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Il nuovo Sunny Boy 3.0–6.0 garantisce massimi rendimenti energetici per le abitazioni private. Con l'interfaccia Web integrata per una facile messa in servizio tramite smartphone o tablet e il servizio integrato SMA Smart Connected, l'inverter garantisce il massimo comfort per gestori di impianti e installatori. Notes on this Manual 1 Notes on this Manual 1.1 Validity The manual describes how to install and commission SMA inverters of the types Sunny Boy 3300 and Sunny Boy 3800. This manual applies for the Sunny Boy 3300 firmware versions GRX332.85/2.79 and above and for the Sunny Boy 3800 firmware version GRX382.85/2.79 and above. Page 6: Symbols Used. Switch on your PC, activate Bluetooth and start Sunny Explorer. That’s all that’s needed to give operators and installers an overview of their PV plant. The free software is the optimum addition to inverters with Bluetooth. Key plant data can be visualized on a PC. Sunny Explorer also provides support during inverter parameterization.

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Latest Technical and Product Documentation

The following product-related documents have been updated and published for the first time and are available for download from the Download Area at

Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 – Simply greater independence
Data sheet

SUNNY PORTAL powered by ennexOS
User Manual

Sunny Tripower CORE2 (STP 110-60)
Firmware Update 1.00.056.R

SUNNY TRIPOWER 15000TL / 20000TL / 25000TL
Operating manual

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The sofware developped by SMA is SUNNY DESIGN. By simply entering some basic system parameters, this free software helps solar installers and system planners visualize possible PV plant designs and select the optimum configuration quickly and easily. Sunny Design offers a user-friendly interface and a practical input wizard for assistance. It also provides data for an economic evaluation of the system along with a technical analysis of the included components. Sunny Design saves solar professionals valuable time and results in a customized PV system for the end user. You can also assess losses in AC and DC cables.

Sma Sunny Explorer Solar Software

Sma Sunny Boy Software Mac

Sma Sunny Boy Software Mac Download

Now SMA propose also a version online of Sunny design called 'Sunny Design web'

Sma Sunny Boy Software Mac Free

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