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Apple is releasing iOS 14.2 GM to developer beta testers today, and to public beta testers. Notably, today’s new iOS 14.2 GM should bring a fix for the erroneous “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 14 beta” notification that many users are seeing right now.

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Also, did they do away with the whole “long pressing the Now Playing window in Control Center shows Siri Suggestions” thing? In past betas, if you weren’t actively listening to music, long pressing the Now Playing section would bring up 4-6 Apple Music suggestions. In fact, the Game Center is so underused that Apple axed the Game Center app in 2016 with the iOS 10 update. Now, Game Center is buried in the Settings app; it’s literally the last Apple app in the list of Apple apps in Settings. With iOS 14, however, Apple made some significant improvements to Game Center. Apple released the first beta for iOS 14.2 to iPhone developers on Thursday, Sept. A significant new feature that iOS 14.2 brings to the table is a new Control Center tile for Shazam music recognition. A simple tap of the tile will launch the operating system's built-in Shazam capabilities, scanning for music playing in the immediate area. Elsewhere, iOS 14.2 brings revamped now playing controls to the lock screen alongside redesigned AirPlay 2 controls in Control Center. Another one of the new changes in iOS 14.2 is a brand new.

iOS 14.2 GM is rolling out now and can be found in the Settings application. The release of this beta is particularly notable given the notification about a non-existent update many users have been seeing for the past 24 hours.

This isn’t the first time a bug like this has happened. In fact, something similar happened during the iOS 12 beta period in 2018. Essentially, Apple hardcodes the expiration of beta versions of iOS into the springboard. Once that date rolls around, the springboard will automatically display the popup warning repeatedly until an update is installed.


Ios 14 Control Center Apk

Elsewhere, iOS 14.2 brings revamped now playing controls to the lock screen alongside redesigned AirPlay 2 controls in Control Center. Another one of the new changes in iOS 14.2 is a brand new Shazam toggle that can be added to Control Center.

To add the new Shazam music recognition toggle to Control Center, first make sure you’re running the developer beta of iOS 14.2, which is rolling out today. Then, open the Settings app, choose “Control Center,” then look for Shazam beneath the “More Controls” header. You can then add the Shazam toggle and rearrange it as you see fit.

iOS 14.2 also includes a variety of new wallpapers, which can see and download in our full post right here.

If you spot any changes in iOS 14.2 GM, or the other new betas from Apple today, let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @9to5Mac.


iOS 14.2 includes the following improvements for your iPhone:

  • Over 100 new emoji, including animals, food, faces, household objects, musical instruments, gender-inclusive emoji, and more
  • Eight new wallpapers in both light and dark mode versions
  • Magnifier can detect people nearby, and report their distance using the LiDAR sensor included in iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Support for iPhone 12 Leather Sleeve with MagSafe
  • Optimized battery charging for AirPods to slow the rate of battery aging by reducing the time your AirPods spends fully charged
  • Headphone audio level notifications to alert you when audio level could impact your hearing
  • New AirPlay controls to stream entertainment throughout your home
  • Intercom support with HomePod and HomePod mini using iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and CarPlay
  • Ability to connect HomePod to Apple TV 4K for stereo, surround sound, and Dolby Atmos audio
  • Option to provide statistics about Exposure Notifications, without identifying you, to participating Public Health Authorities

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Apps could be out of order on the Home Screen dock
  • Camera viewfinder may appear black when launched
  • The keyboard on the Lock Screen could miss touches when trying to enter the passcode
  • Reminders could default to times in the past
  • Photos widget may not display content
  • Weather widget could display the high temperature in Celsius when set to Fahrenheit
  • Next-hour precipitation chart description in Weather could incorrectly indicate when precipitation stops
  • Voice Memos recordings are interrupted by incoming calls
  • The screen could be black during Netflix video playback
  • Apple Cash could fail to send or receive money when asked via Siri
  • Apple Watch app may unexpectedly close when opened
  • Workout GPS routes or Health data are prevented from syncing between Apple Watch and iPhone for some users
  • Audio is incorrectly labeled as “Not Playing” in the CarPlay Dashboard
  • Devices could be prevented from charging wirelessly
  • Exposure Notifications is disabled when restoring iPhone from iCloud Backup or transferring data to a new iPhone using iPhone Migration

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When it comes to identifying songs you hear in public or on the radio, Shazam is one of those apps. However, to launch Shazam would need to look for the app, launch it, or you can also launch Siri and use Shazam through it. However, Apple is hoping to make the process a little faster.


The company has recently released iOS 14.2 in beta form to developers and one of the changes that was spotted was how Shazam now can reside in your Control Center. This means that at a tap of the Shazam button in Control Center, you can start identifying songs already. It also seems that this feature is particularly useful when you’re watching videos or inside of an app or wearing AirPods as it will also be able to identify songs through them.

Some users had previously complained about Apple’s decision to remove the Shazam widget from iOS, but now it looks like you will have a new and possibly better way of using the feature. Apple acquired Shazam a couple of years ago and has worked to try to get it more tightly integrated within iOS, and this new change in iOS 14.2 seems to be headed in that direction.

Ios 14 Control Center Icons

Right now iOS 14.2 is only available in beta to developers and we’re not sure when it will be ready for the public. In the meantime, iOS 14 was released just yesterday so if you haven’t updated yet, you might want to consider doing so.

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Ios 14 Control Center Shazam

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