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  • The records, taken during a medical exam following Hitler’s arrest over the failed Beer hall putsch in 1923, show that he suffered from “right-side cryptorchidism”, or an undescended right.
  • Hitler was the type of person who blamed others for his failures and mistakes. Hitler was stubborn and HATED making mistakes. He refused to let 'superior' people around him because he did not want to fell stupid or in any way wrong. Hitler was rude and liked to ridicule people, meaning he was a bully. Hitler would surround himself with me who.

Hitler' S Furies Pdf Free Download Windows 10

I bet you think you know all about Adolf Hitler! Think again!
Here is a great book crammed full of rarely revealed facts now divulged in a comprehensive and immensely compelling revisionist narrative.
Please go here to read a review of
Gun of Destiny: Adolf Hitler's Smith & Wesson Revolver
by Robert A. Johnston.

Adolf Hitler

ADOLF HITLER has left an incomparable mark of evil on the pages of history & a horrifying legacy that still haunts millions of people around the world. This captivating documentary collection provides a brutal, honest and untold portrait of the life and events of history's most evil dictator.

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Der Führer before A. Bruckner at Walhalla

Adolf Hitler Kampfzeit Pocketknife (Item AH 13-1; GEN 9-2)

DESCRIPTION: This is a little gem of early Nazi Kitch. This is a pocketknife and it’s 100-percent authentic; not one of the British-made “gems.” It has celluloid grips popular at the time with a depiction of Adolf Hitler in his Kampfzeit-period brown shirt superimposed over the swastika flag. The tip of the small blade is broken, but the large one is fine. The logo of the company that made it looks like a pair of spectacles and the words “Herm. Kone Jung A-6 Solingen” appear on the other side of both blades. Open it measures 7 ¼ inches long; with the blades folded it is 3 ¼ inches long. This is a great little Kampfzeit (power-struggle days) item. Also very unusual, it comes with a little carry case made of leather with metallic closure with snap-together top. A classic indeed!


Adolf Hitler Icon (Item AH 13-2)

DESCRIPTION: Here is a great rendering on board of the German leader done in the style of an icon. We have never seen so realistic a portrayal of the Führer as seen here in the uniform of the 1920’s Kampfzeit. He is shown in this wooden plaque with a burl background to simulate pinewood. The piercing eyes are perceived by the artist to full recognition. Hitler’s whole countenance has been called hypnotic. He certainly was the ultimate and inspired leader. His followers revered him as almost a saint, thus the word icon is apropos. The plaque measures 8 ¾ x 11 ½ inches. This is a great Kampfzeit item clearly from the preelection period. This was the time of struggle when the future Führer was barnstorming the Fatherland speaking and campaigning The details of the picture is phenomenal!


Huge Propaganda Poster; Specially Framed (Item AH 13-3)

DESCRIPTION: Here is one of the most dramatic likenesses of Adolf Hitler ever illustrated. It depicts him at the height of his power, about 1935. He wears what has been called the statesman’s uniform. Hitler uniforms are divided into three styles:
1, Kampfzeit garb. This was the brown shirt with Sam Brown cross belt; 1920’s through 1933.
2, statesman as shown here. A fine brown tunic with white shirts; 1933-1939
3, Field-gray tunic with white shirt. This was the uniform he donned and vowed would be worn until Germany’s victory or death; 1939 to 1945
This poster is 100 percent original period. The very special frame has been put on several of our original items and we had them framed in Germany by a company that used this special oak-leaf-acorn stock for unique items during the Reich. They had a few pieces left and we bought it all; however, we have only a few yards of it left and when it’s gone, it is indeed gone. The pattern of the frames is completely commensurate with the spirit of the Third Reich, where the Heiliger Baum, the Holy Tree, was the stalwart oak. It appeared in uniform decorations, in medals and orders, on documents, and trim on daggers and swords, etc., and here in a most glorious manifestation as the décor in this framed picture of the German leader. At the bottom of the portrait are the words, “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!,” “One People, one Land, one Leader!” This was the Redewort of the Reich now united. Pictures, posters, like this hung in schools, office complexes, factories, government building, and Wehrmacht headquarters. This is a particularly large one measuring 37 x 27 ½ inches with the framing measuring 3 ¼ inches wide when viewed frontally. This would make a magnificent display in any NSDAP or WWII collection. Extremely dramatic indeed. The framing in Germany cost 385 euros.


Election Medal (Item AH 13-4)

DESCRIPTION: Here is a great, little Hitler medal one and a quarter inches in diameter. The obverse has a side bust portrait of Adolf Hitler with the words “Unser Führer,” “Our Leader,” around the portrait. On the back, “für ein freies geeintes und Stolzes Deutschland Hitler,” “for a free, right, and proud Germany-Hitler.” The medal has a ribbon bearing a little embroidered swastika. This is a very rare medal that probably was presented to NSDAP members who worked diligently for the election of the Führer in 1933.


