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The Citrix Workspace and Workspace app, along with IGEL OS, comprise an unbeatable combination to enable people to work from anywhere, using almost any device.

During the running Microsoft Teams Optimization of Citrix Workspace App 20.06/20.09, webcam redirection or screen sharing may lead to display errors like black stripes or flickering.; The performance of Citrix sessions when using Workspace App 20.06 may be lower on some devices. A possible workaround is to disable the virtual channels for Microsoft Teams and NSAP or to set the HDX. IGEL Technology is developing smart, secure endpoint solutions to access Cloud Workspaces. The company is also adopting the “Cloud First” strategy within its own organisation: IGEL recently started providing desktops and applications to its own employees using Citrix Workspace in Microsoft Azure. On the 1st of February IGEL released a private build containing Citrix Workspace App (CWA) 2021, released by Citrix the 28th of January. We are closing in on Day-1 support of CWA implementation. Why didn’t IGEL do Day-1 on this release then? Because the 28th and 29th of January IGEL had the annual Kick Off, this year as a virtual event.

Igel Citrix Workspace Apps

View the Top Reasons to choose Citrix Workspace and IGEL. Schecter serial number lookup.

Hardware Agnostic
A highly secure Linux-based operating system for x86-64 machines built with industry-standard components, regardless of manufacturer, platform independent IGEL OS operates on compatible PCs, laptops, tablets, thin clients, accessing virtualized apps and cloud workspaces.

Cost Effective
Extending the life of existing hardware assets eliminates the disruption and cost of investing in new hardware. Future-proofing your infrastructure further reduces unnecessary IT expenditures and ensures easier scalability.

Built-in Enterprise-level Security
IGEL OS supports two-factor authentication, smart card readers, biometric scanners, and trusted execution. Additionally, as a modular, read only, highly secure Linux-based operating system and includes a complete “chain of trust” verification process from the processor (on select IGEL endpoint devices) or UEFI all the way to the host server or cloud. It is thus extremely resistant to manipulation, as well as viruses and other malware.

Easy Customization
From specialized functionality to corporate branding to screensavers that display corporate messaging, IGEL OS is designed for managed customization and cloud-based environments. It’s easy to make your endpoint devices look and perform exactly the way you want, without having to overhaul your backend infrastructure.

Modular Configuration
IGEL OS is designed to allow IT “turn off” unused features, giving back resources to the system. This keeps your endpoints as “thin” as possible, offering better endpoint usage control, and minimizing the attack surface of the device.

Enhanced User Experience
By moving desktop PC workloads from the endpoint into the cloud or a secure data center, which includes inherent fault tolerance and automated backups, you experience true efficiency while increasing security. Increase efficiency with significantly faster logins and application loading, more consistent operation, and significantly boosted performance in database lookup or query.

Broad Technology Partner Ecosystem
Solution integrations of more than 100 leading partners ensure the latest technologies: interfaces, authentication, dictation, e-signature, unified communications, printing, USB management, and many more.

Easy Management and Control
Universal Management Suite (UMS) software, IGEL’s management solution for IGEL OS-powered endpoints, enables a single IT endpoint administrator to fully manage and control tens of thousands of world-wide distributed endpoints.

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Hi folks, hope you are well! Yesterday the 17th of September IGEL released a private build firmware containing Citrix Workspace App 2009. I dug in to do a test of Microsoft Teams optimization.

The setup is:
– Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2003 VDA on a Windows Server 2019 with Microsoft Teams
– IGEL UD7 endpoint 11.04.131
– IGEL UD3 endpoint 11.04.131
– Iphone 11 Pro


My experience with Microsoft teams optimized in Citrix, running on IGEL OS is what I would say a native experience. What do I mean by that?
Looking at the Skype for Business optimization the user experience was OK, though a bit of feeling that it wasn’t running native. A small lag when someone called or if you dialed out. Some latency when connecting to a meeting and so on. With Microsoft Teams in Citrix using IGEL OS for optimization/Offloading, this is not the case. There is a definite feeling of running Microsoft teams native on a windows box. I really like this as the user experience while working with Microsoft Teams in the session is great!

I recoded a small video trying to show how it could look. There was a challenge to get the audio working well with my self connected to a video conference, the audio you hear in the video is the MS Teams audio stream.

Igel Update Citrix Workspace App

If you are interested in testing out this new firmware from IGEL it can be downloaded here:

Igel Citrix Workspace App Cannot Launch App

Enjoy, #staysafe and have a great weekend, video of the call below!