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Q: How do I correct the MS Excel error 'errors were detected while saving' filename?
  • Changing the excel file extension. Open Microsoft Excel and move to the File tab. Hit 'Export' button then select 'Change the File type; Change the file extensions to xlsx, then check whether excel can open your workbook or not. Opening the excel file in safe mode. Hit on the Windows+R key, button then type 'excel.exe/safe and click OK.
  • The file formats that are listed in the Save As dialog box vary, depending on what type of sheet is active. If you are saving your file into a different format, in most cases, Excel converts only the active sheet. To convert the other sheets in a workbook, switch to each sheet and save it separately.

To check the support of.xlsx extension; open MS Excel and go to “File.” Now, select “Export” and choose “Change File Type.” Check whether it is showing the option of.xlsx or not. If not, then change the extension of the file. To change the extension, go to my computer and browse “Tools.” Now, choose the “View” tab. Save the file as a different Excel file type On the File menu, select Save As. In the Save as Type list, select a file format other than the current file format. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2007 or a later version, save the file as.xlsx or.xlsm instead of as.xls.

'I have some of excel files and I got an error while saving that says 'Errors were detected while saving file name. Microsoft Excel may be able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in a new file, click Continue. To cancel saving the file, click Cancel'. I have searched for the problem and I found some solutions that say I have to reinstall office. Do you think this is the right solution?'

Microsoft Excel can pop up errors at you at the most unexpected times. For example, when you're trying to save a file. The option of closing a document just because Excel is unable to save it yet you have worked on it for hours can be painful. Especially in the extreme case that it can result in loss of data. So how can you deal with the 'errors were detected while saving' error in Excel application? Let us find out.

Part 1. What Causes Excel Errors Were Detected While Saving

Different technical hitches could be the cause of errors in your Excel 2020. On a general note, they are mostly temporary annoyances rather than apocalyptic errors. They can range from Excel bugs, network issues to anti-virus problems. Here we provide you with some of the main causes experienced by most Excel users.

Excel File Type To Save In For Mac
  • There is an issue of version incompatibility
  • Excel Large File Sizes issues.
  • A case of large images and other Excel file properties.
  • Sophistication in Windows Server
  • The file-sharing property itself is causing the issue.
  • Use of a virus-infected storage device for saving such as flash disks and external drives.
  • An improper system shutdown
  • System errors
  • An issue with the hard drive

Once the reason for the error is clear, it is an opportune time to sort the issue from the root cause. Continue reading to get some of the simple solutions you could take on to fix the Excel error.

Part 2. How to Fix Excel Errors Were Detected While Saving

If the Excel files you are experiencing errors with are of importance, then your priority is saving your data. This means that reinstalling Office is an option you do not want to consider at the moment.

First and foremost, we must point out that you need to first ensure that your actions aren't the cause of the problem. This includes small things such as trying to save a read-only file, using an invalid character in a filename, or trying to save to a path that doesn't exist.

Once you can rule yourself out of the equation, then you can move on to the following options we have provided for you. We always recommend that you first try to save any changes that you may have in any open Excel workbooks before you start troubleshooting. The following sections include workarounds to save your workbooks.

#1: Install Hotfix Package

One way to fix your 'excel errors were detected while saving' problem is to install the hotfix package. The disclaimer to this method is that as much as it comes highly recommended, it can be quite risky and cause a serious problem if one does not get a part of the registry right.

Before getting to it, we recommend that you make a complete back-up of the system to prevent any issues in the future.

Follow the instructions given below to perform the hotfix package installation:

  1. First, click Start > Run. Type regedit in the Open box > click OK.
  2. Now, locate and select the following registry:


  1. Point to New > click DWORD (32-bit) value on the Edit menu.
  2. And type FullLoadImagesOnFileLoad and hit ENTER.
  3. Now from Details, right click FullLoadImagesOnFileLoad > click Modify.
  4. Type 1 in Value Data Box and hit OK.
  5. Exit Registry Editor.

The solution is quite easy. However, should anything go wrong with the registry, it may cost you more than you are already trying to save. In any case, you can repair any registry issues using the automatic Registry Repair Tool.

#2: Discard Changes and Save Excel File

Depending on the cause of the problem, you may be unable to recover the current file as-is. In this case, you can also take up our second solution to fix errors that were detected while saving Excel 2013.

It includes saving your data in a new Excel document or try to discard the changes and make repairs to the original document

#3: Save Data in New Excel Document

When it comes to saving the changes to your document, copy the worksheets you change to a new Excel document, and then save it.

