Red Prayer Book

The Little Red Book

Author : Anonymous
Publisher : Hazelden Publishing
Release Date : 1994-09-16
Category : Self-Help
Total pages :160
  1. Prayers After Confession. Daily Scripture Readings. These prayers are taken from A Pocket Prayer Book, an official publication of the Antiochian Archdiocese. The book is popularly known as 'The Little Red Prayer Book'. The prayer book is available from the Publications Center.
  2. This Prayer Book contains hundreds of prayers for different purposes and occasions. Also you find here 10 Commandments with biblical verses to them and King James Bible. Red Letters King James Version. Smart and convenient King James Bible KJV - Offline and Free!

One of the most-used and best-loved study companions to the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, this little book has yielded a huge following, having helped millions put the Twelve Steps to work in their daily lives.

Originally designed as a collection of Twelve Step suggestions for A.A. beginners, The Little Red Book offers those new to recovery-and those seeking a deeper meaning in the Twelve Steps--advice on program work, sponsorship, spirituality, and much more.

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This fund of knowledge offers support, encouragement, and wisdom in the search for peace and contented sobriety.

St. Gregory's Prayer Book

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release Date : 2019-02-20
Category : Religion
Total pages :448

The St Gregory's Prayer Book is a beautifully produced leatherette prayer book compiled by the Ordinariates established by Pope Benedict XVI and drawing on the riches of the Anglican liturgical heritage and the exquisite Cranmerian language of the Book of Common Prayer to further enrich the panoply of Catholic liturgy and devotion. The text includes ancient English collects, introits and hymns available together for the first time for the whole Church as approved examples of Catholic liturgy. In addition to the Liturgical texts, classic translations of traditional prayers and devotions for use in the Church and in the home have been lovingly compiled and edited in St Gregory's Prayer Book. This lovely book of prayers is user friendly and accessible to Catholic faithful with a love of beautiful language and in search for supplementary resources for their prayer life that are both new and at the same time respectful of Church tradition. With gold blocking on cover and spine, and a silk ribbon marker. Contents 1. An Outline of Duties of the Christian Life 2. Common Forms of Prayer & Professions of Faith 3. Various Prayers & Intercessions 4. Devotions for Days of the Week & Hours of the Day 5. Devotions for the Morning 6. Devotions for Midday 7. Devotions for the Evening 8. A Selection of Psalms 9. Divine Worship Collects 10. Devotions for the Church Year 11. Penitential Devotions & the Sacrament of Penance 12. Devotions for Holy Communion: Prayers Before & After Mass 13. Prayers at Mass: People's Order of Mass - Divine Worship: The Missal 14. Eucharistic Devotions & Visits to the Blessed Sacrament 15. Devotions to the Holy Trinity 16. Devotions to Our Lord Jesus Christ 17. Devotions to the Holy Spirit 18. Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary 19. Devotions to the Saints & Angels 20. Devotions for the Sanctification of Sickness & Death 21. Devotions for the Faithful Departed 22. Prayers for Various Occasions & Intentions 23. Emergency Baptism

Catholic Book of Prayers

Author : Maurus Fitzgerald
Publisher : Catholic Book Publishing Corporation
Release Date : 1984-06
Category : Religion
Total pages :255

Today's most popular general prayerbook, The Catholic Book of Prayers contains many favorite prayers for everyday, to the Blessed Trinity, to Mary and the Saints, and a summary of our Faith. Written in Giant Type. Flexible binding.

The Little Red Book Study Guide

Author : Bill P.,Hazelden Foundation
Publisher : Hazelden Publishing
Release Date : 1998-10-16
Category : Self-Help
Total pages :117

Designed as an aid for the study of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, The Little Red Book contains many helpful topics for discussion meetings. Drawing from the practical experience of alcoholics who found peace of mind and contented sobriety by following a way of spiritual life set forth in Alcoholics Anonymous, The Little Red Book can help members quickly develop an acceptable 24-hour schedule of A.A. living.

Red Prayer Book Version 10a

Based on the many past study guide formats and beginner classes for The Little Red Book and modelled after Twelve Step instruction programs offered at A.A. meetings, this new study guide provides a solid and comprehensive study structure for men and women in A.A. Twelve Step groups and for individuals studying The Little Red Book on their own. While The Little Red Book interprets the Twelve Steps, the Guide gives newcomers to A.A. the structure needed to live them.

The Red Book

Author : Sera Beak
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2006-06-16
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Total pages :287

Beak, a religious scholar and writer, presents a potent book focused on invigorating spirituality in the 20- or 30- something American woman. She vividly criticizes the patriarchal interpretation that has dominated most belief systems for centuries, and then quickly moves on to create her own feminist one. Beak encourages her female audience to do so as well, with their own 'red book' modeled after hers, which was first given her as a birthday gift by her sister after their grandfather's death. Beak initially rejected the idea of keeping a journal, but soon found herself writing down prayers, recording dreams and in essence keeping a spiritual scrapbook. Avoiding the typical sentimentality, Beak's vision is a modern, femme fatale spirituality. The book lives up to its 'unorthodox' subtitle, advocating that young women search for the spiritual in all things, even sex. Beak calls herself a 'spiritual cowgirl,' taking her readers along for the ride.

