Bin Weevils Rewritten

Well, this is it.

Bin Weevils Media Partnerships Bin Weevils is a 3D social virtual world for kids. We help connect advertisers with our highly engaged audience of 6 - 12 year olds. Celebrate with some highly-requested Spring and Easter nest items! Jan 27, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Bin Weevils Wiki. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Jan 27, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Bin Weevils Wiki. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Bin Weevils Rewritten - the early days. Early days of of BW Rewritten. Saved by Bin Weevils Wiki. Virtual Games Level Up. Moshi Monsters is a free, safe online game where you can adopt your own pet Monster and go on amazing adventures together. Play games and puzzles to earn Rox, level up your Monster, and grow flowers in the garden to attract and collect ultra-rare Moshlings!

Bin weevils has officially hit the end of the road.

If you didn’t know already, Bin Weevils runs off a software called Adobe Flash Player which is used for all sorts of games. As some of you may know now Flash has shut down and discontinued which means Bin Weevils has officially shut down.

It’s sad to see but I know I have many happy memories on the game that I will remember for future generations. Like when I emailed BW and said “how do i become a moderortor, HOW?!” In those exact words haha. God I was a stupid young lad.

I’ve had so many memories on BW. Good and bad really. I had three best friends on there who I’ll always remember. Bella966, Aaysha3 and emmajean2222.

Let’s also not forget the legacies which are the amazing: (Be prepared for a LONGGG list)


– Sponggoo

– Trropical

– Dancingjellybaby

– hf556

– misty_dayz

– Jjs

– monty200 Dark fantasy: jigsaw puzzle download free.

– mrmacow

– Happyseahorse

– Jackdude148

– Farr

– sid3300

– Sweets66

– Weevisla

– Yar8696

– itskenny

– Neve250

– Tikkles

– Vxlid

– Bandit

Also to all of the mods who kept BW up and running at it’s peak, held many events for us, told us stories, helped us grow up a bit more and taught us about consequences for our actions? Thank you all so much. Maybee, drewbian, Swathe, Unicron, James, Tombalol, Kitpoka, gene_simmons, Gnu, Gubbins, Jellydisco21, NicolasCaverna and lastly, the founder of BW, We were sad to see him leave but thank you to you, trickster77. All of the ones listed kept the community that was BW up and running and I can’t thank you enough.

I’ve had many memories in the bin weevils community, that’s for sure. I won’t even not admit I shed a little tear writing this. BW was my childhood and probably many of yours too, I grew up playing this and it’s one of the reasons why I’m good at I.T now. I’ll attach some fond memories below.

Well, that’s it.

My last farewell to you all.

Just a sidenote, I’m in a server with MANY OG members of the BW community in and they’re doing a BW rewritten!

Join here:

Well, cya!

  • Alfie2470 (find me on discord at xAlfi_ee#1234)
  • Do not use bad words
  • Do not bully or tease others
  • Do not give out personal information, such as real names, email, phone numbers, home address or passwords
  • Do not share Bin Weevils secret codes
  • Do not share links to other websites
  • Do not talk about cheating

If these rules are broken in chat you will receive a warning and could be permanently banned from chat. If you have submitted a Magazine or Fan Art which breaks these rules a moderator may remove, edit or refuse to post your work without notice.

1. Visit the Membership page. (here)
2. Select ‘Become a Bin Tycoon’
3. Enter your Bin Weevils username, password and the 10-digit activation code that can be found by gently scratching off the grey bar on the back of the game card.
4. Press ‘Activate’

If the game card is coming up as invalid, this means the activation code is incorrect. Please double check that you have typed in a 10-digit code and there are no spaces.

If the game card is coming up as deactivated, this means it was not properly activated at the point of purchase. You will need to return to the store where you made the purchase and have the merchant activate it for you. Please be sure you bring the card and your proof of purchase.

To activate your Bin Weevils account you must provide a parent or guardian’s email address. We will send an email to your parent/guardian asking them to activate your Bin Weevils account by clicking the activation link. If you cannot find the activation email in your inbox then please check your junk mail.

Yes, you can edit your email address and you can request to have the activation email resent to you. Please login to Bin Weevils with your username and password, then click the ‘Change address’ button to enter your new address.

To collect your Bin Weevils virtual prize you will need to login and visit the Mystery Code Machine in front of of Lab’s Lab. Enter your code in the machine and claim your prize!

To get in touch with the Bin Weevils Team, please email:[email protected] – don’t forget to include your Bin Weevils username!

It is FREE to join Bin Weevils – you can play games, plant a garden, decorate your nest and chat to friends with a free account. But if you want to unlock loads of cool extras in the Binscape such as writing your own magazine, opening a photo studio, creating your own party room, adopting a Bin Pet, joining the Secret Weevil Service and much more, then you will need to subcribe to a Bin Tycoon membership. To subscribe to Bin Tycoon or to learn more about all the fun features you’ll get, check out the Membership Page.

