Best App To Clean Phone Storage

When your Samsung phone runs low memory and slowly, you must know that it is time to free up space on Samsung. Over the time, junk files pile up and take up space on your Samsung device.

Junk files can generate in many ways as long as we use a browser, run applications in the background, install a new app and so on. These unnecessary files include residual files, cache files and temporary files. It may be ineffective to find these files out and delete them manually, so we recommend you to free up space on Samsung using Samsung Cleaner.

Clean Samsung device can not only get rid of junk files, but also boost performance of your device and extend battery life. Your Samsung can still run even though you have not done a routine clean for a period of time. However, if you need to free up space on your device, this article provides the best Samsung cleaner apps for you.

Part 1. Free Up Space on Samsung Using Professional Samsung Cleaner

A professional Samsung Cleaner App - Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version) is designed for Samsung and other Android users to manage their Android phone effectively. You can use this free app as a Samsung phone cleaner.

Later, click 'Delete' to clean up your Android, or choose 'Clear' to uninstall apps and free up Android phone storage space. Part 2: How to Get More Space on Your Phone without Deleting Anything Android Data Backup & Restore is your best friend, which can backup and restore any Android data to Windows or Mac PC in one click. Storage Pro is a popular iPhone and iPad cleaner app, rank top 100 downloaded apps in 30 countries. Its basic features include: 1. It could find out all junk files and cache data hiding on your iPhone and clean them up to free internal space.

If you like to backup your Samsung phone or require more functions, you can download its PC version to have a try.

Have a quick look about Samsung Cleaner App - Coolmuster Android Assistant:

1. Free up space & speed up your Android phone with one-click.

2. Remove junk files from Android phone.

3. Manage media files, documents and apps on Android phone.

4. With a Wi-Fi scanner in it, you can connect your Android phone to PC wirelessly.

See how to clean your Samsung phone:

Step 1. Download Samsung Cleaner App - Coolmuster Android Assistant(Android Version) and install it on your Samsung device.

Step 2. Please open the Apps drawer, tap on the app and run it on your phone. From the main page of the app, the available memory and the used memory are shown to you.

Step 3. Free up your Samsung phone. You can tap on the main button to free up the space with 1-click.

Step 4. Manage your Samsung files. Please tap on File Management, you can see how much the internal memory and the SD storage.

Tap on the main button, you can get a list of junk files, including cache files, temporary files and thumbnail. You can easily tick them on and click Clean to remove junk files.

Under the function of File Management, you can manage media files and documents as well as find out a file.

Step 5. Manage the apps. Tap on the App Management, you can selectively or completely stop apps that are running on the background, and uninstall an app unnecessary from here. You can reduce battery consumption by closing apps on the background.

To stop apps that are running on the background, you can tap on Stop, and tick on a red circle next to the running app, simply click Stop. If the circle is gray out, that means the app is closed.

The program supports Samsung Galaxy S9+/ S9/ S8+/ S8/ S7/ S6/ S5, Samsung Galaxy Note9/ Note8/ Note7/ Note6/ Note5/ Note4, Samsung Galaxy A9/ A8/ A7/ A6 and so on. It is also friendly to other Android brands, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC, LG, etc.

See how to manage your Samsung phone and tablet:

Part 2. Permanently Delete Samsung Data to Free Up Space on Samsung

Thorough Samsung Cleaner - Samsung Eraser is a professional software to delete files from Android device permanently. You can use it to erase your Samsung to make it as a new one. All the private information on Samsung, like contacts, text messages, call logs, pictures, videos, music, account info, password and more, will be removed completely.

This kind of extreme clean can do a favor if you get a second-hand Samsung or you would like to trade your old Samsung phone.

Please don not worry about the security, your sensitive information will never get leaked because of the permanent deletion.

Importantly for you: The data erased by that will never retrieve again. Please backup your phone before erasing!

See how to erase everything from Samsung device:

Step 1. Download and install the correct version of Samsung Eraser on your computer, here are two free trial versions for Windows/ Mac.

Step 2. Launch the program, connect your Samsung phone to computer via a USB cable. Please enable USB debugging. Once your Android device was detected successfully, the related application will install on your phone automatically.


Step 3. Currently, this program only support erasing everything from your Samsung phone, click the button 'Erase ' > choose 'Security Level' > tap on 'OK', then type 'delete' into the blank to confirm that and the deletion starts.

Step 4. Then the program will scan your phone, erasing data permanently from your Samsung device, please wait for a while. Please do not disconnect the phone or open any other Android management software during the whole process.

Step 5. At the end, follow the prompts on Samsung Eraser to perform factory settings on your phone.

This program supports all Samsung phones on the market, including Samsung Galaxy S9+/ S9/ Galaxy Note9/ Note8 and so on. Other Android phones, like HTC U12+/ U11 EYEs, Motorola z3/ z2 play/ e5 plus, LG Q7+/ Q6, SONY Xperia XZ2 Premium/ Xperia XZ2 and so on, are also supported.

You may need:

Part 3. Best Free Samsung Cleaner Apps

It may be a waste of time for you to find out junk files manually. Pdf reader free download. You can pick a Samsung cleaner app to help find out these files and delete them from your phone.

Samsung Smart Manager

Samsung developed a Smart Manager app to run the Samsung Galaxy in the best form. It scans and optimizes data usage to prevent over-consumption of battery. It manages storage and RAM as well. You can close the apps in the background with it when a malware is running.

Please go to official website to learn how to use it.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a hot Samsung cleaner app on the Google Play store. More than one billion users download it from Google Play and it ranks 4.7/ 5. As a normal Android cleaner app, it can speed up your Samsung by removing junk files, including residual files and cache files, to free up the space of your phone.

