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Keeping a check on the health of your computer is essential, and monitoring the CPU temperature is a critical part of it. When you do that, you can prevent overheating and protect the hardware. There are many free and paid CPU Temp Monitor software available on the web, but you should be using the best. It could be very confusing picking the right one.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the 8 best CPU Temperature Monitor programs for Windows computers. You can use these apps to always measure the temperature inside the Central Processing Unit. By doing that, you can keep it cool and safe.


  • 1 Best CPU Temp Monitor Software to Measure Temperature of PC

Best CPU Temp Monitor Software to Measure Temperature of PC

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is the brain of your computer. It does all the processing part with the help of different components inside the panel. During the processes, it emits heat. Sometimes when you do a heavier task like playing graphics-rich games or editing videos, the CPU can emit an excessive amount of heat. There is a limit to the amount of heat a PC can endure.

Made to look after an optimum use, XRG (X Resource Graph) is one of the best Mac temperature monitors that certainly inform you about CPU, GPU, battery health, memory status and even the weather. It is an open source which, like any other monitors that perform Mac CPU temperature check, is sure to keep you updated with system activities. Open Hardware Monitor allows you to display all details (temperature, storage space, clocking speeds, etc) of each individual component in your computer. You can display your temperatures on your taskbar for constant monitoring. E: sorry, I should note that Open Hardware Monitor doesn't have support for Ryzen CPUs yet. Real Temp Real temp is a standout amongst the best inclining temperature monitor software that is intended for Intel single centre, double centre, quad centre, and centre i7 processors. You can see the continuous temperature of your PC. You can likewise get data about the most extreme and least temperature.

If the CPU exceeds the limit, the heat will severely damage the hardware, leading to the breakdown of the computer. That’s why it is essential to always monitor the temperature of the CPU. A CPU Temp Monitor is a program that measures and displays the current temperature of your CPU on the monitor. It can help you know how hot the CPU is, and if it is getting heated a lot, you can just let it rest for a while.

The best CPU Temp Monitor can also help you identify critical issues like the failing of the CPU-GPU fans, too much dirt inside the panel, high voltage, and a not-so-suitable location of your PC. Here are the 8 best CPU Temperature Monitor programs that you can use in 2021.

1. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is an all-in-one open-source monitoring tool for your CPU. It allows you to check the temperature of the CPU and the voltage input. It is even able to measure clock speed, GPU, and fans. If you only need a lightweight app to check the temperature of your CPU, this the perfect choice.

The best part is that it is free and open-source. You can fix the bugs on your own and add new features if you have enough knowledge. The thing I like the most about this tool is that it displays a very detailed report of the current condition of the system.

2. Core Temp

Core Temp is the next fantastic temperature monitoring tool on our list. It takes system information from the DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor) of computer processors. It is able to monitor Intel, AMD, and VIA processors in real-time. Thus, it is one of the most accurate CPU Temp Monitors on the web.

There are various add-ons available that increase its functionality even further. You can use the app on Windows, or your Android mobile. The best thing is that it is available for free. However, you’ll have to buy a license for commercial use.

3. SolarWinds CPU Load Monitor

CPU Load Monitor by Solarwinds is the next name on our list. It is a part of Engineer’s Toolset, which is a bundle of over 60 computer management and monitoring utilities. The CPU Load Monitor measures different components of the CPU and tracks their activity to monitor the emitted heat. The results are displayed in the Engineer’s Toolset’s dashboard.

This app can also track the performance of network device and makes sure that they don’t overload the hardware. The UI might seem a bit complicated for new users. However, if you are willing to pay, it is one of the most recommended PC monitoring tools.

4. HW Monitor

HWMonitor is another free CPU Temp Monitoring tool for Windows that you can use to keep a check on your PC’s temperature. This hardware monitoring tool is able to measure computer temperature, voltage input, and the performance of fans. Based on different elements, it creates a report to show you a brief report of the overall CPU health.

It is available to use for free but also has a paid version. The paid version, HWMonitor Pro comes with added features that will help you optimize the system better. It costs $22.10 for 10 remote connections. The UI of this program is one of the simplest to understand.

5. SpeedFan

SpeedFan is the next all-in-one hardware monitor for your PC that checks the temperature, voltage input, fan speed, and hard disk temperatures. You can also use it to configure fan speeds remotely when the temperature gets too high or low. A wise choice would be to select a minimum or maximum speed according to system temperatures.


Using this app is very simple as it automatically recognizes the temperature sensors. You don’t have to waste your time configuring it. The report it shows is simple, and you’ll easily understand everything in a single glance.

6. AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is a feature-rich but simple program to monitor the temperature, fan speeds, power, and voltage input of your computer. It is compatible with more than 250 different types of sensors. That’s why it can work with any of your systems, whether it is Intel or AMD-powered.

It generates a report of the overall CPU health after checking different elements and calculating values. After that, it shows a detailed report that you can view on more than 50 external screens. You can even view it on your mobile or tablet. The only considerable limitation of the app is that it is not free to use. Although you can get a 30-day free trial.

