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In November 2019, director Rian Johnson made waves with his murder-mystery film Knives Out, earning rave reviews and raking in a seriously impressive pull at the box office against a relatively modest budget, which is saying nothing of the film's multiple Golden Globe nominations. In this twisty-whodunnit-slash-screwball-comedy — which takes cues from everything classic Agatha Christie mysteries to Clue — Daniel Craig stars as Benoit Blanc, a charismatic and clever private detective hired to solve the death of acclaimed mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey, played Christopher Plummer. Blanc senses foul play was involved, and rules out no one in Harlan's dysfunctional family as a suspect.

Knives Out Release Date Netflix

Luckily for Knives Out's legions of fans, both Craig and Johnson are apparently getting ready to revisit the character. During a pre-Golden Globes party held by Lionsgate on Saturday, January 4, Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter that he is already working on a script for a Knives Out sequel. Johnson's producing partner, Ram Bergman, also shared with the outlet that Craig 'had so much fun' filming the first Knives Out, and 'wants to do more.'

Lionsgate hasn't yet given the project the official green light, and there aren't a whole lot of details on hand, but we can take a page from Benoit Blanc's book and piece together what Knives Out2 might shape up to be. Spoilers for the first film to follow!

What's the release date for Knives Out 2?

Knives Out had its world premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2019, and was theatrically released in the United States on November 27 by Lionsgate Films. The film received critical acclaim, particularly for its screenplay, direction, and acting, and grossed $311.4 million worldwide against a $40 million budget. Knives Out 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere? ‘Knives Out’ released on November 27, 2019, after the September TIFF debut. Although Johnson came up with the basic idea soon after ‘Brick’, way back in 2005, the project was only announced in 2018. Thus, even if ‘Knives Out 2’ is immediately greenlit, we expect Johnson to take some.

Since the minds behind Knives Out are getting to work on a sequel only a few months after the first film's release, it stands to reason that the next movie would follow pretty quickly. Additionally, we can surmise that Craig will have a little more time to spare after his tenure as James Bond ends with 2020's No Time to Die, so the film may come sooner than anyone would think. According to the THR report, Johnson is thinking along the same lines: he told the outlet that he wants to start making the Knives Out sequel within the next year, so it seems like the process might move along at a very brisk pace.

Earn money transcribing. What that means for an exact release date is a little trickier to predict, but it's plausible that if production on Knives Out 2 does indeed begin sometime this year, the film won't make its way onto cinema screens until sometime in 2021. Knives Out hit theaters just in time for the holidays, opening on November 27, 2019, so perhaps Knives Out 2 will continue the tradition by bowing in cinemas around Valentine's Day 2021? It seems unlikely that the Knives Out sequel would debut this year in a late November time slot, and it seems equally improbably that Lionsgate would wait all the way until late November 2021 to unleash the second movie. In all, though, it depends on how quickly the film get off the ground and comes together.

Who's in the cast of Knives Out 2?

Beyond Daniel Craig, the first Knives Out film boasted some pretty impressive star power. As previously mentioned, the film centers on an investigation of the powerful and wealthy Thrombey family — all of whom are left in the lurch after Harlan's presumed suicide-turned-alleged-murder — played by Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Colette, Chris Evans, Don Johnson, Jaeden Martell, Michael Shannon, Katherine Langford, and Riki Lindhome. Other O.G. Knives Out cast members include Lakeith Stanfield as Detective Lieutenant Elliot, Noah Segan as policeman Trooper Wagner, Edi Patterson as Harlan's housekeeper Fran, and, of course, future Bond girl Ana de Armas as Marta, Harlan's nurse and arguably the most important character in the entire film.

However, if you're hoping to see most of Knives Out's original cast in its sequel, you're going to be disappointed. Johnson revealed during an interview on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show that a Knives Out sequel will feature Craig's Benoit Blanc, but everything else in the film will be different from the first. Besides Blanc, Knives Out 2 will have its own fresh cast, setting, and mystery — positioning it as more of a character-based franchise rather than a continuation of just one story. Johnson compared the project to the works of Agatha Christie, who used her main detective, Hercule Poirot, throughout several different unrelated mysteries.

The cast of the first Knives Out was an undeniable delight, but Johnson is a particularly creative filmmaker, so one thing's for sure: nobody needs to worry about the fate of Knives Out as long as Johnson remains at the helm.

What's the plot of Knives Out 2?

Again, we can only speculate as to the complicated narrative Johnson might create for Knives Out 2, but one thing's for sure: the story will center on the incredible mystery-solving skills of Benoit Blanc. The enigmatic Southern gentleman, who has an eye for clues and an ear for Stephen Sondheim songs, would be the focal point of the film, following him as he moves on to solve a new mystery.

Where exactly that might take place is still, well, a huge mystery — but fans can rest easy knowing Benoit Blanc is still in the extraordinarily capable hands of Johnson and Craig, who worked together to make this unforgettable character come to life in the first film. While it's anybody's guess, it seems like Benoit Blanc's on-screen sleuthing days have only just begun.

