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High Programmer>Alan De Smet>Unique ID > US Driver's License Numbers

Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, perhaps others

This is a preliminary draft. I haven't yet had a chance to check it against any actual licenses.

You might want to look at my disclaimer before using this information for anything important. You might want to see warning about fake ids before using this information to make a fake id.

I've written a program so you can can calculate your license number basedon your personal information:

  • Calculate Minnesota - Prior to December 13, 2004 only

A number of states encode your name and date of birth in yourlicense number. These include Maryland, Michigan, and Minnesota (prior to December 13, 2004 only).Thesestates use the same system of encoding, or very similar ones. Givensomeone's driver's license number from one of these states, you can takegood guesses at someone's name and exactly determine day of birth (but not year).With someone's name and date of birth you can guesssome or all of their driver's license number. (I expect this same systemapplies to State IDs, but I don't know.)

For comparison, you might want to see thesystem used by Wisconsin, Florida, and Illinois.

A typical license would look like this:

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The above is for John Bennett Smith, born on February 27th.

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LLLL - Last Name, Soundex Coded

LLLL is the Soundex coded last name.Soundex attempts to code similar sounding names to the same four character code.See my Soundex page for details on how to encode it.

FFF - First Name, Coded

FFF is the encoded first name. The name is looked up on the followingtable. If the exact name isn't on the table, look up the longest prefix thatis on the table.

MMM - Middle Name, Coded

This is the middle name, coded using the above table.

As a special case, if there is no middle name and the first name is fully coded (say, 'John' or 'Mary'), this is 000. If the first name is not fully coded, encode the first unused character from the first name on this table and use it as MMM:

BBB - Birth day and month, Coded

Look up the birst day of month and the birth month on this table to findthe find three characters.

In the event of two or more people having identical driver's licencenumbers, this final group of digits will be used to differeniate them. Simpleadd one to the final group of digits until you find an unused entry. If youreach a number allocated to a different date, instead subtract one until youfind an unused entry. I don't know what is down if while moving down you hit anumber allocated to another date or when you generate a number over 999 or below001.

January (001)
February (085)
March (158)

Lol Dll

April (257)
May (333)
June (411)
July (520)
August (602)
September (680)
October (756)
November (840)
December (916)

Thanks to Joseph Gallian for providing me with the information on which this is based.

Contact webmaster- Copyright © 2003

AB and DL Stories

The followingstorys are about infantilism, Age regresion and wearing diapersfor pleasure. It is fantasy. Infantilism does not involve thesexual abuse of children, and the authors in no way approves ofsuch abuse. If infantilism does not appeal to you, please do notread the storys.

Stories by Jennifer Loraine


A modern chemist-alchemist seeks and discovers the elixir of life. When he samples the potion, he discovers the meaning of the warnings in the ancient alchemical treatises.

In the storyline evironment originally created by Louder, a man finds justice at the hands of both his wife and the Maître de of a resturant who conspire to produce an equitable end to a man's waywardness. Happy ending.

Excel forms online. Angel of the Backward Look

When a man starts to shrink for unknown reasons, he is admitted to a hospital to find the cause.(Infantilist)

Baby Game

An infantilist who enjoys playing baby with his wife suddenly finds that he has become a real baby


A woman finds an ancient oil lamp, from which a genie appears and grants her wishes as a reward for his freedom.

Blessings of the Goddess

A divorced man poses for a female artist he has met and is visited by divine justice.


A terminally ill professor steals a sample of experimental nanorobots from his best friend in an attempt to restore his health. The 'bots' save his life, but he must pay a high cost when they run amok in his bod.

The story of three people who have been unable to fufill their conscious or unconscious dreams. Happy ending.

Chains that Bind

An adulterous husband is regressed and punished for his sins. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice)

A woman buys an antique jar that contains a genie. She accidentally breaks the seal and releases the spirit within. The genie grants her unnamed wish and transforms her husband. When his wife invites her male lover over to spend the night, the man is told of her plans for him.