A Book of Pagan Prayer

Author : Ceisiwr Serith
Publisher : Weiser Books
Release Date : 2018-11
Category : Neopaganism
Total pages :304

Steeped in tradition--'Those of us who call ourselves Pagan owe a debt to all those who came before us'--and based on more than a quarter century of research and practice, A Book of Pagan Prayer teaches us to pray in the ways of our ancestors for very modern times and concerns. Changes to this revised edition include rearranged chapters and prayers and the addition of two new chapters, all of which make the book easier to use. The chapters are now arranged in an order that follows a ritual, and all the litanies have been moved to their appropriate chapters. Two new chapters--'General Requests and Offerings' and 'Travel, Protection, Imprecatory'--combine two types of prayers out of the general 'Petitions' into one. Prayers have been labeled with the deities to which they are addressed and arranged in logical order within each chapter. Prayers to new deities have also been added. In addition, a major problem with the first edition has been corrected: prayers for Lughnasadh/Lammas and Midsummer, two of the eight great neopagan holidays, have been added. A unique collection of nearly 500 prayers written to fulfill the needs of contemporary pagans from a variety of traditions, A Book of Pagan Prayer is a book to turn to again and again. Replaces ISBN 9781578632558

Dirty Glory

Author : Pete Greig
Publisher : NavPress
Release Date : 2016-10-18
Category : Religion
Total pages :368

For many Christians, prayer is an obligation that has little bearing on everyday life. The story of the 24/7 prayer movement demonstrates in gripping detail how prayer is far more than an obligation and how God is far more interested in prayer than we are. Continuing to chronicle the life and extraordinary ministry of the 24/7 prayer movement for a readership anxiously awaiting this title, Pete Greig tells story after story of God’s faithful interaction with human prayer to change lives and cultures.

Lutheran Book of Prayer

Author : Concordia Publishing House
Publisher : Unknown
Release Date : 2005-01-01
Category : Religion
Total pages :263

This beautifully bound volume contains personal prayers for almost every life circumstance, including: Prayers for morning and evening; Our life of worship; Throughout the church year; For the church; For the nation and the world; For family and neighbors; For the sick, convalescing, and the dying; Personal prayers and more Cover is stamped with Luther's rose and is imprintible. Includes presentation page and ribbon bookmark.

Red Prayer Book Free

Spirit of Fire (eBook)

Author : Tamryn Klintworth
Publisher : Struik Christian Media
Release Date : 2017-11-01
Category : Religion
Total pages :192

God desires that we labor together with the Holy Spirit to win the lost and set the captives free. The Spirit wants to do His part – but are you doing yours? As believers, our primary purpose and calling is to shine forth the matchless message of redemption, so that all eyes may be opened to the glorious reality that Jesus saves! Have you ever wondered whether there is more you can do to win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you brood over whether you have fulfilled your God-given purpose in this world? Is it your heart’s desire to be used by Him to heal the broken in body and spirit? Now is the time for you to step out of your lukewarm rut and be used by the Holy Spirit to shake this world for Him. In SPIRIT OF FIRE, author and evangelist Tamryn Klintworth shows you that when you work together with the Holy Spirit, salvation, healing and deliverance can become ordinary, everyday occurrences. She explains how to work with the Spirit in a sincere and straightforward manner, equipping you to step out and shake your world for Jesus. Tamryn squashes misconceptions and voids excuses, teaching from personal experience and heartfelt conviction. Her writing will set you ablaze for soul-winning action, taking you from closet Christian to red-hot witness!

The College Standard Dictionary of the English Language

Author : Funk & Wagnalls
Publisher : Unknown
Release Date : 1943
Category : English language
Total pages :1309

The Renewed Mind

Author : Larry Christenson
Publisher : Bethany House
Release Date : 2001-01-01
Category : Religion
Total pages :144

Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be Have you ever tried to break a bad habit? By sheer will power you set your mind to overcome it .. but suddenly, there it is again! Do you ever have thoughts rise up in your mind which would make you blush if they were suddenly broadcast over a loudspeaker? Experiences like this express the gap which exists between what we are and what we want to be. This book is all about bridging that gap! In a vivid series of images and parables, the Christian life is depicted not as a drear duty, but as an adventure of faith--living each day by the guidance and power of Christ's indwelling presence. The Renewed Mind touches on five major areas of the spiritual experience:Dependency on GodFacing challengesPatienceDisciplinePrayer This expanded edition includes new selections from Larry Christenson's other memorable teachings--Back to Square One and The Notre Dame Football Talk--plus new study questions.

