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With the book Entreprenerd: Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source Software, I want to help other technical founders save time. I explain what you can expect when starting a company to generate the resources that are necessary to further develop and maintain your technology. With your medical transportation service, you will transport people to and from medical appointments, doctor visits, hospital discharges, in and out of nursing, rehab, and skilled care facilities, dialysis treatments, and more. But here is the absolute best part - your two niche markets, the medical industry and the elderly population, are.

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  3. How To License Your Million Dollar Idea PDF Free Download
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The classic guide to cashing in on your million-dollar idea

Whether you've invented a great new product, or you have an idea for an app, an online business, or a reality show, How to License Your Million Dollar Idea delivers the information you need to snag a great licensing deal. Now in its third edition, this book has become the go-to source for budding inventors and entrepreneurs who have great ideas and want to cash in on them without putting themselves in financial risk. Licensing is the way to make that happen and this book explains exactly how it's done.

You'll get tested advice on how to protect your ideas and find a licensee for new products, apps, TV game shows, websites, software, and more. You'll also learn how to develop your creative thinking skills and objectively evaluate your ideas.

  • Explains how to protect your new idea with or without patents and copyrights
  • Directs you in finding the perfect person at the right company and on how to prepare a presentation that gets you to a 'yes'
  • Reviews sample licensing contracts to help you understand what your creativity and achievement entitles you to

You'll also read accounts from profitable inventors on their own goof-ups and brilliant moves along their paths to success.

Looking for free printable gag gifts? You've come to the right place!

These printables are the product of many silly evenings that my husband and I spent throwing around ideas and playing with our word processors and graphics programs.

We sacrificed at least a week's worth of social life to bring you these printable gag gifts. Well, maybe a week's worth of evening TV ;-) I hope you like them!

For more good gag gift ideas, make sure you also check out my homemade gag gifts page. If enjoyed these ideas and want to say thanks , or if you'd like to share printable gag gift ideas (or any gag gift ideas) of your own then I'd love to hear from you.

Newspaper Generator

Create a spoof newspaper article featuring your friend or relative!


Our newspaper generator is easy to use - just upload a photo and write some article text (or use one of our demo articles).

Gag Certificates

Silly certificates are perfect for birthday parties, end of year work parties, and in fact pretty much any sort of gathering at which you want to publicly embarrass someone :-)

Use our free online certificate maker to make your silly award in a snap. Or check out my collection of MS Word gag certificate templates.

Free Printable Door Hangers

Click on any of the thumbnails below to download a full-size pdf of the printable door hanger design. Once you've printed it, glue it onto a piece of card and cut around the outline. Cereal box cardboard is about the right stiffness, but any sort of cardboard should do.

Depending on the size of door-knob, you can leave the top of the hanger as a loop rather than a hook. It will be stronger if you leave it as a loop. You could also make double-sided door hangers with two different designs. Perfect for loved ones with multiple personality disorders (kidding).

For those of you with a creative streak, you can also download this blank Microsoft Word template , and design your own printable door hangers . Have fun with it! If you come up with some good designs, let me know! You could post them up here and share (or inflict) your sense of humour :-) I'll give you full credit.

By the way, to view and print the full size door hangers, or any of the pdf printable gag gifts on this page, you'll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) installed on your computer.

'Do not disturb. I'm disturbed enough already'
'Do not disturb. Hangover in progress'

'Out to lunch. If not back by 5, out for dinner also'

'Do not disturb. Officially retired, and I deserve my naps'
'All people enrich this office. Some by their arrival. And some by their departure.'

'Maid service requested' Can you imagine your wife's or mother's expression if you leave this on your door?
'Major nap in progress. Put it in a memo.' Hang this one on your bosses door
'Quiet! Teenager napping. Disturb at your own risk!'

Decision Dice

Let's face it, making decisions is tough. At least, I think it is. Or maybe it isn't. I'm not sure. I need to think about it some more. Ask me again tomorrow.

Anyway, if you know someone who has difficulty making decisions, help them out with one of these handy decision cubes. All they need to do is roll the die and it will tell them what to do next. Click on a thumbnail to download a full-size pdf, and follow these instructions to assemble the cube .

It could be that my cubes are too tame for you. This is a family friendly site, after all. If you're itching for something more.. extreme , then why not download this blank decision cube template (Microsoft Word Format) and design your own extreme decision cube . Just don't let your mum see it.

Office Decision Cube : Has all sorts of high-productivity advice, like 'surf the web', 'play trash-can basketball', 'look busy as the boss walks past', 'take a coffee break', 'chat by the water cooler'. Oh, and the sixth side says 'Stop procrastinating. Deal with the work that's piling up'.

Senior's Decision Cube : This cube suggests relaxing activities like 'take a nap', 'drink tea'. It also features some senior-citizen sports, like 'go fishing', 'play golf', 'look for missing spectacles', and 'visit grandkids'.

If you don't think that looking for missing spectacles counts as a sport, then you should meet some of my relatives. They've turned it into an endurance sport.

Gag Eye Chart

Click the thumbnail to download a full-size pdf.

This was originally an idea for a retirement gag gift.. but I guess this printable gag gift is pretty appropriate for anyone who squints a lot when they read the paper. I just dread the day when my eyes are bad enough that someone gives this to me ;-)

By the way, if you want to customise the text, try our eye chart maker.

Funny Warning Signs

A little while ago my husband discovered an online warning sign generator , and had some fun making silly signs. You can have a go making your own, or you can click on any of the thumbnails below to download a full-size printable sign.

How To License Your Million Dollar Idea

How To License Your Million Dollar Idea Pdf

'While you were napping' Memo Pad

Perfect for that sleepy-head senior-citizen friend, colleague, or parent of yours. This one's a bit hard to explain, so download the pdf memo pad in large format or small format and see for yourself. If you'd like to make your own customised memo pad, you can do so with this Microsoft Word template .

Silly Business Cards

These bring printable gag gifts to a new dimension of silliness. Download my Microsoft Word Silly Businss Card Template, and have a bit of fun!

The picture here is an example of business card for a recent retiree, but you can make gag business cards for anyone, and obviously business people are great candidates.

If the victim.. ahem, I mean your friend, already has their own business cards, then get hold of one to use as a style guide. Sneak your modified silly cards in among their regular cards, and sit back to enjoy the show next time they hand one out. Just make sure you don't ruin any million dollar business deals ;-)

Silly Word Searches

Did you know that there are free online services out there that will make a word search with your own choice of words? It's a fab way to make up a printable gag gift, and you can tailor it to the occasion with the choice of words.

For instance, here are some word searches I put together for retiring men or women (pdf format). If you want to cheat and look at the solutions, here they are for the men version and women version .

Yes, I know it's extremely sexist of me to play on gender stereotypes, but lighten up please, this is after all a page about gag gifts.

Go ahead and put together your own word search - here's a word search generator that you can use. Have fun!


Looking for more ideas?

What? More? I've given you a whole humongous page of printable gag gifts and you still want more? Are you serious? Okay, then check out my homemade gag gifts page for more ideas, but I can't promise that their printable. Also, do let me know if you'd like to share some of your own ideas for printable gag gifts.

How To License Your Million Dollar Idea PDF Free Download

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How To License Your Million Dollar Idea Pdf Free Download Pc