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For all your school or university writing works, you should know that a good cover page always draws attention and makes your work stand out from the rest of your classmates’. Microsoft Office Word is offering some very basic cover page which probably will be used by many people, making your work unnoticed.

But do not worry, here you will be able to find the best word cover page designs for all your projects and give them the beautiful and striking appearance they deserve. You will make them emerge above others. It does not matter if you are not into graphic design or you do not have an advanced knowledge of MS Office Word, all available templates are easy to use.

How to Create a Built-In Cover Page in Microsoft Word You can quickly create a cover page using a built-in design. Select the Insert tab in the ribbon. As the inventor of the PDF file format, Adobe makes sure our Acrobat PDF to Word conversion tool preserves your document formatting. When you use our online PDF converter, your fonts, images, and alignments will look as expected on Mac and Windows. The converted file is an editable Word document that you can start using right away in Microsoft.

Moreover, later you will see how to download a template for word and how to install it and use it in your work in a few simple steps. Download bloodhound exploit 213 pdf free. Of course, all the word cover pages templates are free and have no cost for the users.

Ms Word Cover Letter Formats

Formal Word Cover Pages for Free

Here you can get a small sample of the most formal cover pages for your work and projects in Word. These formal cover pages templates stand out for their more sober and serious appearance, which gives your work a formal and professional look. These topics are perfect for presenting university projects, final degree works or doctorate, business work, presentation of budgets, etc.

Cold colors, such as black, grey or blue tones, are commonly used on these cover page. It is also important to use some more vivid colors to draw attention to different aspects of your work or project that you want to highlight. You can download all the word cover page designs below:

Free Download Template Cover Pages

If you are a university student or you are in higher studies, you need to customize your work to stand out from your classmates whether it is a new project or a final degree work. As for academic work, it is important to make a striking cover page with bright colors that will make reading more attractive.

It is essential to choose colors according to the subject. Depending on the topic of the project some colors are more appropriate than others. Discover the best word cover pages for university students.

How to make a Cover Page Template?

Making a cover pages template for Microsoft Word is not easy, it requires design knowledge and a good level of Microsoft Word skills. That’s why we do not recommend making original cover page for word since they take a lot of time and work. But do not worry, our website will provide you with all kind of word themes which are very easy to use in your projects and work.

The best you can do is to browse our website, and find the cover page that you like, download it and add it to your university or business work. If you do not know how to download templates or how to use them once downloaded to your computer, I suggest that you watch the following video.

In this video we explain what you must do once you have downloaded a word cover page. You will learn how to attach it to an academic work and how to modify the colors, the font, the size of typography and other details that will make your work in Word stand out from the rest.

Before making your portfolio spread page, you should realize what components to incorporate into it. Basic as this page may appear, there are a few things which you have to consolidate into it. These are:

  • The title or caption of the archive
  • The name of the creator
  • The title of the creator
  • The spread picture or spread photograph
  • The fruition or accommodation date
  • The portrayal of the archive

Additionally, the shading spread, style, and format of the report spread page should mix together with the remainder of the archive consistently. Likewise, you ought to pursue some other necessities set by your teacher or the beneficiary of the archive.

In addition, another factor that may influence the data included on the spread page is the extent of the report. For example, if a spread page is being intended for a college task, the principle subtleties of the name of the understudy, title, course title, and so on might be adequate. In any case, for an examination paper that will be distributed, more data may must be included also.

When incorporating spread pages in the reports, a writer may pick an accessible layout and modify it or structure it himself totally.

There are numerous online accessible formats just as numerous projects or applications that offer layouts for spread pages that are effectively adaptable.

One of such programs that offer adaptable formats is MS Word. It has numerous formats accessible that might be utilized as spread pages and might be effectively tweaked also. By embeddings the spread page layout, one can include the necessary content in the example content zone.

Portfolio Cover Ms Word

A spread page should be appealing notwithstanding the offering of general data about the archive. The spread page must be formal particularly for books, look into papers, theory, and so on. Nonetheless, for college assignments or undertakings, it very well may be somewhat casual with various textual styles (whenever permitted by the reference style or the teacher).

  • 19 November 2014
  • Updated: 25 March 2021

How many countless hours have you spent creating a cover page using Microsoft Word? When I started working I used to spend a good deal of time creating the perfect heading, adjusting its alignment and location on the page. I would include a subtitle, author details, an image and a nice page border. It was time-consuming.

If you are still creating cover pages manually, let me save you a considerable amount of time and show you how to use the Cover Page feature in Microsoft Word. You will be creating professional-looking cover pages with your own customised text in under 60 seconds.

Microsoft Word includes numerous cover page designs which are pre-defined templates, displayed in a gallery. These designs provide areas for text, dates and images that you can customise to suit your own needs. You can also access more designs from, or create your own custom design to save for use in the future.

Create a cover page in Word

To create a cover page, follow these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Word (I’m using Word 2016)
  2. Open a document you wish to add a cover page to or begin this exercise with a blank document
  3. Select the Insert tab from the Ribbon
  4. Now click the Cover Page button within the Pages group
  1. The Cover Page gallery will be displayed
  2. Use the scroll bar to scroll down and view all available designs
  3. Once you have identified the one you like, click it once with the left mouse button
  4. The cover page will be added to your document
  5. You will now see prompts for where you can add text or content
  1. Simply click into a text prompt and enter the information you wish to display
  2. When you click within a prompt for [Date], you will be displayed with a calendar, simply click any date within the year you wish to display
  1. You may see that Microsoft Word will fill in some information for you, based on the information you entered when you installed Microsoft Word. You can change this information if you need by clicking on the text area
  1. If the cover page design you have chosen includes an image and you would like to use your own, select the image
  2. Click the Picture Tools > Format tab which should now be visible
  3. Select the Change Picture button from the Adjust group
  1. You can now navigate your computer files and select an image to use instead, click Insert once you have selected the new image
  2. The image will now be replaced
  3. You have now created a professional-looking cover page all with a few clicks of the mouse

Delete a cover page

If you have created a cover page and decide later that you wish to remove it, you do not have to delete the elements individually.

  1. Click Insert > Cover Page from the Ribbon
  2. From the Cover Page drop-down menu select Remove Current Cover Page
  3. The cover page will automatically be removed leaving the rest of your document untouched

Date formats

A common issue I see when using cover pages is that the automatic date fields are formatted in US date formats. Because I am located in Australia and for my readers who also prefer UK formatting I thought I would show you how to change this setting so that you can choose the format the date will be displayed in. You can even change it from 30/08/2018 to 30-Aug-2018 if preferred.

  1. Place your cursor in the date field to select it
  2. Select the Developer tab from the Ribbon
  3. If you do not have the Developer tab available go to File > Options then select the Customize Ribbon option
  1. In the right-hand pane place a tick in the option to display Developer then click OK
  2. From the Developer tab click the Properties button within the Controls group

Microsoft Word Cover Pages

  1. The Content Control Properties dialog box will appear:
  1. Go to the Date Picker Properties and from the list select the date format you wish to use
  2. Click OK
  3. The date should now be changed to the format you have chosen

I hope you have enjoyed creating a fast and professional looking cover page in Microsoft Word. Be sure to check out my favourite keyboard shortcuts for Word along with great tips such as how to create perfect shapes, and resize your pictures.

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