Basic Fashion Croquis

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  3. Simple Fashion Croquis
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What is croquis?

Croquis (pronounced krō-ˈkē) is a quick rough draft sketch of the figure of a woman, child, or man. In fashion illustration, a croquis is usually the base with certain proportions. A swift drawing of clothing is drawn onto the figure, which generally completes the rough draft of the fashion illustration. There is a plethora of styles, poses, sizes, and colors a croquis is made of. Often times illustrators create multiple rough drafts of figures and choose the best one. The final draft is used to place designs over.

Dctdesigns Basic croquis and design inspirations; Martelnyc Female figure poses. How to use Fashion figure templates? I recommend to download them and print all croquis and bind or file them and keep on adding every time you find any new one. Trace the croquis on a fresh sheet of paper by using a lightbox and start designing. FASHION FIGURES 25 TEMPLATES Pack. 9-Head Female Sketches. Pdf Ai Png for Procreate. Designer Croquis + Free Basic Hair Pack & Bonus File TheFashionFile 5 out of 5 stars (40). Draw the fashion croquis using the attached guidelines by following these steps: 1) Print the attached page or create guidelines by following the steps in video #4. 2) Create the skeleton of the croquis by following the steps in video #5. 3) Add muscular shape to the croquis by following the steps in video #6.

Hi everyone,This tutorial video is about how to draw a fashion figure for beginners(10 head fashion croquis) step by step. This is the basic fashion sketches. Learn the tips to create a fashion sketch in this school-appropriate video. Create a diagram to ensure that your figure has the proper proportions and height.

What materials are used for croquis?

Materials that can be used to create croquis models includes but is not limited to:

  • Tablet and Illustration Software (e.x. Procreate)
  • Single Sheets of Paper or Sketchbook
  • Pencil and/or Ink Pen
  • Ruler
  • Practice Croquis Template

What’s the most common method?

The most common and arguably the best way to create croquis is using the “nine heads” technique. This is when nine heads, equal in size, are drawn stacked atop of each other. The first head is the actual head of the fashion figure and the last head ends at the ankles.

These heads usually have specific measurements to create the a certain croquis proportion: 1 inch heads with the neck 1½ inches down from the

What are the steps to creating a croquis illustration?

1. Focus and relax. Creating a croquis from scratch can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you feel that the end result is not up to your standard. Try not to stress over the perfect sketch, since it is virtually impossible to create one the first time around.

2. Create a line and add perpendicular lines at certain section points. Below is a picture of a croquis illustration that is divided into multiple sections. Each section states how much space each line has between each other. You can use a ruler to create accurate section lengths. One of the most common methods is the “nine heads” method, where you add nine heads that are equal in size (oftentimes 1 inch) that are stacked atop of each other. The first head is the head of the croquis model and the last head is the ankles. Note: The last head can be the feet of the model, but this may create an uneven figure.

3. Add the correct proportions. The shoulder is halfway between the second head and the apex of the bust is right at the end of the second head. The waist and elbows are between head number three and four, and the hips and waist are between head number four and five. The crotch of the croquis model usually rests 1/4 inch below the start of the fifth head. The knees are between head six and seven, and the calves of the model rests between head seven and eight. Lastly, the ankles lie and the bottom of the final head, head number nine. Below is an image for reference, which shows the proportions that has been stated.

4. Completely sketch the image. Draw out each body part as symmetrical as possible. It’s okay if the sketch does not look nice and neat, finishing the draft of the sketch is imperative before continuing to the final product.

Fashion Croquis Template

5. Clean up the lines of the croquis image. Erase the accidental marks, lines that you consider too dark, and lines that make the illustration look messy. Leave only the lines that belong on the model and darken them slightly.

6. (Optional) Add details. Creating face details like the eyes, lips, and nose brings life and warmth to your illustration. Some illustrators will place a bent line to replace the eyes.

Tips for creating croquis figures:

  • If you happen to mess up a few times, it’s okay. Practice makes perfect and continuously sketching is the best ways to grow as a fashion illustrator.
  • Tracing over another croquis illustration before practicing your own is a great way to start understanding the movement and details that are invested into croquis illustrations.
  • Croquis illustrations are often times more elongated then human models, however it is completely fine to create models of traditional height.
  • If you can and are interested, attempt to create your own unique croquis model. Some illustrators add or substitute usual croquis measurements with other measurements, like making the legs long and skinny or not putting toes on the feet of the model. However you create your style is perfect.
  • Find materials that work well for you. Some people work well with digitally creating croquis models, and other work the best with Copic markers. Try finding what material you work the best with.
  • Once you believe you can create a good straight standing croquis illustration, try to practice creating models in different poses (ex. sitting, crouching, standing sideways, etc.)

Links for FREE croquis figure templates:

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IDrawFashion provides free croquis templates of different model types in various sizes (including plus size and pregnant models!). Use these models to practice with.

DesignersNexus includes croquis model templates in a variety of poses like sitting, three-quarter poses, and stretching.

7-zip. PRÊT-À-TEMPLATE has croquis models in different paper sizes, model poses, and includes inclusivity (i.e. disabled models, animals, different body shapes).

Links for inexpensive croquis figures templates:

*Note: These websites/stores charge for croquis figure templates and are not affiliated with anything relating to Trendsketches. Trendsketches receives no money from any of the individuals/businesses linked. At the time this was published, each link provided was SSL Certified (i.e. safe to visit).

OxanaGoralczyk sells regular croquis templates and croquis models with different skin-tones.

AmikoSimonetti sells croquis kits with different poses, templates, and tutorials included in each pack.

PeniellEnchill sells realistic croquis packs for inexpensive prices.

Etsy has plenty of fashion illustrators that sell their croquis artwork so illustrators can practice and work on croquis models.


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Fashion drawing for fashion industry requires a good croquis (a fashion template).

Fashion croquis is a basic, simplified figure intended to be used as a template, a foundation for creating flats, fashion illustrations or floats.

Fashion croquis is as important for fashion drawing as a slopper is important for patternmaking. Good, professionally designed fashion croquis is essential for fashion illustration or fashion technical drawing.

You can create fashion croquis yourself or use fashion croquis designed and preprinted by professionals. Be sure that fashion croquis which you selected is correct, otherwise all flaws of a croquis will be transferred into your drawings.

Croquis for flats.

Basic Fashion Croquis

Basic Fashion Croquis Game

  • Croquis for flats is a simplified human figure, more a chart rather than a figure drawing per se.
  • Croquis for flats is typically offered only in static (still) poses.
  • Croquis for flats must be true to actual body anatomy.
  • Croquis for flats must be with all technical lines depicted on a fashion figure (princess line, bust line, hip line, waist line).

Simple Fashion Croquis

Croquis for fashion illustration

Male Fashion Croquis

  • Croquis for fashion illustration typically has a variety of poses.
  • Croquis for fashion illustration can have slightly stylized proportions (to depict a fashion style better).
  • Croquis for fashion illustration can have a moderate movement.
  • Fashion croquis for fashion illustration should have all or some technical lines (for example: waist line, hip line, balance line). Other fashion related lines (princess line for example) could be included in croquis for fashion illustration.