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Pressing kbstyle(Enter) inside a JSDoc block will indent the next line and auto insert a.

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Jsdoc Markdown Plugin

  1. Generate Markdown from your Javadoc, PHPDoc or JSDoc comments. Convert your comments from code into a well-written documentation with just one click.
  2. It will process the.js,.jsx and.jsdoc files. The plugin I am using is markdown which is allowing us to use markdown to format our documentation. To learn more about JSDoc configuration you can go here. You can create an npm script that can generate the documentation for you.

Jsdoc Markdown Template

Good documentation doesn’t come easy

Jsdoc-to-markdown Multiple Files

Documenting source code is rarely something a coder likes to do. I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I know it’s a “good thing”, but my natural inclination is to code first and document later. Sometimes later comes so late that it’s a chore to get it done. I’ve been forcing myself to document as I go, and it usually works out pretty well in the end.

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Vscode Jsdoc Markdown

I’m a control freak

Jsdoc Markdown

Jsdoc To Markdown

What’s made this process easier for me is to completely dump the notion of auto-generated documentation (I’m looking at you, javadoc, jsdoc, yuidoc, ruby-doc and the like). Instead, I favor writing the documentation for a given piece of code with markdown.