Signed Photo of Adolf Hitler (Item AH 13-5)

DESCRIPTION: Here is a signed picture of the German leader taken by his own official photographer Herr Heinrich Hoffmann of Munich in 1932, 1 year before Hitler’s ascension to Chancellor of Germany. The 1930’s were the turbulent years of the Kampfzeit, the struggle, for power of Hitler and the NSDAP (Nazi Party). In this period the Führer signed very few items; he frankly never had time or the inclination for autographs. However, when the person handing him a photo or paper item hoping to have it personalized struck him (Hitler) as what he termed and thought of as a gutes Gesicht (a good face), then he would make the exception. He believed the face was the outward perfection of breeding, nobility, character, and racial purity or, alternatively, the lack of all the above. This picture perhaps more than any other we have ever viewed illustrates Hitler’s perceptions in the message carried forth in his short note that accompanies his signature. He writes: “Fr. (Fraulein) Anneliese Weinrich Du Shones Deutsches Madchen--Kassel 21 July 1932”. Literally translated: “Miss Anneliese Weinrich you are a beautiful German maiden (girl).” This wording is completely in keeping with the attitudes and inner admirations that Adolf Hitler had for pure-Nordic feminine beauty. He loved the ladies and history has demonstrated that they loved him. History books are replete with accounts of women fawning over him to the point of fainting at his sight. We know of several ladies attempting suicide at least three unfortunately successful because they felt that they could never be close to him. So no doubt Anelise must have treasured this memento into her old age and we are not sure how it ever surfaced, but it has and it truly is a treasure indeed. This is possibly one of the finest AH signatures ever to emerge from the Third Reich years. The photo measures 5 x 7 inches. It has been matted and framed in a lovely frame with banded-leaf design much like the period ones would have been done. The back of the picture is covered, but under the covering one would see the Heinrich Hoffmann stamp or signature. The owner of the picture has copied this before the paper backing was applied and put a small label there with the Hoffman wording evident. If one were to own only one important item that actually came from Adolf Hitler, I would think this might be the best of all in the lower price range, yet it is as fine or finer than the photos in the silver frames that cost $15,000 to $20,000 AND this one is much earlier. You can see the hypnotic eyes as so many who met him commented on. This will be a very sound investment for any serious collector or museum. We are proud to offer it. The picture had to be photographed through glass so the viewer should disregard any spots; they are not there in the actual picture.


Tapestry of Hitler in Uniform (Item AH 13-6)

DESCRIPTION: This is a tapestry depicting Adolf Hitler in the uniform of the pre-chancellorship days of the 1930's. Already prior to 1933, many industrialists saw the political ambitions of the young radical after hearing him speak as a possible answer to the terrible problems that Germany then faced and a great many firms producing various art forms came forth with all sorts of art objects; anything from Kitsch to fine art depicting the man whom they firmly believed would be Germany's savior from Bolshevism and allied occupation. The firm of Mechanische Weberei in the Silesian Brandenburg area was certainly no exception. They were an old, established factory producing fine linen materials and rather expensive finished artistic novelties. This weaving mill produced the very finest of household and gallery articles ever since 1886. The Hohenzollern Kaisers of Prussia had many wall hangings and table linens produced by this firm and their goods could be found in the very finest of German stores. This particular tapestry-like linen wall hanging has a great-looking likeness of the Führer in his early 1930's brown-shirt uniform with Iron Cross and Wound Badge, and armband, tie pin, and Sam Browne belt all very realistically portrayed under his depiction .You can also see the German NSDAP eagle that would become the country's national symbol once Hitler took power. The eagle is supported by a potpourri of flags of the party and the national flag of the period, the patriotic banners of the Army, and oak leaves from the proud and stalwart oak tree. This was the Holy Tree of Germany and the leaves are replete throughout the presentation, some of which surround the subject and are banded together in wreath form with national-color banding. The picture is signed “Mechanische Weberei Sorau Sorau N.-L.” This is a very large article as framed pictures go and when our consigner received it from the veteran who brought it back he immediately had it framed and we must say it is framed very nicely with an expensive, but beautiful overlapping leaf design very much like the 1930's period frames were done. The linen shows a bit of wrinkling, but after all it’s more than 70 years old. It could be processed further with a good hot iron, I suppose. The veteran who looted it signed it with pen and ink, but thankfully he put his name of the very edge and the consignor folded that under and out of sight. The measurement with frame is about 38 x 22 inches (BIG!). This is definitely a museum piece extraordinaire, and worthy of preservation in a good gallery collection. It is possibly one of a kind!


Book Mein Kampf, Deluxe Edition (Item AH 13-7; RAREBOOK 1-6; MEIN KAMPF 1-1)

DESCRIPTION: Here is a two-volume set of Adolf Hitler famed book Mein Kampf, (My Struggle), 1939 edition, partially leather bound in practically mint condition. Published by the Central Printing Company of the NSDAP, Frz. Eher Nachf München. There are volumes one and two in an original book sleeve that they fit into. Ten percent of the cover at the spine is covered in rich, brown leather with 24k gold-embossed lettering. The rest of the cover is in the fine linen rag material that only the most important books of the Reich were constructed with. Volume 1 comprises 360 pages with great advertising for other NS books in the rear. This is possibly the greatest set of Mein Kampf ever distributed to the world’s anxious buyers second only to the Bible in copies sold. Here is your chance to achieve the very best and we at Germania are extremely proud to offer this magnificent set. It is quite rare–even the articles written by Jeff Hanson for the Military Advisor magazine in 2008 do not show this deluxe set of which only 20,000 were ever printed and sold throughout the Reich.


