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In order to use the app you must be a current Vodafone TV subscriber. You can download the latest version of the App from iTunes App Store or the Android Play Store; Register as a My Vodafone user; Sign into the app using your My Vodafone details; Once signed in you can access live TV streaming in home, on the go, schedule recordings and view catch up TV. SKY Q users are being treated to a swathe of new features including better integration with Disney+ and an improved Sky Go experience. Here are all the upgrades coming to Sky and when your box is. To sign in and start watching TV, Sky customers will need a Sky iD and a Sky Go Extra subscription. Sky Go Extra enables Sky customers to stream live and on demand TV on your games console. Plus, it also allows you to download great entertainment, movies and Box Sets to compatible mobiles, tablets and laptops, depending on your Sky TV subscription. I have a Vodafone mobile contract with entertainment package which is Sky Sports Mobile tv pack 1. I have tried to upgrade to pack 2 but with no success. I have contacted Vodafone and they told me to contact Sky direct. I have been unable to get through to the right department.

Want to watch or record your favourite shows on the go? You can, using the VodafoneTV App on your mobile or tablet while you're at home, or away from home.

The VodafoneTV app supports the following:

  • Live TV (Subscribed Sky content only)
  • Record, Three Day Rewind and Live Pause/Rewind
  • Access to My TV, the TV Guide, and On Demand content

Please note:

  • You can pair 3 devices simultaneously for free
  • After pairing one device, that slot is locked for the next 30 days (even if you unpair it)
  • You are able to unpair 1 device per month from your account

These features are only available on selected content. This can vary depending on whether you're connected to your home network* or away from home**

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Viewing permissions are defined by channel rights and depends on the content itself. Rights can differ for the same program between the VodafoneTV box and the VodafoneTV App.

Sky go vodafone tv show

*Home network - refers to the network your VodafoneTV box is connected to
**Away from home - refers to any network your VodafoneTV box is not connected to (including mobile data)

Looking for information about the:

  • Legacy Vodafone TV app (also known as the Guide & Recorder App

Using the VodafoneTV App

Log into the VodafoneTV App
  1. On your remote, press the menu button and select Apps
  2. Select Phones & Tablets
  3. Select Add device
    A QR code appears
  4. Download and install the VodafoneTV App
  5. Follow the VodafoneTV App prompts to Scan a QR code
  6. Use the VodafoneTV app to scan the QR code displayed on your TV screen
How many devices can I install it on?
  • Register up to 3 devices per account
  • Watch VodafoneTV on one device at a time (not including your VodafoneTV Box)
  • Swap out / remove one of your registered devices once every 30 days

For more information go to

System requirements and restrictions
  • Android 4.4 or later
  • iOS 9.0 or later

Please note: The VodafoneTV App will not run on jail broken devices.

How to guides
  • Cancel a recording (stop a show from being recorded)
  • Delete a recording (remove a show that has already been recorded)
Installing the App
  • Navigate to the Google Play Store or iTunes and search for the VodafoneTV App
  • Download the App to your device
  • Follow Log in instructions as above
Using the App

The App contains the same functionality as the VodafoneTV box itself, except that the built in Apps such as YouTube YouTube Kids, NEON, Lightbox, Play Stuff, TVNZ on Demand, Three Now and Netflix cannot be viewed via the VodafoneTV App.

TVNZ and TV3 content cannot be viewed on the VodafoneTV App.


The MY TV tab shows your recorded or saved content.

  • Here you will see all of the content that you have recorded, saved to watch later, and are part way through watching.
TV Guide

The TV Guide tab displays an overview of all of the content currently playing on TV and displays the symbols that confirm what content can be watched or recorded via the App. <Add Image>

  • Selecting a channel in this list gives the options to Play, Record, and Send to TV
  • Send to TV is only available if you are at home and connected to Wi-Fi.
    If this is not the case, you will see this message:
  • Selecting the icon to the left of the times, opens up more options, such as going backwards or forwards to another day, and selecting specific groups of channels such as Sports, or Movies
On Demand

The On Demand tab is where you can search a library of content to watch when you like.

  • You can add this content to your watchlist to watch later.
  • More titles are being added all the time.
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Related Answers

TV providers in Ireland

The main providers offering TV in Ireland are

  • eir
  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone

Sky offer TV only deals - for eir, Virgin Media and Vodafone you need to sign up to a broadband package for one of their TV plans.

