Clear The Memory On My Phone

  1. How Do I Clear The Memory On My Phone
  2. How Do I Clear The Memory On My Phone
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Once you’re in the Storage menu in any version of Android below Oreo, just tap an option to see exactly what’s using up space and delete it. For example, you could tap Apps to see a list of apps using up the most space and remove them. My phone slowed down and it was annoying to see my phone lag every time I use it. Here’s the thing. Optimizing your device is essential for anyone trying to improve the speed of the phone, to do this you’ll need to delete unnecessary files and apps, clearing the cache of apps you don’t use can also help improve performance. Clear your app caches to clear up Android phone issues. Top Deals On Great Products. To start, pop open your phone’s Settings app. Scroll down and tap Apps under the Device heading.

How to Clean up and Release Android Memory

  1. To download more apps and media, or help your phone run better, you can clear space on your phone. Storage is where you keep data, like music and photos. Memory is where you run programs, like apps and the Android system.
  2. You can delete files, photos, app backups, voice memos, and more from your iCloud Drive directly on your Apple device or through the iCloud website. Typically, these things and all their.

In the previous passage, we have talked about how to change the default install path of Android and move apps to SD card to save storage space. Though Android 2.2 has the function of Apps2SD, supporting apps to be installed and moved to SD card, still some apps cannot. Some system files and privacy are remained in internal memory card. The phone has limited storage capacity configuration. Some other programs like Widgets, dynamic wallpaper, and some system programs still can’t work if installed on SD card. Memory problem is the common issue facing many users.

However, Android operating system memory can be cleaned up and the storage space can be released. Here we summarize the following points help users to clean up and release Android memory. Follow us and get more information below:

Clean up large apps cache data

By cleaning up apps cache files, the memory space can be largely released.

1. Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Manage applications


2. Press “Menu” button and choose “sort by size” (if Android 2.2, select “Downloaded” options first.) then all apps will be arranged according to the size.

3. Select one app in the list and click “Clear Cache” if there is.

The number of cache files in some apps may be up to MB, such as Google Maps, Market, browser and album program. Considerable space can be released when you clean up those cache data.

Many Android producers has installed UI program in the mobile phones, such as HTC Sense, MOTOBLUR, etc. If you use Launcher Pro or ADW instead of HTC Sense, you can even delete the data files of HTC Sense, which will release dozens MB for your memory storage space.

Android Market also provides some apps that will automatically clear up cache data but not for free, such as Quick App Clean Cache. For users getting the Root privileges can download Cache Cleaner, Cache Mate and Move Cache from the Android Market, which can help you to clear the cache files quickly and easily.

Delete the ones you never use or rarely used applications

Many users are reluctant to delete those apps never used or rarely used. However, you will find it nothing if you really delete them. Make this and you can save much more storage space for you Android.

Move all the app data which can be moved to SD card

Android 2.2 supports installing apps to SD card. Check you have moved all apps supported to SD card to save storage space, especially some large app such as some large Game programs. But pay attention to Widgets program, procedures bundled with Widgets, dynamic wallpaper and procedures required working in the background, as well as some apps interacting with the system. Don’t move them to SD card, or they won’t work normally.

This is how to clean up and release Android memory. Try it yourself, and you can save a lot storage space for your device. Also, form a habit of cleaning up and releasing Android memory, it will help keep your device healthy and speedup your device.

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Clear memory on iphone 6

Taking photos on your Android phone is a simple approach to record the precious moments in life. However, if your phone memory is full or you become weary of old photographs, or you want to sell your old Android phone online. On the other hand, on the grounds that you need to give or exchange your Android phone, however you don't need others to see the photographs you saved on it.

Part 1. Delete and Android's Factory Reset Won't Erase Everything

In any case, there are a few circumstances you may experience that carry with the need of erasing these photographs for permanently. what should you do? Remove them by performing 'Delete' button? or Factory reset your Android device? NO, don't think the simple deletion will completely erase your photos from Android phone, in fact, the “deleted photos' were not really gone and still remain on your internal memory as a specific data formats, they're easily recovered by some professional Android data recovery application.


Most data recovery programs can very easily scan and recover your data. See how Android data recovery software scans and recovers your messages after you deleted or factory reset.

You think this is terrifying? And you think your data is safe? No, to completely erase your photos from Android phone without recovery, you need the professional data erase to wipe your Android. See how it works in the following guide.

Part 2. Completely Delete Photos from Any Android Phones & Tablet

This strategy likely gives the most finish of all the cleaning arrangements displayed as not just permits you to erase photographs on the android phone. However for all time erase them without flaw. The program is in charge of doing this is nothing other than Android Data Eraser program.

SafeWiper for Android is the most tremendous and effective data erasing desktop tool that can permanently erase all data from your device without leaving any trace behind. It uses very strong and powerful algorithms that will permanently destroy everything from your phone just like when you shred papers with a paper shredder.

Safewiper for Android - Permanently Destroy Data on Android

  • Permanently erase photos and other data from Android, never be recovered again.
  • It uses an advanced algorithm which overwrites your data multiple times so that the data no longer recoverable.
  • Use advanced algorithms (Dod 5220-22.M, US Army, Peter Guttman) to completely wipe data.
  • Supports all popular Android phone and tablets like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Huawei, Moto.etc.

Don't miss: How to permanently delete text messages from Android.

Download it here and try to remove photos from Android device.

Step 1 Install Android Eraser on A Computer and Connect Your Phone

First, you have to download Android data eraser, then install a computer. Now connect your Android device to your PC through USB. Double click the desktop shortcut to open the program when installation is completed. The main screen is shown as the following:

Step 2 Select the Feature of 'Erase Private Data'

How Do I Clear The Memory On My Phone

Once your Android phone was detected successfully by the program, the program will display your phone on the left side. Then just select the option of Eraser Private Data from the main screen, it will deeply scan all the 'deleted' and existing files .

Step 3 Confim to Erase Your Photos and other Data

After the scan is complete, the data available will be displayed on the interface. You can check, preview and select which photos you want to completely erase.

Free Up Memory Windows 10

You will see a box in the next step and ask you to type 'delete' into the box to confirm. You can also click 'Security Level' button to change the security level, there are three wiping option for your choice.

Step 5 Start to Erase Photos on Android Phone

It will take a few time to finish the erasing process, please don't disconnect your phone to computer. After that, you phone will become a totally new device and no one can recover your data.

Clear Memory On Iphone

However, this effective program is fit for erasing whatever, whether photographs, contacts, applications, passwords, client recognizable proof, framework settings, features, bookmarks and numerous different things. The fascinating thing about this application is that it has different cleaning modes that are especially to clear the Android totally. These are the most simple when you know how to erase photos from Android, yet unquestionably give dependable results