  • The song 'The Lounge' was also a bonus track on his album Asleep in the Bread Aisle.


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