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CMS platform is now widely used by theme developers for making templates and websites simple and faster. Joomla is showing optimistic performance to make a variety of themes and sites as well. In Joomla, there are thousands of extensions available in the market so you can utilize them for making an e-commerce shopping cart simply. J2Store is a complete e-commerce integration or extension which is only for Joomla. This extension only takes less than 10 minutes to set up and simply start the online shopping business. J2Store is a top pick of customers who are using the Joomla platform because it’s flexible and powerful to use. Now, we are going to see some e-commerce Joomla templates that are integrated with J2Store.



Best Free J2Store templates for Joomla! 3, listing Free Responsive J2Store templates, extended style for J2Store Joomla 3 templates, free download J2Store. Pros: J2Store offers an easy-to-setup online store in the Joomla CMS, somewhat similar to Woocommerce on WordPress. In my opinion, Joomla is still superior to WP so I turned to J2Store which has a lot of functionalities and more available for free or paid plugins. In general, the plugins are much cheaper than on Woocommerce.

The bookstore is a pretty good e-commerce template that comes with an e-book subscription. It’s a product of Joomlabuff where we can get any kind of Joomla templates for a reasonable price. Bookstore integrates with J2Store extension so you can sell products or any other things in a convenient way. This particular template comes with several features such as responsiveness, five home page layouts with exceptional colors, T3 framework, Akeeba subscription, and easy drag and drops options. It has a personal blogging feature which is also valuable for users who want to share thoughts regularly. The bookstore can be the right option for people who want to start an e-book store.


The fitness care template also integrates with the J2Store extension that works well for e-commerce business. This particular template is suitable for the gym, sports center, yoga center, and other physical training institutes. The fitness care template has some advanced features such as page builders, exclusive sliders, blogging options, and others. Any users can make a new website within a few minutes by using this template so users may go for it.


J2Store is a powerful extension that can help developers to make any Joomla templates faster and easier. The Experts Joomla template also integrates with super easy J2Store. This exclusive Joomla template will be useful for business and consulting firms, finance, accountants and others. It has some useful features like drag and drops page builder, different home page variations, stunning sliders, e-commerce support with blog options.


An organic store is a specialized e-commerce template that simply integrates with the J2Store extension. It’s simply suitable for all organic related businesses like farms and seeds, food industries and others. It includes supreme sliders, page builder and other features. J2Store extension helps users to start online selling. It includes K2 extension that helps for blogging. This product will be the right pick for people who are doing organic related businesses.

Factory press

Factory press Joomla template is one of the finest eCommerce templates and it’s suitable for business like industrial, machinery and other engineering firms. J2Store extension has applied to the factory press template so simply users can start an online shopping platform. It looks smart due to the various home page variations, sliders, and advanced page builders. The factory press Joomla template is one of the products of joomlabuff so no need any hesitation to buy it.


A health coach is a Joomla e-commerce template that is also integrated with the J2Store extension. This is highly recommended for lifestyle, health, and personal life coach centers. It may be useful for trainers and coaches. It comes with some important features such as drag and drop options, graphical sliders, blogs, e-commerce carts, and others. A health coach is a good product of joomlabuff.


The Interrio Joomla template is exclusively for interior design and home remodeling. This template has both J2Store and K2 extensions so users can start online selling business without any troubles. Interrio is fully responsive so users can use it through different devices like desktop, laptop, and mobile. It also contains four home page variations, random sliders, and other blogging features.


a consultive template can be an optimal option for users who are doing business consulting and finance-related sectors. This Joomla template is effectively organized by J2Store and K2 extensions. J2Store works for starting an online shopping cart and the K2 extension helps users to get blogging features. It comes with a faster SP page builder, layer slider, powerful typography, and cross-browser compatibility. It makes the user's job very easy by its exceptional features and responsiveness.


