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7) The valve body contains precision parts and requires extreme care when parts are Circuit Diagram.

NEAT WAT OVERALL SYSTEM. RE4R01A. Nissan Automatic Transmission RE4R01A Service Manual PDF Free Download.


Free Car Service Repair Manuals and Wiring Diagrams POSITION; DTC P TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH SOLENOID VALVE; DTC P BMW 8-Series, BMW X-Series, BMW Z-Series, Body Collision Repair, Buick, Buick Aztek. RE4R01A.

RE4R03A. (1) - Removal and installation of transmission from vehicle chassis, Damaged control valve assembly, line pressure solenoid, reverse clutch, high clutch . diagram for terminal and wire circuit identification for.

Whether you need RE4R01A wiring diagram information, RE4R01A transmission rebuilders tips, RE4R01A technical information, RE4R01A diagnostics, RE4R01A troubleshooting help, or just answers to your RE4R01A transmission rebuilders question, the Transmission Rebuilders Network is the place to go! 10.4 JATCO / NISSAN JP (Automatic Transmissions) Ltd Tel +44 (0) 1934 852772 [email protected] RWD 4 Speed RL4R01A / RE4R01A / RE4R03A D C E B A 73 750 089 070 034 510 538 533 532 538 176 313 534 535 036. 23114A- Friction, EC8-RE4R01A Low/Reverse Clutch (.061”) 30 Teeth (High Energy) 1991-Up (1991-94 Legacy With Turbo) 1993-94 Legacy Without Turbo $5.68 Add to Cart.

RE4R01A, JRE Solenoid Identification. Valve Body Xpress. Questions?

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Control Valve Upper Body- RE4R01A Forward Clutch Drum Assembly- RE4R01A. ~l e Read Gl section, 'HOW TO READ WIRING DIAGRAMS'.The RL4R01A transmission is a hydraulic controlled unit, that is similar to the RE4R01A electronic controlled unit. Although there are similarities in the internal components, the valve bodies, cases and housings have differences.

This unit is found in trucks. Feb 16, · If it is a valve body issue (stuck shuttle valve or screwed springs) that isn't a real expensive problem either as the manual has the part numbers for the springs and if a valve is stuck you can just clean out the valve body and reassemble with new seals/gaskets.

Re4r01a Problems

A C NISSAN RE4R01A/B, MAZDA R4A-EL 4 SPEED RWD (Electronic Control) Revision 10/ Issues with the RE4R01A Transmission That Every Shop Should Know About. Posted by Regis on Friday, May 24th, The RE4R01A is an automatic transmission made by Nissan.

Re4r01a Transmission Rebuild

It has four speeds, is designed for rear wheel drive vehicles and is the heavier duty version of the two different 4R01 transmissions made. The RE4R01A transmission is currently found in Nissan Pathfinders, ZX, SX, Mazda MPV's, B and Bi vehicles.

Re4r01a Shift Kits

Also the Infinity J30, M30, and Subaru Legacy vehicles have similar units.Fits Nissan RE4R01A Valve Body UP (LIFETIME WARRANTY) Updated, Dyno Tested eBayValve Body Layouts Sonnax