Bootstrap 4 Faq Template

Bootstrap 4 Faq Template

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Using a Bootstrap template is the quickest way to create a Bootstrap website.

The following templates use Bootstrap 4, including new components such as cards, tags.

New Bootstrap 4 Components

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This template features components that are new in Bootstrap 4. Includes 5-tier grid, tags, custom forms, cards, and more.

Portal using Bootstrap 4

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This template is a Bootstrap 4 version of the (Bootstrap 3) Portal 1 template. It has been ported from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.

The above templates link to the Bootstrap 4 alpha CSS and JS files. It's recommended that you update these when Bootstrap 4 is released.


Below is an example of how Bootstrap templates deal with different screen sizes. I loaded this template then resized my browser to approximate different device sizes. You can see that the layout automatically responds as I resize my browser. Mac os bootable pendrive.

Bootstrap 4 Faq Template

This demonstrates that Bootstrap templates can help you get started, if responsive web design is important to you.

Accordion Bootstrap 4



Bootstrap 3 Templates


You can still find a bunch of Bootstrap 3 amongst the templates here at Quackit. Here are some examples.