Joomla templates have many features that are working well so today developers love to buy them for various purposes. Brilliant Joomla template might be effective for business consulting and other startup financial firms. Every e-commerce template requires some extensions to get some additional features. The brilliant template has a J2Store extension which is necessary for online selling feature. Users can simply make a new website within a few clicks by using this quality Joomla template.


Woodworks Joomla template is one of the joomlabuff products and it’s suitable for craftsman and carpenter works. It comes with valiant features like sp page builder, graphic sliders, four home page variations, and blogging options. It has J2Store extension that makes online shopping cart option very simple. This template comes with K2 extension too, so users can share their thoughts through blogs.


Today, most Joomla developers work with J2Store extension because it gives optimal support to an online shopping cart feature. Factory hub is a superb Joomla template which is suitable for factories and machinery companies. It’s very easy to use so you no need to feel tough while handling this particular template. Factory hub template comes with SP page builder, different home page variations and other additional features.

J2store Templates



Humanity is a Joomla based template that is useful for non-profit, charity and other fundraising NGO sectors. J2Store extension has integrated with humanity template so users can start an online selling platform through an e-commerce site. It comes with easy drag and drop options, various sliders and home page variations. This particular Joomla template is giving wonderful support to all users. It simply looks good and convenient so everyone loves to use it for their charity.


Aircare is a Joomla template that is good for air conditioner maintenance services. It comes with J2Store extension and K2 extension so users can start own online shopping platform with a blogging option. Aircare has some useful features like SP page builder, sliders and others. Aircare looks smart and convenient so users can use this eCommerce template for smart online selling.


Joomla templates always help users to make a brand new website within 10 minutes. Fortune is one of the Joomla templates from joomlabuff and it may be the right choice for some businesses like finance and consulting services. It has two important extensions such as J2Store and K2. Any users can simply sell products through the website by the help of the J2Store extension. However, it contains many useful features so users can buy it without any doubts.


The Autocare Joomla template can be suitable for service providers of car repair and workshop. It’s enough to make a brilliant website for business and it only requires lesser time. This template comes with some extraordinary features like easy drag and drops page builder, attractive sliders and blogging platform. J2Store extension makes this template as well effective e-commerce template because it works for online selling features.


The finance press is a smart finance Joomla template that is integrated with a powerful J2Store extension. This particular extension makes online shopping business easy through an e-commerce site. The finance press template can set up a new website within 10 minutes so users can buy it for easy access. It comes with features like blogging, four home page variations, simple SP page builder and others.

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J2store Email Templates

Assurance is a business consulting and professional service Joomla template that comes with unique features. First, it integrates with an effective J2Store extension so users can sell things through this well effective e-commerce template. The assurance Joomla template is cross-browser compatible and it is fully responsive. Easy drag and drop page builder makes customers job very simple while working. It has some powerful slider with different home page variations.


Landshaper is a quality Joomla template that can be used for many sectors like gardening, lawn, and landscaping. It supports e-commerce due to the J2Store extension. It includes K2 extension that manages blogging feature so this template might be the right choice for any users. Landshaper comes with some important features like beautiful sliders, SP page builder and responsiveness. Users can buy it for running business successful with digitally.

J2store Pro Templates


Industries Joomla template is pretty useful for a business like different industries and machinery companies. It integrates with high-quality J2Store extension so users can sell any products through this e-commerce website. Industries Joomla template comes with four home page variations, sliders, and blogging features respectively. It’s responsive so users can access it through any devices like mobile and computers.


Utc to gmt. Creativ Joomla template is one of the top-selling templates because it can be used for many purposes like restaurant, hospital, corporate offices, and others. Creativ integrates with J2Store extension so users can easily start an online shopping platform within a few clicks. It includes a K2 extension so they can simply share their thoughts through this template. This template comes with SP page builder, four home page variations, different stunning sliders, and others.

Ecommerce templates are now getting popular due to the increase of online selling business. Joomlabuff is developing various high-quality Joomla templates for reasonable prices so users can get any type of Joomla e-commerce templates with us.