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Jessica Williams will co-star alongside William Jackson Harper on Season 2 of HBO Max’s romantic comedy anthology series “Love Life,” the streaming service said Monday. The show, which starred Anna Kendrick in its first installment, is also adding Chris “Comedian CP” Powell to its second. The Jessica Chung Estate's history dates back to Second Life's first and most successful estate Dreamland, est. Today with over 400 sims you can find many different types of residential, commercial and unzoned lands with almost all sizes fitted for individual and business needs. Not sure if your computer can handle Second Life? Visit our System Requirements page. Resident Since: 2010-12-14 (10 years, 3 months ago). Indesign 2019.

Owner: Jessica Chung

Welcome to Jessica Chung Estates HUB. Offers best price for Homestead, Full Prim, and parcels. Land ownership in this estate is guaranteed by Anshe Chung. To see a complete list please visit

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L$166, 12, 19
Coral reef - Coral reef Zun Design ~ Gaia Empire
226, 11, 19
L$137, 51, 17
Coral reef - Coral reef Zun Design ~ Gaia Empire
166, 62, 19
L$213, 51, 19
Coral reef - Coral reef Zun Design ~ Gaia Empire
186, 119, 18
L$1, 157, 19
Coral reef - Coral reef Zun Design ~ Gaia Empire
56, 115, 18

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May 11th, 2014
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  1. Tombstone is in the consistent top five in Second Life search for 'Wild West' Roleplay, and Tombstone is alive and well and rebuilding interest day by day as we champion through the seasonal ups and downs of the grid attendance.
  2. Dear Miss Anshe Chung,
  3. It was in November of 2012 on a forum that your posted concern for the state of Tombstone Wild West Roleplay, but in so doing the mere mention of your attention had rejuvenated our energy and as always, you, Miss Chung remain our inspiration.
  4. Such kind words in regard to Tombstone Wild West, the grid's longest lasting venue, along with a strong fan-base allowed us to battle through Linden Labs constant updating, private viewer phenomenon, and competition including the introduction of 'inWorldz' and other media additions, we remain steadfast and true to ACS.
  5. You are more then a CEO of a company that provides the space for residents to express their creativity, you have always been synonymous with providing what is necessary to create a theme and in the case of Tombstone, We have had the great fortune to be in your care since February of 2007.
  6. Competition or the like themed sims has come and gone.
  7. Each day in Tombstone the 1890's lives on as has been reflected in nearly every Second Life Publication featuring role playing as well as our participation consistently requested to speak at seminars on the subject and be present at Second Life Celebrations and Charities.
  8. Allow me to introduce myself.
  9. We've never spoken directly, but I was with madminxmag Vandeperck in March of 2007 at the time 'Broken Rose' region (We were but one region at the time) was bought from Miss Sexxy Dejavu directly through your good graces.
  10. I have been co-owner since the latter half of 2007 and entirely inherited Tombstone Wild West in June of 2011 when my partner, Miss madminxmag Vandeperck retired from Second Life.
  11. I have always held the belief that without the aid of Miss Carcinia Polano and all of the amazing team of Dreamland Angels, Tombstone Wild West would never have risen to the status we've endured and enjoyed for so long.
  12. Working with Miss Jessica Chung and Miss Victoria Chung since your division of ACS is always a pleasure.
  13. I brush off any and all questions I am ever asked about moving Tombstone to regions offered by Linden Labs, I refuse to considered it - there simply is not the quality of service or appreciation there.
  14. ACS is unparalleled in presentation, care and education of a virtual world.
  15. Which brings me to why I have written you today.
  16. What I excel in creating a wild west role-playing sim, I lack in business-sense, and have time and again been late in paying tier, but pay I do.
  17. This has caused much angst for Miss Jessica Chung and Miss Victoria Chung.
  18. Now, with the implementation of your 'New Payment System' (the closure of regions that turn over time in arrears immediately), the future of Tombstone Wild West Role-play may crumble at my hands.
  19. My residents have great trust in me, however, as they are here to role-play may not care to stay in an environment with occasional disruptions that I would clearly explain were wholly and entirely my fault. The end result could very well be the loss of donations that fund Tombstone Wild West Role play.
  20. I am making one effort to save this situation by partnering with Mr Lot Balbozar (tier on Broken Arrow through Miss Victoria Chung and Estate Manager) and Mr Spank Hellmann (long time resident of Tombstone and Estate Manager, Mayor in Tombstone Arizona Territory), a decision I arrived at late last year in hopes that with their guidance and support a sound financial report can be implemented.
  21. I can only hope this is not too little too late.
  22. In closing, Miss Anshe, I am a proud to be a member among many of your fans and supporters in awe of all that you have accomplished. These past 7 years Tombstone Wild West experienced so many changes in Second Life and adapted.
  23. I am hoping for 7 more years with Anshe Chung Estates.
  24. I can only thank you kindly for taking the time to read this message.
  25. Very truly yours - Adrian Wise
  26. in regard to changes to the 'New Payment System' and:
  27. 81,500 monthly Broken Rose to (Miss Jessica Chung)
  28. 20,500 wk Tombstone Benson to (Miss Victoria Chung)
  29. 20,500 wk Tombstone Arizona to (Miss Victoria Chung)
  30. 20,500 wk Tombstone Arizona Territory to (Miss Victoria Chung)
  31. 20,500 wk Tombstone Arizona Canyon to (Miss Victoria Chung)
  32. 20,500 wk Tombstone Arizona Coronado to (Miss Victoria Chung)
  33. 20,500 wk Tombstone Sonoran Desert to (Miss Victoria Chung)
  34. 20,500 wk Tombstone Winslow to (Miss Victoria Chung)
  35. CC:
  36. Mr Lot Balbozar and Mr Spank Hellmann

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