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In this video about what's new in Cubase we look at SpectraLayers One, the visual audio editing tool designed for cleaning up audio, re-mixing a song, separa.

Cubase Pro 11.0.0 Operation Manual. Search documentation. Table of Contents; MIDI Editors. There are several ways to edit MIDI in Cubase. You can use the tools. Depending on the size and complexity of your projects, your feature requirements and budget, you can choose the Cubase version that fits you best. If you find that you need more facilities, of course you can upgrade. Cubase Pro 11 Cubase Artist 11.

Cubase 11 takes a big leap forward with many significant improvements in workflow and performance, as well as inspiring new features to step up your productions.

Nuendo 11

With new features for Dolby Atmos and Netflix productions, new sound design tools, exclusive content and enhanced workflow, Nuendo 11 is the gold standard for professional audio production.

Creating the AXR4

Steinberg AXR4 audio interfaces set a new standard for professional studios, producers and musicians. The development team’s intention was to deliver the highest possible audio quality..

Romesh Dodangoda

Antimalware service executable high disk. British recording engineer, producer, and early Nuendo adopter Romesh Dodangoda is very well known for his work with bands like Motörhead, Bring Me The Horizon, or Bullet For My Valentine.

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Please notice: If you already have Cubase 10.5 or an earlier version installed, you will be required to re-install your version after the Cubase 11 trial period has expired and a permanent license for Cubase 11 hasn’t been activated. Please note that projects created or saved with Cubase 11 may not be fully compatible with Cubase 10.5.