Red Letter Revolution

Author : Shane Claiborne,Tony Campolo
Publisher : Thomas Nelson Inc
Release Date : 2012
Category : Religion
Total pages :271

Best-selling authors Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo talk candidly about the life and teaching of Jesus and the wisdom he offers our fractured world. For all theChristians facing conflict between Jesus’ words and their own lives; for allthe non-Christians who feel they rarely see Jesus’ commands reflected in the choicesof his followers; Red LetterRevolution is a blueprint for a new kind of Christianity, one consciously centeredon the words of Jesus, the Bible’s “red letters.” Framed as acaptivating dialogue between Shane Claiborne, a progressive young evangelical,and Tony Campolo, a seasoned pastor and professor of sociology, Red Letter Revolution is a life-alteringmanifesto for any Christian. It is a call to a lifestyle that considers firstand foremost Jesus’ explicit, liberating message of sacrificial love. Shane and Tony candidlybring the words of Jesus to bear directly on contemporary issues of liturgy, community,Islam, hell, homosexuality, civil disobedience, and twenty other criticaltopics for modern believers. The resulting conversations reveal the strikingtruth that Christians guided unequivocally by the words of Jesus will frequentlyreach conclusions utterly contrary to those of mainstream evangelical Christianity. If the Jesus whospeaks to you through the gospels is at odds with the Christian culture youknow, if you have ever wanted to stand up and say “I love Jesus, but that’s notme,” Red Letter Revolution will provethat you are not alone—you may have been a Red Letter Christian all along.

The Red Church Or the Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei

Author : C. R. Bilardi
Publisher : Pendraig Publishing
Release Date : 2009-04
Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
Total pages :548

Red Prayer Book Gift

A comprehensive guide to the history, theory and practice of Pow Wow, this book draws upon historical documentation, traditional methods, and a life of personal experience. Pow Wow, or Braucherei, as it is known by its practitioners, is a system of folk magic that has its roots in Christian and Pre-Christian Germany, but its character is wholy American - the quintissential American magical system. Drawing on quotes from the Bible, qabalistic principles and old gromoires, it is empowered by the Holy Trinity, and most practitioners consider themselves to be Christian, much like the Cunning Folk of England. Video wont work for skype on mac book air. The final chapter, about Doctor Santee, references material and uses a photograph that is copyright GLHoke, and used with permission. 'The Red Church: The Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei is the finest book on German magic to be seen in decades. Comprehensive in its historical, philosophical and cultural roots, The Red Church is a book that will be appreciated by academics and modern practitioners of not just folk and ceremonial magic alike, but also energetic and faith healing, symbolism, and cultural psychology. Extensively researched and documented, no one interested in the survival of Medieval and Renaissance magic into the modern era should be without a copy of it within easy reach.' - Mark Stavish, Director of Studies, Institute for Hermetic Studies, author of, The Path of Alchemy, Freemasonry - Rituals, Symbols and History of the Secret Society, and Between the Gates: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and the Body of Light.

Staying Aloft

Author : Linda Franklin
Publisher : TEACH Services, Inc.
Release Date : 2018-11-20
Category : Religion
Total pages :108

There are times when a man knows what he should do but he feels helpless to change circumstances, or he is afraid to hope for something better. This second volume in the On a Wing and a Prayer series features true-life stories about men and boys, and the birds who taught them secrets of aiming high, soaring upward, and staying aloft. This book reveals how: A hummingbird sweetens a cantankerous cowboy’s outlook. A faithful little hen saves the life of a wounded soldier. A Red-tailed hawk gentles a rebellious teen-ager. A family is saved by a raven, a ring, and a hard decision. A young boy learns responsibility from his sparrow hawks.

Jesus in Red

Author : Ray Comfort
Publisher : Broadstreet Publishing
Release Date : 2019-11
Category : Religion
Total pages :384

If anything in this life should get our undivided attention, it's the powerful words of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus in Red is a daily devotional that focuses on the words of Jesus spoken in the New Testament. Each day includes: Jesus' words highlighted in red, a short devotion, a soul-searching question, and an inspiring prayer. Experience God's peace and presence as you meditate on the awe-inspiring teachings of Christ.

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The Prayers book is several things. It is a guide to salvation for those who have not been born again. It teaches relationship with the Lord, verses just being good or religious. It also teaches on what to expect as a Christian, how to pray, drawing near to God, and how you can and should grow as a Christian.
This is followed by prayers on many various topics which are written from the perspective that God is all powerful, that the scriptures are inerrant, and that the Word of God is alive and powerful. We believe that those who have faith in God and have been saved by the blood of Jesus can pray these prayers and expect to have what they have prayed for, whether it be forgiveness of sin, healing, deliverance from bondage, or any prayer that is in line with the truth of God’s word.
Thousands of people have testified to the blessings they have received from this book. To date we have mailed out over 2 million copies, have had 280,000 copies downloaded from the internet, and have had over 500,000 hits on our mobile download site. You may visit us at for more information on printed copies.