  • You will first copy the entire content to the new file
  • Then save it under a new version of Excel.
  • Simply rename the existing file.

#4: Delete any Visual Basic for Applications

The 'errors were detected while saving excel 2016' can also be fixed by deleting the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects from your document. It includes simply deleting the VBA project of your document. Then try saving the Excel 2013 files.

Hopefully, the provided manual solution will be handy in helping fix the Errors Detected While Saving Excel 2016. If it does not, then it would be worth making use of the automatic repair tool.

#5: How to Repair a Corrupted Excel Workbook

If you have an infected workbook on its opening, Microsoft Excel immediately launches the File Recovery mode to attempt to perform the workbook repair. This method is feasible for manually repairing a corrupt excel file where the File Recovery mode fails.

It is simple as shown in the below steps;

  1. Click File > Open, on the open box, select the corrupted Excel workbook;
  2. Go to the open button with the arrow next and select 'Open and Repair'
  1. Choose the Repair option to recover the data from the corrupted excel file.

Where file repair fails through the Repair option, go for the Extract Data option for extracting information and data from the excel file. In the case that the manual and automatic methods for repairing the excel files both fail then you are left with the option of recovering your data using an excel repair tool.

NB: The following methods may not save all the latest changes, formatting, and feature sets of the workbook that are specific to the version of Excel that you are using. The following methods are intended to let you obtain a usable, saved version of the file. These methods require you to save the file to your local hard disk by using a unique file name.

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Part 3. Use Stellar file repair to Fix Excel Errors After All Above Solutions Fail

When you've tried everything else and failed at getting rid of Excel saving errors, it is not the right time to panic. Your Microsoft Excel application might be experiencing issues or the file in question might be corrupted. For this instance, it is best to use the services of a reliable Excel repair application.

We recommend using Stellar Repair for Excel for such dire cases when all else has failed. The application is equipped with technically advanced algorithms that repair Excel files, making it the best choice to fix XLS and XLSX files. Once you have performed the repair on a corrupted Excel file, the software will restore the file contents including tables, charts, chart-sheets, cell comments, images, formulas, sorts, and filters to a new blank working Excel file which you can save easily.

Solutions that set apart the Stellar File Repair software include;

  • Recovers tables, charts, chart sheets, cell comments, images, formulas, sorts, and filters, etc.
  • Preserves worksheet properties (freeze panes, split, gridlines, formula bar) and cell formatting
  • Repairs single as well as multiple XLS/XLSX files
  • Fixes all Excel corruption errors
  • Supports MS Excel versions: 2020, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000

The following instructions provide a simple step by step guide on how you can repair your error detected while saving issue using the Stellar Excel repair software.

  1. Add File: Before repairing the corrupted Excel files, you will need to add them to the Excel Repair software. You can do this by clicking the' Add File' option located in the 'File' menu.
  1. Search file: Files that are to be added will need to be searched on the system. Click on the 'Select File' option and in the 'Open' dialog box that appears, search for the file that is to be repaired and click 'Scan'.
  1. Preview: After the corrupted files have been scanned and repaired, you can preview them to see if they are restored to their original condition.
  1. All files that are repaired need to be saved in a designated location. Choose it by clicking the 'Save' option located in the 'File' menu. Now, choose either the 'Select New Folder' or 'Default Location' in the 'Advanced Option' dialog box that appears and then click 'OK

It's a Wrap

Stellar Repair for Excel is the best solution to take up when it comes down to combat the toughest of MS Excel problems. It is best advised to keep this product handy to ensure a smooth working experience of the application.

Other solutions may include;


1. Changing the excel file extension

    • Open Microsoft Excel and move to the File tab.
    • Hit 'Export' button then select 'Change the File type
    • Change the file extensions to xlsx, then check whether excel can open your workbook or not.

2. Opening the excel file in safe mode

    • Hit on the Windows+R key, button then type 'excel.exe/safe and click OK.
    • Open your Excel file in Safe mode, then save your file as .xlsx.

3. Disable automatic calculation

    • Open excel and tap on the File tab
    • Press the Options item in the menu on the left
    • Click formulas in the menu located in the excel options dialogue box

4. Open the corrupted workbook in WordPad or word

common for errors caused by macro virus infection or rather conflicting software. In this case, you could do two things; you could

i.) Save your document to another file format

    • Open the infected file with Microsoft Word
    • Save the file to another file format like rich text format (.rtf), plain text (.txt)
    • Close your document and reopen it in Microsoft Word
    • Save your document as a new word document.

ii.) Open file in the WordPadHow to get ip address of wifi router without connecting.