Bin weevils rewritten play

Mulch and Dosh are different kinds of Bin Weevil money. You can see how much Mulch and Dosh you have by looking on the left hand side of your screen. You can spend these on nest items, food, plants, mission hints, a Bin Pet and more!

There are many ways to earn Mulch. Each day, you can earn Mulch by playing games around the Binscape, such as the Daily Brain Strain, Weevil Wheels, Konnect Mulch and more. Just have a walk around all the areas and you’ll soon find a great game to play! You can also get a chance for some free Bonus Mulch by collecting a Mulch-tastic ticket every day.

Bin Tycoon Members earn additional Mulch from running their Bin Tycoon businesses.

If you are a Bin Tycoon member, you will receive a monthly Dosh salary. If you are not a Bin Tycoon, or if you’re a Bin Tycoon who needs a bit more Dosh, you can purchase Dosh Coins on theMembership Page.

You can also find some Dosh Coin rewards on your BinCard, so make sure to stamp it daily!

To level up, you need to earn Experience Points (XP). To see how much XP your Bin Weevil has, and how much you still need to earn before you level up again, hover your mouse over the Level icon on the left side of your screen.

You can earn Experience Points (XP) through a variety of Bin activities such as:

  • Buying nest items in the Shopping Mall
  • Getting your nest rooms rated by other Bin Weevils (the more rooms you have, the more XP you will earn)
  • Taking part in the Daily Brain Strain in Lab’s Lab
  • Playing multiplayer games
  • Taking part in SWS missions
  • Planting and harvesting your garden
  • Stamping your BinCard

When you level up, you may be rewarded a new special move. Sometimes the special move will be an upgrade to an existing move. You can tell when moves have been upgraded because they will be coloured differently. To perform a more impressive move, click and hold the move until it has finished cycling through the colours, then release and click on the floor to perform the move.

You can buy food from Tum’s Diner (found next to Rum’s Airport) or Figg’s Cafe (found beside Rigg’s Movie Multiplex). You might also find special food at parties, or you can buy an ice cream on Mulch Island!

Nest rating is when another Bin Weevil visits your nest and rates each room by clicking on the rating stars. Your overall nest rating will be displayed on the Nest Coolness board inside your nest. Your Nest Coolness also goes up when you redecorate your nest or add more items. (Please remember, just because a Bin Weevil is visiting your nest it does not mean they have to rate your nest.)

Click on the Bin Weevil you wish to invite to your nest. Then click on the ‘Invite To My Nest’ button (a picture of a house). Sending out a nest invitation does not always mean the other Bin Weevil will accept it and visit your nest.

To make things fair in the Bin, there is a maximum number of nest ratings you can get each day. But the more rooms you have, the more ratings you can get, and the more XP you can earn in a day. Your Nest Coolness also changes depending on which nest items you have displayed inside your nest rooms.

To buy more rooms, visit Rigg’s Property Shop inside the Shopping Mall. You will need to be a Bin Tycoon Member to unlock additional nest rooms.

First, you will need some nest items.Visit the Shopping Mall to buy some, then go back to your nest to decorate your room. Your nest items are stored in the ‘My Stuff Box’. Make sure you are standing in the room you want to decorate, then click on the treasure chest icon at the bottom left of your screen to begin. Drag the item out of your inventory and position it in your nest room. To put an item back in the box, open the treasure chest first, then select the item and drag it back down into the inventory.

The delivery time is the time that you have to wait before the nest item you have bought appears in your ‘My Stuff Box.’ If you mouse over an undelivered item in your inventory, you will see how long you have left before your item arrives.

Your nest items will be delivered to your ‘My Stuff Box’ in your nest. Click on the treasure chest to see your nest items.

You may need to achieve a higher level – this will unlock new features, special moves and nest items. Some items, shops, areas and games are only for Bin Tycoon Members, so you will need a Bin Tycoon Membership to access these.

Your Nest Power Generator provides fuel to power your nest. The more rooms and nest items you have, the more fuel you will need.

You will need to top up your Fuel-o-meter with more fuel. To do this, click on your Nest Power Generator and select how much fuel you want to buy.

Bin Weevils Rewritten Download

To become friends with other players, you can send them a Buddy Request. To do this, click on the Bin Weevil you want to be friends with and then click on the Buddy Request button. If they accept your request their Bin Weevil name will be added to your Buddy List.

A Buddy List is a list of all your Bin Weevil friends. You can have up to 60 buddies. If your Buddy List is full, you may have to delete some buddies if you want to add new buddies.

There are 2 things you can do.
1. Add them to your Ignore List and they will not be able to chat to you. To do this click on the Bin Weevil you want to ignore and then click on the ‘Ignore’ button (the blue frowny face) at the bottom of their profile box.
2. You can report the player to the site moderators. To do this, click on the Bin Weevil you wish to report and then click on ‘Report’ button (the police light icon). A report will be sent to the moderators to be reviewed.

