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By Office Watch 8 December 2011. The details (and lack of) about add-on languages for Office 2010. You can buy additional languages (proofing and interface) for Office 2010, however details are sadly lacking. Getting Office language packs was once a tiresome and difficult process. The packs were sold, at high prices, by a third-party company. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Language Pack (Version 4.0 Runtime) Important! Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language. Microsoft Office 2010 English Language Pack for 64-bit (x64) Windows Systems, also included english languages pack for Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010. Download Office 2010 English Language Pack 6. If a language accessory pack is described as having partial localization, some parts of Office may still display in the language of your copy of Microsoft Office. If a language is listed only once, for example German, then that pack includes the tools for all countries/regions that use that language.

see Microsoft Global Expereince blog for tips

Setup has been changed, it is now in native language instead of base language.

For Chinese (Simplified)

choose customize

and install all components

you IME should now shows IME 2010 (version 14.0.4734.1000) instead of Windows 7's old version 10. (Office 2070 IME is version 12.x) (see ,

Microsoft Office 2011 Language Pack Mac Os X

Microsoft office 2010 language pack download

you will have new IMEs in your language bar.

you have a new (MSPY) Microsoft Pinyin SimpleFast 2010 besides New Experience 2010.

it seems much faster and the IMEpad handwriting now shows pinyin instead BPMF.

also automatically dictionary update, and open extended dictionaries sharing according to help.

you can add search providers to do online search (hotkey is Ctrl-F8) such as Bing. (see

There are also some other translation related global features like the new mini translator (see

and the new language added to the display, edit options

and new tabs like calligraphy

options like Phonetic guide will be available

convert will be available in review (it is easier just add to quick access)

and new templates

like calligraphy (there is also a tab)

For Japanese

you will get the new Office IME 2010 (see

and get features like Phonetic Guide (Yomi, Furigana, or “Ruby” Text. see not sure why there is tone mark on some (usually for Chinese), may be interference since I have more than one language packs installed)

Paragon ntfs for mac shows read only. also Japanese Greetings, Asian Typography (see for more)

some features may require you to switch editing language to Japanese before they will be enable, e.g. genko (see

For Chinese (Traditional)

you can then add more input method than New Phonetic 2010 and New ChangJie 2010

e.g Hong Kong Cantonese 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Language Pack Free Download

and change properties like includes HKSCS character set

For Korean

install from Multilanguage pack DVD #1, do not have individual installer.


language options -

differences between Multi-language pack, Language pack, Proofing tools, Language Interface Pack (LIP). (there used to be MUI also in older versions) it is very confusion.

Language Packs


Language Interface Pack (LIP)

Please Note¶

If you are stuck with Windows 7, operating system of your PC, in a foreign language, this is not what you are looking for. Please check out my relevant post.


As I have worked for a giant Korean conglomerate, I have to install Office 2007 Enterprise edition Korean version. I hunted, searched, tested many ways to convert/choose for English. But failed.

But, now, I got it. Here’s how.


Microsoft office 2011 mac language pack

Microsoft Office 2011 Language Pack Download

  1. At first, check of your desired language file (matching with your version of Office) here. For Office 2010, check here.
  2. If it is there, voilà! You got it.
  3. Install the downloaded EXE file. As a security check, plz check the publisher name if it is “Microsoft” or not.If it is “Microsoft”, you have nothing to worry about security.
  4. After completion, please restart your PC or laptop whether Windows tells so or not.
  5. Now, check using MS Office Language preference that is it set or not as below:

  6. Now, happily use “Office” in your desired language.

Microsoft Office 2011 Arabic Language Pack Mac


Microsoft Office 2011 Mac Language Pack Download

I got the link from a user comment here.Though I didn’t believe at first place. But it worked anyway.

Microsoft Office 2010 Language Package

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