Henry F Miller Piano Serial Number

Miller pianos are a popular choice for students, home enthusiasts and professional musicians alike. Our available Henry F. Miller pianos include a range of types, costs and conditions. Browse our available selection, or use our filters to refine your search by size, price, location, distance from you, or color. Toronto, Canada. The last recorded U.S. Made piano serial number is dated 1982 at the time Aeolian went out of business. In 2001 the name was acquired by the Sherman Clay (California) chain of piano stores. Pianos bearing the Henry F. Miller name were made for their stores, as well as other major piano dealers throughout the USA,.

  • If you are unable to find the serial number piano we can research it for you or provide you with an approximate age with a photo. There is no cost or obligation to this service. MILLER, HENRY F.
  • Miller Art Case Grand. Not only is this beautiful Henry F. Miller grand piano over 100 years old, but it also has a one of a kind art case. It’s a unique, historic instrument. And it can be yours. We’ve rebuilt this American-made Henry F. Miller piano, and it’s in spectacular condition.
  • Miller, Henry F. Factory Location: Boston, Massachusettes Serial Number Dates: 1870 -? History: The Henry Miller Piano Company was established in 1863. Factories were located in Massachusettes and Tennessee. The company is also associated with Ivers & Pond. Information source: Pierce Piano Atlas. Grand & Baby Grand Pianos.

Henry F Miller Company History

Henry Miller started his piano company in 1863, after several decades working for renowned, contemporary piano manufacturers Brown & Allen in 1850, and the Emerson Piano Company in 1857. As a classically-trained pianist himself, Miller knew learned how to build pianos for the finely-tuned ear of a musician. Miller set up shop in Wakefield, Massachusetts, partnering with the respected piano craftsman at the time, J.H. Gibson. [1]

Not long after beginning production, Henry F. Miller pianos grew a reputation for their artistic frames and designs, rich sound and fine craftsmanship and were soon endorsed by many professional musicians of the day. By 1884, Miller’s five sons joined the business and incorporated the company, producing pianos under the name Miller & Sons. Early on, there was a line of upright, grand and square pianos. They also produced a pedal piano that featured a full pedalboard similar to an organ. [2]

In the 1920s, Henry F. Miller was a division of the Continental Piano Company which was later bought by Winter & Co in 1945, moving the offices from its original New England home in Boston down to Memphis, Tennessee in 1951. In the late 1980s, the Aeolian American Corporation was producing pianos under the Henry F. Miller name before going out of business. As recently as 2013, Henry F. Miller pianos were produced by a Chinese manufacturer and imported to the U.S. [3]



Henry F. Miller Piano Characteristics

Earning a widespread reputation for high quality, Henry F. Miller pianos were a leading brand preferred by many professional musicians in the late 1800s and early 20th century. The tedious design work done by both Miller and Gibson prior to beginning production led to incredibly well-made piano frames.

Henry F Miller Piano Serial Number

Henry F. Miller pianos found today stand out for the lasting materials used in the original pianos. The solid spruce soundboard is found on many of the early Miller pianos. Also, many Miller 7 Sons pianos are admired for their artistic frames, often decorated ornately for professionals and piano aficionados of their day.

Henry F. Miller Piano Restoration

For many Henry F. Miller piano owners, the beauty of the frame and the quality of the interior are still appreciated today. Restoring a Henry F. Miller piano and many of their models like the Towbridge and pedal board upright can increase the unrestored value of $500 up to $20,000.

It is key to select a team of expert restoration craftsman. At Lindeblad, we have over a century of combined experience restoring high-end, early-American piano brands like Henry F. Miller pianos. To begin the process of determining your piano's value, locate the serial number. We have a how-to guide for finding the serial number on all pianos - check it out!

Do you own a Henry F. Miller piano? At Lindeblad, we’ve restored and repaired many Henry F. Miller and Miller & Sons pianos. Contact us today to learn more!


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Henry f. miller piano serial numbers


One of the primary ways you can begin to investigate the value of your piano is by locating the serial number. The serial number is considered your piano’s birth certificate, and it is the way the original manufacturer assigned it a unique.

However, locating it can be tricky. We provide our customers with the following real-life diagrams to quickly help them find the serial number on their grand or upright piano.

Grand serial numbers like on the Steinway pictured above may be found in many different places. The various places on the diagram point to some possible locations.

Typically, a serial number has 5 to 7 digits, but in some cases, it may have fewer or more and may also include a letter. This is a view of the grand with the lid open and the music desk removed. It may be necessary to clean dust off the harp or soundboard before the serial number can be seen.

Upright or vertical piano serial numbers can usually be found by lifting the lid and looking inside on the gold harp or plate. It is usually not necessary to remove the upper front panel to find the serial number (as in this picture).

By locating the serial number, you can begin your research to know the value of the piano. The first thing the serial number tells you is the age of the piano. Paired with the who made the piano, the age is a key piece of information, and many piano experts can begin to assign a value quickly after assessing the condition and a few other criteria.

Sometimes, however, a serial number can be nearly impossible to find, even to professionals who know where to look and have identified thousands of serial numbers in their years of expertise. If you are running into this problem, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to work with you to locate your serial number.

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Henry F Miller Piano Serial Number

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Henry F. Miller Piano Serial Numbers