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  • Connect one end of the FireWire cable to your camcorder and the other to an available.
  • Mar 31, 2015 I have a new Mac Book Pro, but my Mini DV videos will not play as they are not digitally readable files, I used to transfer them using software in real time play on a PC, which I do not have anymore.
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Transfering miniDV to PC - Best Software(s) to do the trick right now is..?
Hi there. I'm looking to transfer the footage from my miniDV tapes to my computer. The tapes are all SD. There may be one or two DVCAM in there as well.
I have an older computer here that has a firewire port on it, so I'm thinking I can try to clean up the old software (Windows is running sluggish) and then get a new/recent video capture software and then transfer the footage in real time playing (1 hour of tape must be played to get the full 60 minutes).
For this transfer, I'd like to ask THREE QUESTIONS:
1) What is the best format to save it as for best quality and future editing? Is it the normal AVI file that I used to capture the transfer in? Or MP4?
2) What software(s) available today is the easiest and best one to do the trick? I don't mean an NLE editing software, but a simple one is fine.
3) Its not possible to save in there isn't software that will upconvert is there?
Thanks for your feedback.

Run the program, and click the “Create a New Project”. Then you will have three options to import Mini DV videos to the program. 1) Click the “+” button to open the folder where you have saved the video and select the file to import to the program.

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