What's more, it prevents your Samsung from virus attacks, malware and other threats. If you are a mobile game lover, this app is suit for you, because it can improve the speed of your Samsung while running a mobile game app and it also cools down the CPU of your phone.

Kindly Reminder: Do Not Use RAM Booster App

Best App To Clean Phone Storage On Pc

The Samsung phone runs slowly because the RAM fills up, which causes the Android to work harder than it normally does. The phone may overheat in this case. The apps run in the background can take up RAM and consume the battery. RAM Booster seems to play a role by closing the apps in the background automatically.

However, that comes a problem. The Android system is smart enough to manage the RAM and decide whether to run an app or not. When there is an app running in the background, it means the RAM space and the battery is enough for restarting this app. If you use RAM Booster and continue to close and restart the apps in the background, it will harm your phone system.

Hence, do not use RAM Booster!

Final Words:

We may not clean Samsung phone and tablet at daily time until the device runs low memory and slowly. You can easily pick a Samsung cleaner app from Google Play store to remove junk files and free up the space of Samsung.

You can also do a quick Samsung phone clean with Samsung Cleaner App - Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android Version), which is free, professional and easy-to-use. If you need more management functions, you can get its PC version to have a try.

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Does your mobile device is working slowly? Do you notice that your applications are not working as fast as they respond early? For your this problem, here we come with Best Speed up apps Android/ iPhone 2021 which will speed up to device, clean virus and will clean junk and cache files and also free up storage space thus help you to get your faster device again.

also check- ear phone volume booster apps / battery saver apps


1. Max Cleaner Android

This app is Best Speed up App Android 2021 and this app will speed up your phone, it will clean all the virus of your phone, clean junk and will free up storage space. This app provides the best feature of antivirus, boost and phone cleaner service like catche cleaner, ram cleaner, power space cleaner, virus cleaner, virus scan, game booster, virus protection and also the battery saver. This app comes with easy interface and this app makes it easy for you to regularly clean your mobile and boost its speed. This app will also clean unwanted notification and gather them in notification organizer. Have this amazing app now!

2. Phone cleaner and virus cleaner Android

This app is also best speed up app Android 2021 and this app will efficiently optimize your device by freeing up storage space and it will speed up your phone. This app is a professional phone cleaner and comes with memory cleaner, phone booster, CPU Cooler, Battery saver and also Antivirus for Android and this app will increase the performance of your phone. This is smarter and faster way to boost your Android function in just one tap. This app allows you to deep scan and clean your system for more storage. Have this app now!

3. iCareFone Cleaner by Tenorshare iPhone

This is Best Speed up app iphone 2021 and this app will keep your iPhone in the best performance. This is amazing iPhone storage cleaner app which will dramatically free up the limited space and will accelerate iOS running speed. This app will never let your phone to slow down and will keep your storage empty and save battery drainage. Have this amazing app now and keep your iPhone performance best!

4. iFreeUp iPhone

This app is also good and will free up storage space, manage file and will speed up your iPhone/ iPad and iPod touch. This iPhone booster app will remove junk files including apps, cache, logs, cookies and many more from your device and clean it deeply. This app is very easy to use and is efficient tool to keep your device running smoothly with sufficient space. Have this app now!

5. Cisdem iPhoneCleaner iPhone

This is excellent iPhone cleaner app and this app has ability to instantly clean iPhone device and speed up its performance. This app will list the size of each and every of your files and then allow you to easily remove the unnecessary files, uninstall unnecessary apps and clean up junk files, app cookies, app cache and other redundant files. This app will support all iOS device and with this app you can make backup in single click.

6. Device Speed Up for Android Android

This is amazing app which will speed up your device more than 60 % and will be the perfect booster and cleaner. This app will also boost RAM and clean junk files. This app is very easy to use and your battery will last for longer hours by using less resources. All of your application will work faster. This app will also work as game booster and CPU cooler and this app will also clean your whatsapp media, GIFs and audio files in just one click. This app will notify you when to clean up your device.

Best App To Clean Phone Storage On Mac

7. Speed Booster Android

This is also good Speed up app Android 2021 and this app will improve the speed of your phone and will free up more space without any ads. This app will act as CPU cooler and will cool down device by cleaning unnecessary application which will definitely improves your device’s CPU performance. This app will also clean Junk files and will clean up cache and junk files to free up storage. This app also work as RAM booster and will free up RAM to make your phone run faster. This app also works as battery booster and game speed booster.

8. Phone Speed Booster Android

This app will speed up your device and will also act as battery saver, game booster, CPU cooler and battery saver. This app will boost your games and other applications by freeing up RAM. This app will function as phone booster and boost cleaner and will deep power clean unnecessary processes in order to speed up your device. Have this app now!

9. Speed CleanerAndroid

This app is the best optimizing tool with space cleaner and this app will keep your phone clean and safe. This app will clean and remove cache and will identify and will remove junk, APK and residual files. This app will optimize your memory space and with this app you will get rid of bloat wares. This app will prove the best junk cleaner and speed up your device. Have this amazing app now!

10. Super Cleaner Pro 2019 Android

This app will make your phone faster and this small but powerful app has many features like memory booster, junk cleaner, and will free up RAM. This app will remove all the speed problem of your device with single tap. This app will scan your device and clean it. This app will work as smart junk removal system and will boost your mobile. This app will remove and delete all the cache files and also remove all the junk files. It will optimize your device and keep it clean. This app is very simple to use. Have this app now.


So these are best speed up Apps Android/ iPhone 2021 which will speed up to device, clean virus and will clean junk and cache files and also free up storage space thus help you to get your faster device again. Hope you find this article interesting. Please like, share and also comment us about your review for above apps.
Thank you

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