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A great collection of best free joomla modules and plugins such as image gallery and slidehow module. We provide high quality Joomla components created by a co-founder and original core developer of Joomla. For over a decade, our products have been used.

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A component is a kind of Joomla! extension. Components are the main functional units of Joomla!; they can be seen as mini-applications. An easy analogy would be that Joomla! is the operating system and the components are desktop applications. Created by a component, content is usually displayed in the center of the main content area of a template (depending on the template).

Most components have two main parts: an administrator part and a site part. The site part is what is used to render pages of your site when they are requested by your site visitors during normal site operation. The administrator part provides an interface to configure and manage different aspects of the component and is accessible through the Joomla! administrator application.

Joomla! comes with a number of core components, like the content management system, contact forms and Web Links.

See also: Module, Plugin, Template

Where to get Joomla! components?

A small selection of components is included with the default Joomla! installation but many more are available from the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Free Joomla Components

Installation of a component

Joomla Component Creator

If you want to install a component to your Joomla! installation, read more about Installing an extension here.

Recommended Reading


There are many articles, tutorials, references and FAQs which focus on component development. If this is your first time developing a component for Joomla, you should start with the Absolute Basics of How a Component Functions. If needed, you can visualise the control flow of a component with these diagrams.

Next, you will want to read our MVC tutorial Developing an MVC Component.


Once you have read the tutorial and/or tried the example component, you can focus more on the specifics of your component with additional articles. These are listed on the Component Development Portal or any of the supporting Portals for Development(Plugins, Modules or Templates).

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Joomla Components Anywhere

  • Joomla Components. Adding mySQL Dump to any View/Table.
  • Grab existing Table data and build a dynamic dump.
  • Unlimited Tables/Views.Reusing Views and Fields.
  • All Joomla fields, and custom field linking to multipal tables and components.
  • Runs on Your Own Joomla Install.
  • Is completely open-source.
  • Add Dynamic/custom back-end views that uses Table and Chart result sets.
  • Import custom code from component during development.
  • Build data query of extreme complex nature to use in Dynamic/custom views.
  • Highly Dynamic/custom Front-end Structures.
  • Dynamically setup templates and layouts for Front-end design.
  • Add Update Server to Components.
  • All Joomla Standard Field Types (including repeatable fields).
  • Build advanced Dynamic front-end forms.

How To Use Joomla

  • Strong Implementation of all Joomla Form Security.
  • Dynamic data queries from multiple tables.
  • Direct install from complier view.
  • Place in local GIT folder, and publish to sales server.
  • Multi language file builder.
  • Integrative with native Joomla Categories and Tags.
  • Component config options can be added.
  • Include any amount of custom files and folders during build.
  • SQL for new fields or views added during development are dynamicly created and added to component.
  • Fully Dynamic Search Friendly URL Auto Implementation.
  • Reusing custom script blocks in any component.
  • Static helper methods can easily be added.
  • Custom scripting options all over the MVC structure.
  • and so much more..