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Historical Map of Game of Thrones (100 - Winter is Coming: Roughly seventeen years after Robert’s Rebellion overthrew “Mad” King Aerys Targaryen and Robert Baratheon became king of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Robert requested Ned Stark, his old friend and Warden of the North, to come to the capital of King’s Landing to become Hand of the King (chief adviser). With Season 8 of Game of Thrones upon us, now is the time when everyone wants to track every movement in the episodes with a detailed map.Luckily for you, there are actually a lot of great maps to. Explore the world of Game of Thrones! An interactive Google Maps style webapp. Thanks for your quick answer. I’m having fun using your maps in my current re-read of A Game of Thrones, following the characters’ movements, and I may have found another inconsistency in Arya V, when Arya wanders alone in King’s Landing, not able to leave because: “Every day since her escape from the Red Keep, Arya had visited each of the seven city gates in turn.

Note This article is about content invented for the television adaptation Game of Thrones developed by HBO. Although this is a licensed derivative work based upon A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, it is not written by him.
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Cisco anyconnect 4.5 download. The World Map, published by HBO for its television show Game of Thrones, consists of all the world geographical information up to Season 2. The Lands of Ice and Fire, a canon map collection published in October 2012, contains newer and updated world maps for A Song of Ice and Fire.For additional information on world locations, see the Geography Portal.

North of The Wall

Northern Westeros

Game Of Thrones Map Of The Seven Kingdoms

Southern Westeros

Essos (The Lands Across the Narrow Sea)

Regions of the Known World

Game Of Thrones Relationship Map

Game of thrones cities map

Game Of Thrones Map 4k

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