‘Knives Out’ has been elaborately categorized as an ensemble black comedy-thriller. However, at its core, the movie is a murder mystery that promises to tug at the boundaries of the genre, and break it down, only to rebuild it. Aptly, it has been labeled as a modern take on the mystery genre. The basic plot is about a dysfunctional family that comes together for a gathering to find that things have gone horribly wrong when the patriarch shows up dead. A master detective shows up to investigate, only to become increasingly baffled by the case.

The film comes from Rian Johnson, who started off on a similar note, making the fantastic movie ‘Brick’. However, his directorial debut channeled the noir vibes to a high school setting. ‘Brick’ makes it clear that Johnson knows his mystery genre well enough to shake things up. However, while ‘Brick’ is a clear homage to hardboiled writers like Dashiell Hammett, ‘Knives Out’ has been structured like a classic locked-room mystery with a limited number of suspects, which is a trademark of Agatha Christie.

The movie promises to be an entertaining watch and one that will certainly keep us guessing as the filmmaker gradually reveals all the pieces on the table like a magician setting up a grand act. We are definitely excited to see how the star-studded cast accentuates the plot with their performances. Thus, without much ado, we bring you everything that we know about ‘Knives Out’, the upcoming film.

Knives Out Plot: What Is It About?

‘Knives Out’ follows acclaimed and wealthy crime novelist, Harlan Thrombey. For his 85th birthday, he invites the members of his dysfunctional family to attend a gathering at his remote mansion. The hope is to reunite them all. However, the next day after the birthday party, Harlan is found dead by the members of the family.

This is where the Christie-like locked room mystery begins to add the features of a classic whodunnit, as masterfully portrayed by Alfred Hitchcock. We get the inkling that everything might not be as it seems when lead detective Lieutenant Elliott is more than eager to write off the death as an overly dramatic suicide. He believes that Harlan slit his own throat. Despite this, the investigation reveals that the party on the night before had its share of shouting matches and confrontations among various members of the self-righteous and largely indignant Thrombey family. Finally, an experienced private investigator, Benoit Blanc, is called to get to the bottom of the case. However, he soon becomes flustered as he comes to realize that everyone might be a suspect in the possible murder.

At its core, ‘Knives Out’ asks who committed the murder, but through the investigation, we are made aware of the household tensions that exist between different members of the family. We come across a bevy of fascinating characters like Harlan’s meek nurse, Marta, who vomits uncontrollably whenever she lies. This seems to be a particularly disadvantageous medical condition to have when one is caught up in a murder investigation and is likely to be privy to the secrets of other family members.

We are also introduced to Ransom Drysdale-Thrombey, the black sheep of the family, who everyone considers to be a troublemaker. It is abundantly clear that every member of the household has some motive or the other to want Harlan dead. The only question that Blanc must ask himself is who actually went through with the deed. ‘Knives Out’ becomes a study in the grievances the members have towards Harlan, which springs from the kind of relationship he shared with them. It also explores how the members react differently to Harlan’s death and process the grief.

Overall, it promises to be a somewhat serious plot with occasional comic streaks, making for an overall enjoyable experience.

Knives Out Cast: Who Is In It?

‘Knives Out’ has an immensely star-studded cast that is bound to make your head spin. Christopher Plummer appears as Harlan, the victim, while Daniel Craig appears as Benoit Blanc, the detective. Notably, Craig’s performance with a Southern drawl and infinite warmth and patience is a far cry from his portrayal in the James Bond movies. There are several other key characters like Harlan’s maid, who has a bad reaction to lying. Ana de Armas appears as the maid, Marta Cabrera. Chris Evans of the MCU movies appears as the black sheep of the family, Ransom Drysdale-Thrombey.

However, the cast does not simply end here. The members of the Thrombey family are portrayed by talented actors. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Linda Drysdale-Thrombey, Michael Shannon is seen as Walter “Walt” Thrombey, Don Johnson appears as Richard Drysdale-Thrombey, Toni Collette plays Joni Thrombey, while Katherine Langford is seen as Meg Thrombey. Lakeith Stanfield plays the role of Detective Lieutenant Elliot, who is eager to put the case to bed.

Knives Out Crew: Who Is Behind It?

Rian Johnson is directing ‘Knives Out’ and the story comes from him as well. Notably, the director made his mark with ‘Star Wars‘ films, besides directing ‘Looper‘ and some of the best episodes of ‘Breaking Bad‘ including ‘Ozymandias’. Johnson is co-producing with Ram Bergman. Steve Yedlin is the man behind the camera, and the entire project is being distributed by Lionsgate.

Knives Out Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Knives Out Release Date Dvd

‘Knives Out’ has already made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2019. However, the movie is getting its theatrical release on November 27, 2019.

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Knives Out Trailer:

When Is Knives Out Release Date


You can check out the trailer of ‘Knives Out’ below. It provides a dizzying look into the various members of the dysfunctional Thrombey family as Blanc quizzes them all about their motives, trying to understand concretely who slit Harlan’s throat, killing the old man.

Knives Out Release Date Dvd

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