Catalina Citrix Workspace

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Mac OS Catalina. Citrix Workspace (1912) version. IMac 21.5', macOS 10.15 Posted on Mar 25, 2020 1:56 AM Reply I have this question too (2) I have this question. Apple's newest version of its operating system, macOS Catalina, was released to the public on October 7, 2019. At this time, Workplace for Mac (v.3.3.7223) is now available and supports macOS Catalina. To Check The Version of Workplace for Mac. When you update to the latest version of macOS (Catalina), you’ll need Citrix Workspace Beta app to launch the cloud Desktop properly.

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Symptoms or Error

When trying to connect user receives 'The remote SSL peer sent a handshake failure alert'.

Citrix Receiver Workspace App For Windows


Enable enable TLS_ECDHE_ with P256 and P384 elliptic curve on the Gateway to avoid this error. Review the following KB for additional details:

Catalina Citrix Workspace Client

Problem Cause

Macos Catalina Citrix Workspace

Can encounter the issue if utilizing deprecated Cipher Suites. See the link below for additional details:

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