    • Press start menu, go to programs, click accessories, select WordPad
    • On the file menu, press open then select the corrupted file
    • Delete all binary strings at the beginning and the end of the document with other characters that are not part of the document.
    • On the file menu, press Save As
    • In the file name box, enter a new file name then save it as a (.doc) format.
    • Restart word
    • Open the just saved file, resave it as an Excel document.


Generally, it hurts and a complete waste of time when you keep double-clicking a file, and what pops up is 'errors were detected while saving'. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can result in a solution to the 'errors were detected while saving excel 2010/2013/2016/2019.

We performed our level best to provide you with fast and easy solutions to provide a backdrop to the errors and various solutions you can adapt to fix each. In case you have any additional methods that have worked for you or any questions about the ones we have presented; we would appreciate your feedback on the comment section.

People Also Ask

  • If your Excel file is corrupted, an automatic File Recovery Mode is started. If this doesn't happen, you can manually repair your Excel by using the 'Open and Repair' option from the drop-down menu of the 'Open' tab when you launch the Excel file.

  • The causes of this error are:

    • The Excel file size is too large, thereby generating issues
    • Errors in your system
    • The hard drive has developed issues
    • The Excel version is incompatible with your system
    • You may be using an infected storage device
  • How Do You Fix Errors were Detected While Saving Excel?

    • Discard all the changes you have made to the file which you initially wanted to save
    • Use a different name to save the Excel file
    • Use a different Excel type in saving the file
    • Change the workbook to a new one
  • 'Do You Want Us to Try to Recover as Much as We Can' Excel Error'?

    • If the source of the workbook is trusted, then you should select 'Yes' after seeing the message. Now, use the read-only mode to open the file, copy, or move the data within it to a new spreadsheet.
    • Use the MS Office Repair utility
    • Change the option from automatic calculation to manual calculation

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To save an Excel workbook using VBA, you need to use the SAVE method to write a macro. And in that macro, you need to specify the workbook that you want to save and then use the SAVE method. When you run this code, it works like the keyboard shortcut (Control + S).

  1. Specify the workbook hat you want to save.
  2. Type a dot to get the list of all the properties and methods.
  3. Select the “Save” method out of those or type “Save”
  4. In the end, run the code to save the workbook.

In this tutorial, we will look at different ways that we can use to save a workbook. So make sure to open the VBA editor from the developer tab to use the code you have in this tutorial.

Helpful Links: Run a Macro – Macro Recorder – Visual Basic Editor – Personal Macro Workbook

Can't Save Excel Document

Save the ActiveWorkbook

Macro To Save Excel File

If you want to save the active workbook in that case you can use a code like the following code, instead of specifying the workbook by its name.

When you use the ActiveWorkbook as the workbook, VBA always refers to the workbook which is active despite in which file you are writing the code.

Save the Workbook where you are Writing Code

If you want to save the file where you are writing the code you need to use “ThisWorkbook” instead of the workbook name.

Save All the Open Workbooks

Here we can use a loop to loop through all the workbooks that are open and save them one by one. Look at the below code.

The above code uses the FOR EACH loop in each workbook it uses the SAVE method to each file one by one.

Note: If you are trying to save a workbook with the SAVE method that is not saved already, Excel will show a dialog box to ask for your permission to save that file, and then you need to choose if you want to save that file on the default location in the default format.

Now here’s the point: As you are using a macro to save the workbook, that file should be saved in the macro-enabled format and the best way to deal with this situation is to use the SAVE AS method (we’ll see in the next section of this tutorial).

Save As an Excel File

To SAVE a file that is not saved yet, using VBA, you need to use the SAVE AS method. In this method, you can define the file name and the path where you want to save the file, and apart from that, there are ten more arguments that you can define.

In the following code, you don’t have any argument with the “SAVE AS” method.

When you run this code, it asks you a few things, like, which format you want to use to save the file, do you want to replace the existing file that is already saved with the same name. So it’s better to define the use of some of the arguments.

Save As File on the Current Location

By default, VBA uses the current location to save the file. When you write code with the SAVE AS method and just specify the name that file straight goes to the current folder. You can see in the following code where you have the which saves the active workbook.

Save As File on a Specific Location

The filename argument also allows you to use the location path in case you want to use a different location to save the file.

Excel File Type To Save In For Macbook Pro

In the above code, you have the path in the FileName argument and VBA uses that path to the file.

Note: You can also use this method to check if a workbook exists in a folder or not before you use the SAVE AS method to save it on a particular location and you can learn more about SAVE AS method from here.

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Excel File Type To Save In For Mac Shortcut

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