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Adding Plug-ins to GIMP. Those who use GIMP on Windows can add AKVIS plugins. We will show you how to do it: How to make the plugins work in GIMP. Download the Photoshop filter plugin (pspi) for GIMP: Note: This plugin loader is a 32-bit program, and it works only with 32-bit versions of the plugins, even if using GIMP 64-bit. For older Mac OS versions, you will also find the installation files for GIMP 2.2.11 on the books DVD in the directory Programs/GIMP All OS/GIMP MacOS/102-103. This file is a universal installation file for PPC as well as Intel Macs. Note: Even though you have to install GIMP from MacPorts in order to build the binaries for BIMP, they should work just fine with the self-contained GIMP build from In fact, you could probably uninstall the MacPorts version once the binaries are built, but you'll need to reinstall it each time you want to update BIMP. Gimp 2.8.2 plugins mac free download. Ofnuts' Gimp path tools Various scripts to transform Gimp paths.

One of the nicest things about GIMP is how easily its functionality can be extended, by using plugins. GIMP plugins are external programs that run under the control of the main GIMP application and interact with it very closely. Plugins can manipulate images in almost any way that users can. Their advantage is that it is much easier to add a capability to GIMP by writing a small plugin than by modifying the huge mass of complex code that makes up the GIMP core. Many valuable plugins have C source code that only comes to 100-200 lines or so.

Several dozen plugins are included in the main GIMP distribution, and installed automatically along with GIMP. Most of them can be accessed through the Filters menu (in fact, everything in that menu is a plugin), but a number are located in other menus. In many cases you can use one without ever realizing that it is a plugin: for example, the 'Normalize' function for automatic color correction is actually a plugin, although there is nothing about the way it works that would tell you this.

Anybody in the world can write a GIMP plugin and make it available over the web, either via the Registry or a personal web site, and many very valuable plugins can be obtained in this way ­ some are described elsewhere in the User's Manual. With this freedom from constraint comes a certain degree of risk, though: the fact that anybody can do it means that there is no effective quality control. The plugins distributed with GIMP have all been tested and tuned by the developers, but many that you can download were just hacked together in a few hours and then tossed to the winds. Some plugin creators just don't care about robustness, and even for those who do, their ability to test on a variety of systems in a variety of situations is often quite limited. Basically, when you download a plugin, you are getting something for free, and sometimes you get exactly what you pay for. This is not said in an attempt to discourage you, just to make sure you understand reality.


Plugins, being full-fledged executable programs, can do any of the things that any other program can do, including install back-doors on your system or otherwise compromise its security. Don't install a plugin unless it comes from a trusted source.


Plugins have been a feature of GIMP for many versions. However, plugins written for one version of GIMP can hardly ever be used successfully with other versions. They need to be ported: sometimes this is easy, sometimes not. Many plugins are already available in several versions. Bottom line: before trying to install a plugin, make sure that it is written for your version of GIMP.

Download CMYK for GIMP and follow step by step installation method to use this plugin. This plugin is one of the most useful plugin for GIMP portable. CMYK is the primary colour code that is used for creating attractive images on your PC. ‘Cyan Magenta Yellow Black‘ concept states the combination of the darker category of colours other than red, green and blue.

CMYK states that darker the colours combinations mean sharp the image. Thus this is the mixture of these four colours which gets more mysterious and brighter, and then we keep on blending them more intensity. But, to give more intense colour strength, it is vital to add those colours in an equal ratio.

Wondering why equal amounts?

Adding equal amount has a reason that there is black colour among those subtractive colours which vary in the impurities of their inks. So, in CMYK, ‘K’ means black.

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Download CMYK for your GIMP

Now, the best thing about CMYK is it is supportable with GIMP. First, download Adobe ICC Profiles. So do wonders to the images using this colour code CMYK and have CMYK in your GIMP. Just with a few steps.

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Gimp Plugins Mac


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  • As it gets installed, then it will show RGB and CMYK files.
  • Then copy it to program filesGIMP2.0
  • Now you install them and you are done with it.

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But, for smooth using of CMYK profiles in GIMP, install the separate.exe. File in your computer and then use it.

While using, CMYK you will get RGB files in your GIMP.

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GIMP has RGB images set up so, to have CMYK format you need to convert your RGB into CMYK. Separate the RGB file from the menu column that appears on the right side of the screen. Now, if you adobe in your PC then, the resultant image will get automatically saved but if not, then you have to keep it manually.
The resultant image will be named on the basis on the colours as “C”, “M”, “Y”, and “K”. If you want to have the image to have the respective layers for the colours, then choose the ‘separate’ option. This will enable you to have a white background in the first layer, and along with that, the other layers will have CMYK colours.


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The colour choice is significant in giving effects to the image and matching it to the real-time image. If you want to have the photos with more beautiful effects in GIMP, then, add CMYK to your GIMP.