7. Real Temp

Real Temp is a very specific temperature monitoring application developed for all Intel processors. If you are using an Intel-powered CPU, this is the best CPU Temp Monitor app that you will find. This tool is able to adjust the temperature for each core of the CPU individually.

It collects the temperature data using a Fluke 62 IR Thermometer, and the Test sensors check the DTS sensors to detect any issues. Thus, you will get very accurate results.

8. Speccy

Speccy is the ultimate free CPU temperature monitoring tool for Windows on our list. This app is a part of the CCleaner group of Windows utilities. It is a well-developed program to monitor both the hardware and software of your PC to detect the temperature and report any overheating issues.

It displays the results in a very detailed manner on the screen. You can easily figure out the problems by viewing them. You can also save them as screenshots in the XML format to refer to them in the future. It comes in a free, and a paid version.

Final Words

These are the 8 best CPU Temp Monitor for Windows computers in 2021. You can use these to monitor the temperature of the CPU to prevent any overheating. This will protect the hardware of your computer and it will have a longer life. Overheating can also reduce the speed of your PC. If you’ll keep the system cool, it will work in a smoother, and faster way.

All of these apps are highly recommend to keep a check on the CPU temperature to keep it cool at all times. That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to let us know which one is your favorite among all of these programs.

It is important that you keep your CPU in check with the best CPU temp monitor. Just like any other parts of the computer, the CPU should be taken with care equally. In fact, it has to maintain its functionality or else your computer will not be able to operate. Therefore, the regular CPU monitoring should come with the best software.

A lot of CPU tends to overheat as time passes. There are many factors that contribute to it. These factors can indicate whether or not your PC faces any abnormal conditions and how to solve it. What you may see when you monitor the CPU is the CPU load, clock speed, temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, RAM usage, and many others.

Just like any machines, CPU can exhaust itself at some point. The overheating often creates a bit of trouble in the system. Luckily, you will be able to monitor the way your CPU works through some of the temperature software. The best CPU temp monitor allows you to maintain regular checks on your CPU. It eventually makes your computer CPU healthy and prevents it from overloading and overheating.

In order to help you out solving your CPU issues, we have curated a list of best CPU temperature monitor for you. All of the software we have presented here are free to download and use. Without further ado, check out the list of the best temperature monitor programs for your PC below.

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  • 1 Best CPU Temp Monitor for Free

Best CPU Temp Monitor for Free

A CPU temperature can indicate whether it works finely or not. The best way to check the CPU condition is through its external heat it produces. When a CPU works too hard, it will release heat that will certainly make the surrounding affected. Nevertheless, the heat may only be the basic indication of what happens significantly on the inside. Despite the obvious signs of the overheated tool, we cannot see the problem inside the machine itself. In return, we go back to the monitoring software which can best conclude what trouble the CPU faces.

Just like the best adblocker for Firefox, we will give you the best CPU temp monitor across the internet. Find which best CPU temp monitor you need among the list we have curated below. Perhaps the PC monitoring software will save you time and check your CPU condition in the best way possible.


More than a simple CPU temp monitor, Rainmeter gives you all the things you need in one full package. If anything, Rainmeter takes the pride of its versatility in its features. Essentially, Rainmeter serves free service for customizing your computer desktop. Rainmeter can display all the types of features on your computer desktop. From the time, date, weather, to CPU and RAM usage, temperatures, disks usage, the CPU temp monitor sure does a lot all in one take.

Aside from the complete display on the desktop, you can also look for the interesting skins for the software. All of the skins are available to download from the internet. The skins also heavily correlated to the work of the software itself. Some features provide information which may work especially on your behalf. At first, Rainmeter will only show the default skin. Though it is still perfectly functional, you may only see CPU and RAM usage and nothing else. Perhaps along the way, you may find customizing skin for this monitoring software worth the time. Be creative with your skin choices as well. You can try to look at the Rainmeter skins on DeviantArt,, or the Rainmeter subreddit. The skin will come in the .rmskin file. In order to install it, you only need to double-click on it. Afterward, select the features you wish to put on your desktop.


If you need a light temp monitor for your CPU, then HWMonitor will be the best choice for you. Aside from its easy and simple interface, the CPU temp monitor software can show the performance of each one of the features from your PC. To surmise, it displays the basic condition of your PC systems such as the temperature, fan speed, and voltage.

Since HWMonitor is produced by CPUID, you can rest easy and trust its service. CPUID is known as a founder of CPU-Z and PC Wizard. Both are known to be the best smartphone system monitor. Aside from its trusted service, you can also rely on HWMonitor’s simple interface. The results of the monitoring will be displayed on a single window and split into several layouts. The display somewhat looks similar to Device Manager in the Windows system.

