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Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services. Broad Compatibility: Lenovo Docking station is compatible with Lenovo and non-Lenovo notebooks to expand data, power, and video. One connection, no limitations: Think of all the time you’d save if you could connect all your peripherals at once, transfer USB data at 10 Gbps speeds, have access to a stable, stress-free wired network connection. 2 From the Language pull-down menu on the toolbar, select your preferred language for the driver (if available). A welcome screen appears. 4 Under Search Criteria, select the appropriate categories from the System Model and Operating System pull-down menus. If your system is running Windows 9x or Windows Me, select System. The CircleIn app, in partnership with The University of New Orleans, provides an all-in-one studying application that equips students with tools for academic success, all while earning points that can turn into awesome rewards! Within CircleIn, you can communicate with your classmates, share helpful resources, create flashcards, stay organized. Firmware for Windows 10, 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2. Firmware for Windows 10, 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen2. Last Modified Date: 01 Jul 2020. Original Publish Date: 21 Mar 2019. Document ID: DS539092.

Save time while working with many applications and windows

You have many running apps and windows open?
Switching between them taking too much time?
With the help of Window Preview you can quickly find the window you need,
place it wherever you need and quickly switch to it.

Be more productive and organized

Groups and Folders can help you to organize elements
by topics (design, development, copywriting) and to reduce chaos.

Fast access to applications and documents you need

Customizable Start Menu and custom icons allow you to find apps,
files or folders you need, saving you time.
Additionally, with Folder Views and Groups feature you will have the most important files right at hand.

Fewer distractions whilst working

Display only what’s really important and hide everything else that is not required for your current task.

Customizable appearance and custom icons for apps

With the help of custom themes, you can make your Dock unique.
Custom icon sets will not only make your Dock beautiful
but will also allow you to find the app you need faster.

Window Previews and Window Management

With Window Previews feature you can quickly find the window you need,
switch between windows or place windows to the front of the screen.

Customizable Appearance
and Custom Icons for Apps and Folders

With the help of custom themes you can make your Dock unique.
Custom icons for apps not only make your Dock beautiful, but also allow you to find apps you need quickly.

Custom Icons for Apps and Folders

Groups and Folders

Organize apps and documents into Folders and Groups.

Folder View feature allows you to add to the Dock a stack with the contents of your chosen folder for quick access.

Groups feature allows to create a virtual folder in the Dock or Start Menu with the links to any file you need.

Start Menu – Application Launcher

Allows you to quickly start apps, open documents and folders.

Multiple-monitor support

(Available only in Pro Lifetime version)

Placement on any side of the screen and in any position

Hiding and excluding Applications from the Dock

With ActiveDock you can exclude hidden apps from the Dock,
or add some apps to the exclude list to completely hide them from the Dock
to avoid any distractions in your work.


I’ve use manyapplication launchers (including DockShelf, and uBar 4), but none are as fast and flexible as ActiveDock. ActiveDock is the most adaptable and useable Dock replacement I’ve had the pleasure to use. And, each version just keeps getting better!Richard Guay

I used your app for about 5 minutesbefore deciding it is well worth paying for a lifetime licenseNestor Rybczuk
It is great to be able to customise the dock again which has been difficult since 10.6.8. Excellent personal support! Thank you.David O'Connor
I had uBar before, but that was too windows-y for me, ActiveDock really brings the functionality to the Mac interface. Good job!Mirko Kranenburg

Powerful alternative to Apple’s macOS dock. All things considered, ActiveDock is an excellent alternative to the default macOS dock, especially since it comes with extra features such as window previews, dock themes, and a very handy start menu applet.

Sergiu Gatlan

ActiveDock Pricing

One-time payment
All ActiveDock 1.xx updates
One-time payment
Lifetime updates
Free Upgrade to version 2.0

No-risk 14 day money back guarantee.
Note this is a one-time fee (not a subscription) and includes VAT/sales tax if applicable.

Requires macOS 10.12 or Later

Q: Does ActiveDock support multiple monitors?
A: Yes, of course (see above Multiple-monitor support)

Q: Does ActiveDock support Touch bar on Macbock Pro
A: No, this feature will be available in version 2.1

Q: Is it safe to use ActiveDock?
A: Yes, of course, ActiveDock does not replace any system files and does not require disable SIP (System Integrity Protection), unlike cDock and other applications.

Q: Does ActiveDock support macOS Catalina?
A: Yes, of course, ActiveDock is fully compatible with macOS Catalina, before distribution, each version notarized and verifed by Apple, which guarantees the absence of malware read more

Q: Does ActiveDock allow creating several panels (docks)?
A: No, but you can try my other MultiDock app

Night at the museum 2 telugu Q: Is there any documentation?
A: The documentation is available when downloading ActiveDock (in a dmg file) and is also available here

Dock 250' Yacht

Q: Is the purchase safe and what guarantees do you provide?
A: I provide a 14-day money back guarantee, you can also contact FastSpring directly and request a money back.
For payment, we use a secure solution from FastSpring (Secure Checkout by FastSpring Sold)