Spotify Mail

Spotify will never:

Spotify is where music discovery happens for 355+ million listeners in 178 markets. Whether you’re an established artist or new to the game, Spotify for Artists is the only way to pitch new songs to editors of some of the world’s most followed playlists. We use email verification to make sure you’re the owner of a podcast when you request access to Spotify for Podcasters. This email address is pulled from the RSS feed for your podcast. If your email address is wrong, reach out to your hosting partner to see if you can update the email address associated with your RSS feed.

  • Ask for personal information over email, such as your:
  • Payment info
  • Password
  • Social Security or tax identification number
  • Request payments via a 3rd party (for example, Western Union)
  • Ask you to download anything from our emails

Emails about account activity

Spotify Mail

We send emails about account activity to help keep your account safe. This includes:

  • New logins
  • New Family or Duo members

For security, you can’t turn these emails off. Adobe pdf converter 5.0 license key download.

If you see any activity you don’t recognize, go to account takeover help.

Have a suspicious email?

An email is suspicious if the sender email doesn’t end in “”, or if you’re simply not sure about it.

Don’t respond to, click any links, or download anything in the email. If you already did:

  1. Reset your password.
  2. Change your password on any other sites where you use the same password.
  3. Contact your bank if you think your financial details have been compromised.

Spotify Mail

Report a suspicious email

Spotify Mail

  1. Forward the email to [email protected]
  2. Delete the email.

Spotify Mailing List

Our team will investigate and let you know if the email is legitimate.