And so it begins I’m told, I will never get my life back or be worry free from here on out. This time last year all I had to worry about was whether or not I could fit an extra gym session in before meeting my bestie for coffee, now I’m living with a whole new purpose in life with its own set of worries-being pregnant brings.

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Sure when I first became pregnant I was told it would be the best time of my life and to enjoy it, what I wasn’t told was I would live day to day worrying that everything is ok.

From buying out the local supermarket of pregnancy tests as I was convinced “the lines are getting fainter” to drinking ice cold pints of water and eating sugary snacks in an attempt to feel my baby move, no one seems to mention this side of pregnancy, only the worries having a baby born will bring

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The worries began after logging on to “pregnancy forums”, reading stories of MMC and women’s experiences of losses before, this has to be by far the silliest mistake a newly pregnant first time mum can make. I’m all for the support and comfort these forums bring to pregnant women but the horror stories and comparisons of pregnancies are enough to send the most laid back woman stir crazy. My advice personally would be not to read into the postings on these forums or to try and compare your pregnancy to another lady’s who is sitting 2000 miles away, we are all different.

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After reading about morning sickness and faint test lines I convinced myself that something was wrong, I was told that morning sickness was a sign of a healthy pregnancy and this made me question the likelihood of my own pregnancy as I didn’t have an ounce of morning sickness, I didn’t believe it was real or “still alive” until I attended my first ultrsound appointment and saw my baby move about on the screen. This is where I thought the worry would end, not exactly, I worried that at my 12 week there would be something wrong or the baby would not be there and the same again at the 20 week scan, and now I worry when I don’t feel my baby kick for a few hours, even though realistically I need not count kicks until I am 28 weeks pregnant.

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The best thing I have found is to enjoy being pregnant and not dwell on the what if’s, keep myself busy, be realistic (after reading up statistics on miscarriage, it was comforting to read that after 10 weeks of pregnancy there is a 99.4% chance of continuing a pregnancy), and understand another’s exceptional story is not a rule.

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Note to a self: worry will never change the outcome