Click on their name from your Ignore List, then click on the red X on their profile box.

You can only send a private message to Bin Weevils that are on your Buddy List. To do so, click on the buddy you wish to send a message to, click on the envelope and type a message. You can also select the buddy from your Buddy List if they are not online. Your message will be sent to their mailbox, and they will see it when they come back to their nest. Remember, all messages on Bin Weevils are being watched by moderators!

At the moment, you can only have 1 Bin Pet.

Keep your pet healthy and happy! You have to make sure it sleeps, eats and exercises, just like a real pet. Playing with it a lot also helps to keep it happy.

To feed your pet, buy some pet food from the Bin Pet Shop in the Shopping Mall. Click on the pet bowl and add food, your pet will then eat the food. Make sure your pet is awake and in the same room when you place the food in the bowl!

The more you play with your pet, the fitter and healthier it will be and the quicker your pet’s experience level will go up. The higher experience your pet has, the more cool things it will be able to do. To play with your pet, simply click on the pet and then select from the different actions that are on display in the menu.

An SWS Agent is a member of the Secret Weevil Service, an organization set up by Gam to protect the Bin from the members of the evil WEB! Gam recruits the most skilled Bin Tycoon members to the SWS, who can then take part in missions to earn exclusive items, as well as Mulch and XP. You can find the SWS Headquarters at Castle Gam.

Weevil Weekly is the official Bin Weevils Magazine written by Scribbles (a green Bin Weevil with giant antennae). To read Weevil Weekly, visit the Weevil Post at Rigg’s Multiplex.

To earn a trophy on Weevil Wheels you will need to match these racing times:
Track 1:
bronze 0:45 / silver 0:37 / gold 0:30

Track 2:
bronze 1:30 / silver 1:15 / gold 1:00

Track 3:
bronze 1:50 / silver 1:35 / gold 1:20

  • You’ll no longer receive a Monthly Bin Tycoon Salary
  • You won’t be able to stamp Bin Tycoon bonuses on your BinCard
  • You’ll lose access to your Home Cinema and all related items
  • You won’t be able to buy more items for your businesses
  • Your plaza will no longer be listed in the Bin Tycoon Directory
  • You won’t be able to publish any more magazines
  • You won’t be able to earn any more Nest Inspector Trophies
  • You will no longer be able to buy Bin Tycoon nest items
  • Your Bin Pet will move to the Bin Pet Hotel
  • Your extra rooms and garden expansions will be removed (nest items/seeds will drop back into their My Stuff box)
  • Your camera will no longer be available
  • You will not have access to VIP areas or rewards
  • Your Bin Weevil will change back to its original colour
  • You will no longer be able to start new SWS missions


Safe Chat:
Bin Weevils allows players to type their own messages to other users. Every message is filtered to allow only pre-approved words and phrases, and blocks attempts to communicate phone numbers or other personally identifiable information.

Bin Weevils also employ a staff of moderators who monitor and analyse player behaviour over time and also respond to player queries.

Players are able to report another player at any point during the game by selecting the report button on the player’s profile.

Bin Weevils Rewritten Sign Up

Bin Weevils showcases third party kid friendly advertisement. When linking from our Site to an advertiser’s site we provide a “bumper page”, which lets kids know they are going to an advertiser’s site and reminds them not to give out information online without getting permission from their parents. Kids and their parents should be aware that other sites have different policies on collection of information to us, so it is important to check their Privacy Policies before submitting any personally identifiable information.

We encourage parents to review the following safety precautions with their children:

  • Never give out personal information, such as your real name, age, location, phone number or school.
  • Never share your password with anyone except your parents. Someone else might use your password and pretend to be you, give out your personal information or do something that may get you into trouble.
  • Tell your parents if someone says or does something on the Internet that makes you uncomfortable, or if someone asks you for personal information.
  • Choose a username that does not reflect your real identity. Avoid names that are in any way suggestive, even if they seem innocent to you.
  • Avoid chat rooms that are not monitored by moderators.

Buddy Messages
Messages can be sent to one another via their Bin Buddy list. This provides kids an opportunity to message their friends even when they are offline. The message will be delivered to their Nest (house) and can be read the next time they log in. This messaging system still goes via the moderation team and uses the same chat filter of pre-approved words and phrases as the Safe Chat system.
As soon as a buddy has been removed from their list, they will no long be able to receive messages from that particular child.

Safe Chat:
Kids can use the chat box in all areas of Bin Weevils. The chat box is filtered to only allow pre-approved words and phrases. The chat box is a great way for kids to chat to their friends. It’s also a great way to improve their typing skills!

Bin Buddies
Kids can add friends to their Buddy List, this is done by clicking on another Bin Weevils profile and sending them a Buddy request, which can then either be accepted or rejected. The buddy list will show if their friends are online, and if so, are able to find out where in the bin they are located. Buddies can be removed at any time!

Hope that Helped!

Orange weevil!