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Use Capture One CH to optimize your images. Not only do you get the highest image quality from the advanced image render engine, you also have access to powerful adjustment tools to fine-tune your images for final presentation, digital asset management for archival and retrieval, and much more. In addition, Slipstream mode in Capture One CH for Windows has been designed as a simplified user interface for touch screens. It is aimed at the non-trained operator for digitization projects of high-volume, flat object capture.

Capture One renders RAW files with true-to-life colors that are custom profiled to all major camera brands. Capture One CH edition is available via Phase One authorized Cultural Heritage partners and is activated by special license keys only. Workspaces Introduction Capture One Cultural Heritage Edition has a number of preset Workspaces to accommodate the specific work-flow needs of professionals at the forefront of preserving our cultural heritage. Capture One CH — a special edition of the renowned professional raw processing and image editing software — designed to help satisfy the demanding workflow needs of professionals at museums, libraries and other institutions who are at the forefront of cultural heritage preservation. Capture One CH has a special Film Reproduction Mode in the Base Characteristics tool that handles the conversion of positive and negative black & white and color film as well as other transmissive materials. In addition, Capture One CH also goes with a number of ICC input profiles specifically for Phase One digital backs and various light sources, particularly flash and tungsten.

Boost productivity by automating cropping in post-processing. Select cropping options for flat art reproduction or books, including corner or edge alignment with positive or negative padding. Film hd hindi movies. On-Capture multi-crop script increases productivity when scanning books that do not require the full resolution of the camera.

Capture One Ch

Capture One’s Camera Focus Tool and its intuitive PPI Assist feature and precise contrast-based Auto Focus, provide an extremely simple, yet powerful way to achieve the highest level of image.

The user simply selects the target resolution, field-of-view or magnification ratio and the tool will calculate and advise the required positioning of the camera. The margin of error is within 2ppi which, at normal focusing distances, is well inside the specs of reproduction standards such as FADGI and Metamorfoze. When combined with other tools, such as AutoCrop, the efficiency and productivity of the system increase even more – particularly when operated by less trained personnel and when working with large batches of material in standard sizes.

An improved workflow that automates the conversion of negative transparent material in both black & white and colors. Use the exposure tools in an intuitive way to adjust exposure, contrast and colors, and get perfect results, ready for print or post processing. A selection of Cultural Heritage styles allow to quickly chose a set of conversion parameters for different film types.

The integrated Barcode Scanner tool ensures that objects are named and identified correctly as they are captured. Use it together with the Next Capture Naming tool.

A Capture One CH workspace is a collection of tools that have been logically setup and customized to optimize a given CH workflow. Workspaces may be made for tailoring the user interface for preparation, for production, and for file storage. It can include the required capture and processing tools for specific Reflective or Transmissive materials. Workspaces can be used by both admin and operator personnel.

Admins can lock specific tools (individually or as a set) so that they cannot be accidentally altered by operators during capture. Assign PIN codes to specific tools to prevent operators from changing important capture properties or settings.

Obtain high color accuracy with specialized ICC profiles optimized for both color precision and three dimensional gradients at the same time. Available for common studio light types such as flash, LED and tungsten as well as for specific types of film.

Advanced Color Editor can help to achieve monochrome images or to enhance selected colors. In order to achieve the perfect image, Capture One CH offers an Enhanced Color Editor and also a black & white Tool. Capture One CH offers a vastly improved noise reduction, especially for higher ISO images.

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