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With Carbon Copy Cloner, your data and the operating system’s data are all preserved on a bootable volume, ready for production at a moment’s notice. When disaster strikes, simply boot from your backup and get back to using your Mac. Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup utility with a difference. While most backup applications make copies of selected files, Carbon Copy Cloner makes an exact duplicate of a disk. For many Mac users, Carbon Copy Cloner has prevented complete disaster, helping them rescue an entire hard drive right before it failed.

Creating a backup of your important files can be a lifesaver. Whenever you encounter an error, file corruption, or any problem that prevents you from accessing your files, you can always rely on your backup to avoid data loss. Among the many backup tools available for Mac, Carbon Copy Cloner or CCC is one of the most reliable.

What Is Carbon Copy Cloner?

Aside from being used to create file backups, Carbon Copy Cloner can also make complete images of your computer or clone your hard drives. This tool is quite flexible because you can either back up the whole disk or just a part of it to your external hard drive. It is capable of creating bootable backups and booting from your backup if a disaster strikes your hard disk.

You have the option to choose what time you want the backup to be processed — hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and others.

CCC is equipped with a smart update function, which prevents you from copying all the files every time the backup is initiated. This means that the app will only update the newly added or modified files. You can also use Carbon Copy Cloner to create bootable backups. In case your hard disk fails or becomes inaccessible, you can boot from your bootable backup in no time.

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Tip: Avoid copying unnecessary files to your backup drive and save some storage space by regularly cleaning your computer using a Mac optimizer tool. It also prevents potential issues and keeps macOS performing at its best.

CCC 5 is the latest version of this software and it works with macOS version Yosemite (10.10) up to the latest Big Sur (11.0). CCC 4 only works up to High Sierra (10.13).

With the upcoming public release of macOS Big Sur, Bombich Software, the developers behind Carbon Copy Cloner warns of compatibility issues with macOS Big Sur. CCC has reported these issues to Apple and they are still waiting for an official response. Let’s look at some of the known issues and what you can do about them.

Compatibility Issues with Carbon Copy Cloner on Big Sur

Copy Carbon Cloner Mac

There are three main issues that users have to be aware of when using CCC 5 on macOS Big Sur. Let’s discuss them one by one and the workarounds offered by CCC.

Issue #1: Big Sur startup disk can’t be cloned

With CCC, users are able to create advanced backups of your hard drive while keeping it functional and bootable. This ensures that you never lose your data if an accident ever occurs. But with Big Sur, the Apple Software Restore does not have the capability to close the Big Sur startup disk because of a broken seal. Apple’s Signed System Volume, which is very proprietary in nature, is preventing ordinary system calls and copy software from cloning the macOS System volume.

The Signed System Volume has been implemented starting macOS 10.15.5, but CCC was able to work around this restriction by using Apple’s APFS replication software. But with Big Sur, ASR no longer creates a bootable copy of the macOS System volume.

Fix: Apple has recently released the macOS 11.0.1 which resolves some of the issues with Apple Software Restore or ASR utility. However, CCC is still testing whether this patch has resolved all errors and if CCC is now able to create bootable backups.

If installing this update does not fix the problem for you, you can try the workaround suggested by CCC. Make your backup drive bootable by directly installing Big Sur onto the backup disk. You can also employ the help of Migration Assistant to restore all of your data and files to a clean installation, without having the need to install macOS on your backup drive.

Issue #2: Creating a bootable backup requires erasing the destination drive

With the release of macOS Big Sur, the system is now located on a cryptographically sealed “Signed System Volume”. And this seal is applied by Apple itself. This means that when you clone the System volume, they are not bootable copies because they do not have Apple’s seal. To create a bootable macOS 11 System volume, CCC uses the ASR tool mentioned above. Unfortunately, the ASR only copies entire volume groups, which includes System and Data, not just the System volume. Because of this, CCC has to erase the whole destination volume, including the existing snapshots on that volume, whenever a macOS update is released, in order to update the system on the destination.

Fix: CCC has reached out to Apple to request that the ASR be allowed to clone the System volume only. CCC is only waiting for the implementation from Apple. While the fix is not rolled out yet, CCC recommends erasing the destination only when you establish the initial backup, then use the built-in file copier to maintain your backup of user data, applications, and system settings. If you wish to update the macOS on the backup drive, boot your Mac from the backup drive and install any updates using Software Update in the System Preferences app.

Issue #3: Inconsistent display of ASR clones in the Startup Disk Preference pane

In the previous CCC versions, the Startup Disk Preference Pane shows all the available startup volumes, including those that were cloned by CCC, regardless of how they were copied ( via ASR or file copier). But in Big Sur, there are instances when the cloned volumes do not show in the Startup Disk Preference Pane, even though they are bootable.

Fix: If you want to boot from the cloned volume, reboot your Mac while pressing the Option key, then choose the cloned volume found in the Startup Manager. Then, you can set the startup disk to the current startup volume.


Although Carbon Copy Cloner has released a version that works with macOS Big Sur, the developers are aware of the compatibility issues and limitations of the backup tool. It is working together with Apple to address these issues and hopefully iron everything out when Big Sur is finally released to the public. For now, we hope that the suggested workarounds above should help.

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We all understand the necessity of data backups, and an excellent hard drive cloning software for Mac can easily copy all the data from your hard drive, in case the data gets corrupted accidentally. Although Apple also offers its in-built mechanism, Time Machine, to make copies of your system in an external drive, the free best cloning software for Mac helps you to safely settle your data in another location without the need of an external drive.

Although, one can back up their data through cloud services like Right Backup now and then, a Mac hard drive clone software gives you additional features like disk partition, the security of data location and ease of restoring the data the way you like.