This CPU monitor software will analyze the motherboard’s temperatures and voltages as well as the processor’s temperatures and voltages. Other than the two important pieces of the CPU, it will also display the GPU’s temperatures and voltages. These three sets of values will be shown based on the current value, the minimum value, and the maximum value.

HWMonitor is a free CPU temp monitoring software with a neat interface. Despite its great analysis on the CPU condition, the software remains free of charge. Nevertheless, the free of charge software also comes with the service it offers. HWMonitor does not have any advanced features such as the capacity to convert monitoring or SMBus data to a text file. It also has neither the capacity to control fan speeds or warning alarms set up. At the end of the day, HWMonitor can still manage to monitor your CPU decently with its free software feature.

Real Temp

If your PC uses Intel processors, then it is best for you to use Real Temp. As a free CPU temp monitor program, Real Temp works fairly well especially for a CPU with Intel processor. Unfortunately, Real Temp cannot work for other types of processors aside from Intel. In case your PC uses another kind of processor, then you may take a look at the other CPU temp monitors we have listed here.

As the Intel-based CPU monitor, Real Temp is capable to be used to monitor single core, dual core, quad core, i5, and i7 Intel processors. The monitoring software can also display the CPU temperature as it progresses. In addition to the current temp of the CPU, Real Temp can also display the minimum and maximum temperatures of the processor ever since you access the PC. It also has the cautionary system which will set up an alarm for high temperature. Effectively, it prevents the risk of overheating for the CPU. As a portable program, you do not have to install it. Simply operate Real Temp and start monitoring the CPU’s activity.


Just like its name, Speedfan can effectively monitor the CPU temp with its simple method. It is also one of the most well-known CPU temp monitors for Windows 10 and 8. Even though the program is older than Windows XP, it is still regarded as the most reliable software to analyze and give comprehensive readings of your CPU’s temp. Aside from its ability to control the CPU temperature, fan speed, and voltage, Speedfan can also control the fan speed. It will manage to set the fan speed to run slowly or in case it gets noisy.

Speedfan also allows you to set up a warning if the CPU temp gets high. While you’re at it, you can also initiate an action which will trigger the program or send an email.

AIDA64 Extreme

Another great CPU temp monitor that can operate for free is AIDA64 Extreme. It is a full package of system analyzer and benchmark device to monitor your computer CPU. AIDA64 Extreme is also embedded with powerful features such as advanced CPU monitoring. Aside from the general CPU monitor, the software will allow you to take a look at the RAM and GPU performance as well as the possible spikes and issues on the system.

The Citrix Workspace app allows for secure, unified access to all of your SaaS apps, web apps, virtual apps, files, and desktops. If your company uses Citrix, simply login with your company credentials to access all of the resources you need to be productive from anywhere. Citrix Workspace app 1812 for Windows Release Date: Dec 14, 2018 Note: Citrix recommends that you download the latest version of Citrix Workspace app. Download citrix workspace 1812. An efficient virtual workspace app. The app is the most extensive technology the Citrix family of services has to offer. Citrix Workspace App is a universal software client that allows you to instantly access anytime, anywhere all your workspace services without the trouble of individually sign-on, confusing passwords, and complicated interfaces. Citrix provides sample scripts that can be downloaded from one of the Workspace app or Receiver download pages (Workspace app version 2103.1 (Current Release), or Workspace app version 1912 CU3 (aka ) (LTSR), Receiver version 4.9.9002 (LTSR) by expanding Downloads for Admins (Deployment Tools).

Non-tech savvy will understand the way this software works because of its instinctive display. If you have a basic understanding of the PC system, then this may be the best CPU temp monitor for you. As such, this software may take a similar display to Microsoft Console Management. In addition to the advanced monitoring, you can also use AIDA64 Extreme to advise a lot of activity indicators. You may as well emphasize the test of all the CPU elements in a great mixture of combinations.

If you wish to get all the goodness from AIDA64 Extreme, then you have to purchase the full version of it. Nevertheless, you can still use the free CPU temp monitor for all it takes to get the monitoring going. After all, the free CPU temp monitor can still do the work better than nothing at all.

CPU Thermometer

No CPU temp monitor gets even simpler than CPU Thermometer. Just like its name, it does exactly what it should. This CPU temp monitor program is really easy to operate. Since it only shows CPU temp and the current CPU contents of each core, there may be nothing else on the display to confuse you. Though it is not equipped with advanced features, CPU Thermometer does exactly what a CPU temp monitor should do. In essence, it is capable to measure the temperature of the CPU well. You may only set the value metrics from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa. To make it more simple, CPU Thermometer shows the current temp in a tray icon on the taskbar. Shortly, you will not have to deal with complexity when you use this CPU temp monitor program.


Free Cpu Monitor

It is better to take care of your CPU starting from now. In case you intend to use your PC for the long term, then you may need to check the CPU regularly from now on. The CPU temp monitor will help you manage the health of your CPU. Other than that, you can take precautions in case the CPU temp monitor shows an abnormal type of activity.