An immature man is enchanted into a baby by his witch wife.

Days of His Lives

A set of seven science fiction physical regression stories set in parallel universes where the main character becomes rejuvenated into infancy.

A fantasy letter to Dear Abby in which a woman asks Abby's advice about her infantilist husband.

A corrupt alcoholic rental company owner becomes infected with a mutated research virus and slowly becomes younger. His wife must take over the company to save the business.

A man, who's loyalty is torn between his mother and wife, is forced to make a choice between the ruling women of his life as he regresses into infancy for unknown reasons. The consequences of abandoning his adult responsibilities are made clear by his ex-wife. For rather obvious reasons as explicated by the plot, no other comments on this story nor extended synopsis will ever be posted by the author.

A friend's magic ring is employed to punish a drunken husband.

Evening Prayers

A homeless man and a lonely woman discover that God has granted their prayers.

Lamp of Love

A couple purchases an Arab lamp at a garage sale. When the infantilist wife cleans it up, they are both in for the surprise of their lives.

Mambo and Child

Airline stewardess who buys a youthening beauty creme from a voodoo priestess (a Mambo) in Haiti discovers that her husband has been sleeping with another woman and lays a trap for them.


An infantilist is discovered by his bisexual wife and becomes the adopted baby of his wife and her lover.

A woman relates her experiences with her first husband when he became mentally ill and explains how her second husband became an infantilist.


A man evokes a demon to restore his lost youth. His spell goes awry with disastrous consequences.

Onward Christian Soldiers

A revolutionary group of minorities works to overthrow the tyrannical theocratic government of the United States. They kidnap the President's political advisor and infect him with an experimental virus to question/brainwash him.

A boy is unjustly accused of misbehavior at a high society birthday party and is physically regressed by his mother into a baby. When his mother discovers the true culprit is his sister, she joins him in babyhood. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice)

Prodigal Son

A drug dealing son is given a treatment to make him behave himself. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice) (Infantilist)

Ridgerunner's Requital

A young man attacks a neighbor's daughter and his mother punishes him by using her hoodoo powers to change him into an infant.

Story of communal witchcraft, plots and plans to destroy individual men. The plan flops when the effort to 'erase' a man goes awry at the last minute. The coven survives, as does the now infantile victim. Somewhat happy ending.

A man meets a woman in a neighborhood bar and goes home with her for a one night stand. When he wakes in the morning, he discovers his bod has regressed to the age of a three year old's. Over the next week, he continues to regress until he is a babe in arms. (Rewritten from another author's story.)A Jewish couple evokes a demon to demand a boon. The wife betrays her husband in payment for the boon and he is regressed.

The Tale of the Wayward Daughter

A sequel to The Prodigal Son. This time, the drug-using townschildren get the treatment. (Co-authored with Mistress Janice)

A lazy, out-of-work husband and his hard working wife move into his mother-in-law's house when they lose their home. When he feigns illness to avoid looking for work, they decide to teach him a lesson about maturity and responsibility.

A compulsive womanizer sleeps with the head of a scientific research institute and gets his just deserts. (Rewritten from another author's story.)

A man dreams of a tropical island paradise where an exotic fruit has unusual effects. When he wakes, he finds his wife and her friends have plans for him. (Rewritten from another author's story.)

Who Wears the Pants - Part 1

This is a novel length work (about 900 k) set in the not so distant future.

Who Wears the Pants - Part 2

Who Wears the Pants - Part 3

Who Wears the Pants - Part 4

Who Wears the Pants - Part 5

Who Wears the Pants - Part 6

Who Wears the Pants - Part 7

Who Wears the Pants - Part 8

Who Wears the Pants - Part 9

A very complex look at causality, psionic powers, metaphysics as applied to regression into physical and mental infantilism. This is a metaphysician's version of how simultaneous versions of reality might be seen as the protagonist becomes enmeshed in the process of rejuvenation into infancy. Happy ending.

Stories by Others:

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