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We all believe that Mac is a robust machine; however, every device tends to slow down, due to wear and tear over time. Hence, it is advisable to keep the backup of your data with any of the Mac hard drive cloning apps so that you can transfer it from one system to another whenever required. So, here are some of the most reliable hard drive cloning software for Mac free explained below.

How To Select Cloning Software For Mac?

You can look for the attributes mentioned below to find if the software you have come across is worth testing.

  • Advanced features like extraction of data when needed, getting volume video files, etc.
  • Easy to use and understand for a beginner who is new to technology and in a hurry to get the data copied.
  • It must be compatible with all the latest versions of macOS like Catalina.
  • The software must not be tagged with viruses, malware or adware that hampers the overall security of the system.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have collated some software that helps in hard drive cloning of Mac.

Best Hard Drive Cloning Software for mac

1. EaseUS Todo BackupDisk cloning

Image backup

Cloud backup

Starts $29.95 (30 days trial)
2. Carbon Copy ClonerTransfers files from block level instead of file to file.

Cloning coach to assist in making the right choice.

Starts $39.99
3. Stellar Drive CloneDisk image creation

Clones NTFS partition

Starts $39 (Free download & 30 days money-back guarantee)
4. ClonezillaMBR & GPT partitions supported

AES-256 encryption supported

Free and Open source
5. SuperDuperStraightforward bootable hard drive cloning

Organize disk management flow

Starts $30
6. ChronoSyncCreates a backup on the cloud.

Schedule automatic cloning of disk.

Starts $40

1. EaseUS Todo Backup

Whether one wants to look for hard drive cloning on Mac for commercial or non-commercial purposes, EaseUS never fails to amuse Mac or Windows users. It is compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina and secures your data from getting lost when you set it up in an automated stealth mode for backup. Cloning your disk volume allows you to boot the disk any moment and migrate to a new device.


  • Paid versions support advanced features like email backup, offsite copy, etc.


  • There are issues with file sync and mirroring.

Download:EaseUS Todo Backup

2. Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is pretty much standing alone for hard drive cloning of Mac. It is because of the legacy, ease of use and many pointers & hints to guide you through the process of cloning. You can easily arrange your tasks in the tool ranging from Bootable backup, RAID backup, scheduled backup, etc. Whenever you are facing difficulties in running the system, ask for the tips or solutions. Moreover, you can even control your preferences via the Preferences tab with Carbon Copy Cloner.


  • It does not integrate with cloud backup systems.

Download:Carbon Copy Cloner

3. Stellar Drive Clone

This free disk cloning software for Mac effectively protects your data from system failure. It creates an identical and ready to use a copy of your hard drive and even makes the partitions in the same way as they are in the actual location. Thankfully, this cloning software for Mac supports cloning like HFS-to-HFS, FAT-to-FAT, and NTFS-to-ExFAT. It can even clone encrypted Mac drives and volumes. So, before you upgrade your Mac, make sure that the data is cloned in a separate location.


  • It can clone exFAT formatted devices. Also, cloning of Mac hard drive to SSD, and vice versa is also possible.

Download:Stellar Drive Clone

4. Clonezilla

Clonezilla can be called the best free cloning software for Mac that helps in system deployment, metal backup and recovery. File systems supported include ext, FAT, HFS+, VMFS3 and more, LVM, etc. The good thing about Clonezilla is AES-256 encryption to secure the data and its storage.


  • BitTorrent is supported in the Clonezilla lite server.


  • Differential or incremental backup is not supported.


5. SuperDuper

The reason why SuperDuper is called the best Mac hard drive clone software is its simple user interface and ease of use even for a beginner. Once you explore inside, you will find the disk management flow and variety of scripts built inside the tool which can be later used to back up the data. Not just this, advanced features allow the user to control which files need to be copied or ignored from one drive to another. And yes, if anything goes wrong, then you can always roll back the system to avoid unexpected errors. Quite apt and worthy of trying the software for hard drive cloning of Mac.


6. ChronoSync

As ChronoSync saves your chosen cloned data on the cloud, it naturally makes space in the system side by side. In the beginning, you need to create a synchronizer task where the selection of source and destination drive is being made. Along with this, you can make rules and preferences as per your requirements. This will help you to create a backup. You may find that completion of tasks may take a little longer, but impressive results would want you to download this fantastic cloning software for Mac.


  • Setup assistant is available for management of tasks.

Download Carbon Copy Cloner


Pro Tip

Where Hard drive cloning software maintains the health of the system at one end, one shall also keep the system optimized to save from accidents that could cause loss of data instantly. So how could one keep their system optimized in a better way? Using CleanMyMac X!


CleanMyMac X is a powerful tool to leave Mac clutter free and frees up space for saving files in the future. It handles the responsibility of protecting your system by uninstalling the unwanted apps, cleaning the browser history & cookies, and removing the heavy CPU consumers side by side.Boot macos on pc.

FAQs: Best Mac Hard Drive Clone Software

Mac Carbon Copy Cloner Download

1. What is the best cloning software for Mac?

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac and Carbon Copy Cloner are the hard drive cloning software for Mac for their efficiency and accuracy of results.

Carbon Clone Mac

2. What is the best free software to clone a hard drive?

Clonezilla is one of the best free and open-source software to clone a hard drive. However, other software like EaseUS and Carbon Copy Cloner offers a free trial and money-back guarantee for user’s satisfaction.

Carbon Copy Cloner For Mac Big Sur


All the cloning software for Mac that are being discussed above are exceptionally amazing. When you talk about SuperDuper, it is very straightforward in cloning your hard drive whereas when it comes to EaseUS Todo, it comes with lots of other features which is why the world trusts it. We also recommend EaseUS Todo, but you must also look for Stellar Drive Clone and Chronosync for their features.

Mac Carbon Copy Cloner Alternative

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