Film Poster for Mein Kampf (Item AH 13-8)

DESCRIPTION: This is an original poster from advertising a film made in German; I guess in the 1960’s? The name of the film is Mein Kampf by the movie company Kerscher Filmverleih Cham/Bayern. It also says in the red line below. This film shows only original photographs form international film teams and war reporters’ archives from the period 1923-1945. Near Hitler’s outstretched hand it says: “His life, his ascension to power, his end.” The post measures 33 x 23 1/2 inches. One only!


Film Poster for Mein Kampf (Item AH 13-9)

DESCRIPTION: This is an original poster form the German film of the 1960’s or 1970’s chronicling the life of Adolf Hitler. The film was produced by the Kerscher-Filmver-Leih Cham/Bayern. It says the depictions in all persons and photos are genuine ones. The poster is 33 x 23 inches in size and would make a great collection centerpiece, mounted or framed.


Bust of Adolf Hitler by P.H. Flettner (Item AH 13-10; ART 8-5)

DESCRIPTION: This is a work by a major Third Reich artist Philipp Flettner. This man was a great exponent of classic realistic art as was always expressed in Third Reich art. The bust of Hitler as seen here was one of the best ever done. We were not familiar with Flettner’s work until after we had purchased the bust. When we first saw it we thought it to be by one of the hundreds of artists who sculpted the German leader. There have been more busts of Hitler than there are of Napoleon, and far more than Churchill or Roosevelt or Stalin, for that matter. When we looked in the book Kunst in Deutschland 1933-1945, there he was, Philipp Flettner, artist extraordinaire! Born in Wiesbaden Fraunstein on March 5, 1904, and years later studied wood carving for 3 years, then went to Frankfurt Am Main to attend the courses of Richard Scheibe. He also made study trips to Italy, England, Holland and settled in Frankfurt in 1931. In 1935, he achieves the Rome prize and stays in Italy for 9 months. He contributed regularly to the grand German art exhibitions. His portrait of Chancellor Planck was personally commissioned by the Kaiser Wilhelm II Society. He was commissioned by the NSDAP to do the famous bust of Adolf Hitler. Is it possible that Flettner only did one of the Führer, and here it is? We have been doing what we do for a combination of 80 years of if you combine the times of all our three efforts and pretty much steadily at it as many of our customers and associates know. We have had editions of the Hitler busts of Liebermann, Ley, Wolf, F. Masko, Hans Schwegerle, F. Graevnits, etc., but have never seen another Flettner. And may I say that although the bust that the Führer liked best was the one by Liebermann, this one in my opinion is at least second best. He has truly captured the inner spirit of this Time magazines Man of the Year in 1938. So we offer at this time what could turn out to be an extremely rare and prodigiously important artwork. We offer it at a very reasonable price considering all mentioned above. The bust measures roughly 16 inches high from the base to the top of the head and it is about 12 inches from the back of the head to the tip of the nose. The condition is excellent with a slash or two in the back of the head (very slight; half an inch long, or so). It definitely does detract in the slightest from what is a very dramatic-looking bronze sculpture by an important prestigious Third Reich artist of excellence.

PRICE:SOLD to a German Museum (Museum Am Burghof in Lorrach, Germany)

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A Very Special Entry!
One of the greatest historical treasures
we have ever had the pleasure of offering.
You have to see this one!

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A meme stating that Adolf Hitler was named “Man of the Year” by Time magazine in 1938 has been frequently shared on social media as evidence that the “mainstream media is not always reliable.”


It is undeniably true that Time dubbed the Nazi leader with his title in 1938. However, the meme is based on the false assumption that Time‘s “Man of the Year” designations were intended to signify greatness and approval, and were only assigned to people who have had beneficial effects on the world. Lg screen share app. That is not the case — Time‘s standard for the title has been identifying the person who has “had the greatest impact on the news,” regardless of whether that impact was positive or negative:

TIME’s choices for Person of the Year are often controversial. Editors are asked to choose the person or thing that had the greatest impact on the news, for good or ill — guidelines that leave them no choice but to select a newsworthy — not necessarily praiseworthy — cover subject.

The magazine has nominated several controversial figures as “Man of the Year” since the tradition began in 1927, including Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khruschchev, and the Ayatollah Khomeini. Osama bin Laden was strongly considered in 2001, but the the title went to New York mayor Rudy Giuliani instead.

Hitler's Furies Pdf Free

In Time‘s 1938 “Man of the Year” article, Hitler was labeled the “greatest threatening force that the democratic, freedom-loving world faces today.” That was as much an endorsement of Hitler’s actions in 1938 as it would be today — in other words, not at all.