Ireland’s best TV providers

  • eir TV There are two main eir TV packages: eir TV Plus comes with 63 channels, while eir TV Extra has 81. eir TV offers much of the same features and channels as Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone. The only real disadvantage of eir TV is that you can’t sign up to it as a standalone deal.
  • Sky TV is one the most popular TV packages. With exclusive channels like Sky Atlantic, the Sky Q 1TB box as standard, and access to the Sky Go app. Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Netflix can be added on to any sky TV package.
  • Virgin TV is available as a bundle with broadband and home phone. The only real disadvantage of Virgin Media TV is that you can’t sign up to it as a standalone deal.
  • Vodafone TV comes with over 80 channels where you can enjoy all of the Irish and UK channel favourites. The only real disadvantage of Vodafone TV is that you can’t sign up to it as a standalone deal.

Who provides sports channels?

eir, Sky, Virgin Media & Vodafone all offer sports packages.

  • eir sport comes FREE with all eir broadband plans. You get eir sport 1&2 and their FreeSports Channel.
  • Sky Sports can be added to any Sky TV plan for an additional monthly charge. Sky Sports comes with 8 sports channels, including Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Golf, and Sky Sports F1 and more. Existing Sky TV customers can also add Sports Extra for an additional monthly charge. Enjoy UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, Premier League games, Scottish FA Cup, Champions Cup and Challenge Cup Rugby, plus more.
  • Virgin Media Sport is standard for all Virgin Media TV customers. Their main TV plans also come with Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports News as standard, while Virgin Bigger TV also comes with Eurosport 1&2.

Who provides movie channels?

  • eir TV - access to Film 4 and TCM as standard. You can also choose to add on Sky Cinema, for an additional monthly charge.
  • Sky TV - B4U Movies and Movie 24 are included free of charge. Sky Cinema has 11 movie channels, and a new film premiere every day. Sky has hundreds of movies on demand, you can also buy and keep movies from the Sky Store, which will then be added to your Sky Q box. Or opt for the Sky Signature with Sky Cinema plan, which has dedicated Sky Cinema channels included.
  • Virgin Media TV - access to Virgin Movies & Box Sets as standard. You can also add on Sky Cinema for an additional monthly cost.
  • Vodafone TV - access to Film 4 as standard. You can also choose to add on Sky Cinema, for an additional monthly charge.

How To Get Sky On Vodafone Tv

What TV boxes are available?

Each provider has its own TV box, which you use to navigate through their TV services.

  • eir TV has 7 day catch up on select channels, allowing you to restart, replay & record so you don’t need to miss a thing.
  • Sky Q box allows you to pause, rewind and record and the 1TB - which comes as standard on all TV plans - allows you to store up to 500 hours of TV.
  • Virgin TV 360 box has pause, rewind and record functionality, and you can store hundreds of hours of TV. You can also access Virgin Replay TV and built in apps, such as Netflix.
  • Vodafone TV box allows you to pause, rewind and record and you can store up to 300 hours of SD TV. You can also access Restart TV and 7-day catch up, as well as Netflix.

How do I choose a TV package? What should I think about?

When you’re comparing tv deals, think about:

  • Your budget
  • If you want multi-room
  • If you want to bundle your TV with broadband and/phone, or a standalone plan.
  • What channels you want - not all providers offer the same channels with their plans.
  • Add-ons - like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, or additional HD channels, these will more than likely mean an increase in your monthly cost.

How To Add Sky To Vodafone Tv

What additional TV services can I get?

There are lots of optional extras depending on your provider and what you’re interested in,e.g.:

  • An extra TV box, to give you the ability to watch TV in more than one room. Usually, you will have to pay for the extra box, and there’ll be an additional monthly subscription for multiroom viewing, too.
  • HD channels and boxsets, to supplement the standard channels and content. Some providers offer this as standard, while with others there will be an additional monthly cost.
  • The ability to stream online players - like RTE Player and Virgin Media Player, through your set-top box. Several providers have this option and there’s no extra charge.
  • On-demand content, like movies and TV shows that you can order through your set-top box and pay a once-off fee for.
  • Sports add-ons, like eir sport, Sky Sports, or Virgin Media Sports. If you go for an eir broadband plan, you will get eir sport pack for free, and Virgin Media TV customers get Virgin Media Sport as standard with their packages. Otherwise, you will have to pay a monthly subscription.
  • A Sky Cinema add-on with 11 dedicated channels, a new premiere every day, and access to 1,000 movies on demand. There are some other movie channels available as standard from some providers, so make sure to compare these before choosing your deal.

Can I get broadband with my TV package?

If you need broadband in addition to your TV plan, think about bundling them up and getting them both from the same provider - this could save you money in the long-run. eir and Vodafone require you to sign up to broadband to get their tv packages.

TV & Broadband packages

Some providers only offer TV as part of a broadband and TV bundle. eir, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone all offer TV & broadband bundles.

TV, Broadband & Phone

Sky Go Vodafone Tv Online

If you use your home phone and want to keep it then eir, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone all offer triple play packages.