Banglijian Blj C-109c User Manual

Banglijian blj c-109c user manual

Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Replacement Slim Sound Tubes and Domes (Size 2B, 2 Tubes, 10 Domes, Left) for Banglijian 201, 201A,109,109s and 206: Health & Personal Care. The first key feature that distinguishes the BLJ-109 is that it’s rechargeable. This feature can also be found in other Banglijian hearing amplifiers, such as the Banglijian Ziv-201 series. With the new updates for the BLJ-109, however, the expected battery life with a two-hour charge is an incredible 40-60 hours. Hallo, this is my second unit of Banglijian Hearing Amplifier BLJ-109. The first one was sent to my Mom in Poland and did not work properly (was impossible to turn volume down). After discussion with Emily from Banglijian, Amazon returned money to me. The second unit has been purchased recently and again sent to Poland to my Mom.

Hearing amplifiers have seen a surge in popularity in the past few years. These nimble devices get better and better and slowly close the technological gap with hearing aids (although they’re certainly not the same). This popularity means that different companies have entered the market, often with little history or brand recognition. LAIWEN is one of those newer companies that offers different hearing amplifiers.

Their LP-01 looks like a prime example of technological advances in the hearing amplifier space. With impressive technical specifications and features commonly found in hearing aids, the LAIWEN LP-01 seems the perfect solution to buy a great hearing amplifier for dimes on the dollar.

Promises count for nothing when you’re shopping online, and (relatively) unknown brands deserve extra scepticism. So let’s scrutinize the LP-01 and see how it holds its promises. In this review for the LAIWEN LP-01, we will look at the key features, see how it works, what downsides are, and if it’s worth buying. I’ll also recommend some alternative hearing amplifiers if you’re looking for something slightly different.

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Key features of the LAIWEN LP-01

To someone who has researched many hearing amplifiers, the LAIWEN stands out right away. With six bands and twelve channels, this device punches well above its weight. Both of these numbers are a rough translation of sound quality – the more bands and channels, the better. The LAIWEN’s numbers are normally found in much more expensive hearing amplifiers. As an example, the Otofonix Elite (twice the price of the LAIWEN) offers the same twelve channels, but only four bands. You can learn more about the ins and outs about bands and channels, or trust that these are impressive numbers.

The other key feature is this device’s price. While it doesn’t quite make it into the category of under $100, the difference is really too small to bother. This almost makes the LAIWEN a prototype in how buying a hearing amplifier is a great advantage over buying a hearing aid. The combination of technology and price is almost shocking.

Who is this for?

The LAIWEN keeps impressing even after the first glance. With a 42 dB peak gain, this hearing amplifier can be used for mild or moderate hearing loss. While that doesn’t quite make it the most powerful hearing amplifier in this price range, it extends the usability far beyond first-time buyers.

Does the LAIWEN work?

Luckily, the LAIWEN holds up in daily usage, too. It features a #312 battery that will last you 200 hours per battery. Aside from the key features I discussed above, it boasts four different listening programs and eight volume settings, so you can adjust the listening experience to your circumstances.

Banglijian Blj C-109c User Manual Online

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Because of its small size, the LP-01 is quite subtle. Whether or not this low-level visibility matters is a personal matter, but it helps with the comfort of wearing it.

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Banglijian blj c-109c user manual pdf

A last reason to consider buying the LAIWEN LP-01 is the customer support. With a 90-day money back guarantee on top of a one-year manufacturer guarantee, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with the LP-01 if you happen not to like it. These guarantees might say little about how well a device works, but it gives you peace of mind when making a buying decision.

The LAIWEN is designed to be worn in either ear. This is especially helpful for people who experience more hearing loss in one ear than the other, or if you want to give the device a try before you buy a pair.

What’s not to like?

Even though the LAIWEN is ambidextrous, switching ears isn’t as easy as with other models. To change ears, you need to change the listening tube as well – each ear has an assigned listening tube. While this isn’t a problem for people who will wear the hearing amplifier in the same ear, it doesn’t allow the flexibility of most ambidextrous hearing amplifiers.

A common drawback mentioned is that the plastic string with which you take out the amplifier is too long. This minor issue is easily solved with a pair of scissors, and therefore hardly worth mentioning – but I figured it’s good to give you a heads up.

Alternatives for the LAIWEN LP-01

The most obvious alternative for the LAIWEN LP-01 is the Banglijian BLJ-109. Like the LAIWEN, the Banglijian gives you a premium listening experience for a budget price. While the Banglijian can’t offer you the sound quality of the LAIWEN, it has a rechargeable battery and is a little cheaper.

To find other alternatives that are truly worth the switch, you’d have to be looking for something specific. Several receiver-in-ear devices offer good listening experiences, and the difference in design is preferable to some people. The Zyon Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier and the Banglijian AL08R are both good RIC devices.

For an even easier listening experience, some people prefer operating their hearing amplifier from their smartphone. The ZVOX VB20 and Neosonic SF both offer this option.

Banglijian Blj C-109c User Manual Pdf

Should you buy the LAIWEN LP-01?

Banglijian Blj C-109c User Manual Download

Yes. Unless you’re specifically looking for an extra feature the LAIWEN misses, the LP-01 is a great buy. In fact, it’s been our best buy for quite some time now, and made one of the top spots in our search for the best hearing amplifier in 2020.

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