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As Avira's product suite is constantly evolving, and the world of online security rarely stands still, the company's development teams are always working on new projects. Each project requires a unique hosting environment. Dynamics 365 remote assist. To take two examples, Cloud Services Manager Cristian Toader was leading the development of Avira Protection Cloud, a service that scans users’ files by extracting them to the cloud for threat detection before returning them to the local device.

“We wanted to offer this service free to customers,” says Toader, “meaning that the user base would increase by around 50 times. But our local data center just couldn’t scale at that level.”


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Similarly, his colleague Cosmin Ancuta was working on a service for tens of millions of Windows and mobile users. “We needed significant compute power and resources to deliver good quality of service,” Ancuta says. “The effort and cost required by us to set this up on physical servers in an existing location was too high, so we started to evaluate cloud providers.”

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2018- Multi-Device- 3 Users, 1 Year (CD) (Chance to win Rs.1000 Amazon Gift voucher) Kaspersky ₹754.00 ₹ 754. 00 ₹2,099.00 ₹2,099.00 (192). For business intelligence, Avira stores data in Amazon Redshift, with Amazon ElastiCache providing a scalable, in-memory cache in the cloud. To keep uptime high, Avira makes use of AWS global regions and multiple Availability Zones. It also caches much of its content at Amazon CloudFront edge locations. Every month the Avira Antivirus Scanner detects over 350,000 threats to Android. Protect your Android phone from viruses and get many more safety features to keep your mobile device and personal data secure. Phone or tablet lost or stolen? Avira virus protection for Android can help.