Ssh Client Github

Using Git with SSH in Windows 10

  1. Windows Ssh Client Github
  2. Setup Github Ssh
  3. Github Ssh Key

You can configure SshClientsPool in your SpringBoot properties file as: woostju.ssh-client-pool.maxActive=16 woostju.ssh-client-pool.maxIdle=16 woostju.ssh-client-pool.idleTime=20000 woostju.ssh-client-pool.maxWait=20000. SSH Client for Android is free app where you can connect to your server simply.This is a modified version of ConnectBot App: with added ads. You can configure Git to use Bitvise SSH Client to connect to a repository over SSH. You can do this for: Convenience: You may already have Bitvise SSH Client set up, or you may prefer it for Kerberos authentication. Performance: You may find Bitvise SSH Client is faster in your environment. The component of the SSH Client that can be used for this purpose is sexec.


Although Git can be used over HTTPS with username and password authentication, it's much more convenient to use over SSH. Even with Git Credential Manager for Windows being bundled with Git for Windows.

Now that OpenSSH client is included in Windows 10, SSH can be easily set up without any third-party clients:

  • First, generate your SSH key. Although you can transfer key files between computers, I suggest generating a new one on each computer you use.

  • Then, associate the generated key with your Windows login by adding it to the OpenSSH Authentication Agent service.

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    In my case, the service was disabled and the command failed with the following error:

    Error connecting to agent: No such file or directory

    The documentation suggested trying to start the service:

    For me, it just failed with a different error:

    Start-Service : Service 'OpenSSH Authentication Agent (ssh-agent)' cannot be started due to the following error: Cannot start service ssh-agent on computer ' .'.

    To resolve the issue, I had to change the service startup type from Disabled to Automatic in its properties dialog (and start the service then).

Windows Ssh Client Github

With that, the command-line Git client is ready to be used with SSH.

Setup Github Ssh

UI clients will typically require additional configuration which is application dependant. In my favorite UI client Fork, this can be done in the File > Configure SSH Keys dialog.

Github Ssh Key

Of course, the contents of the generated SSH public key file (with .pub extension, e.g. must be added to your account for the Git service provider. Add the same key to all services, if you use multiple.

The location of the relevant settings differs between the Git services:

  • In GitHub, it's in the SSH and GPG keys section of Personal settings.
  • In GitLab, it's in the SSH Keys section of User Settings.
  • In Bitbucket, it's in the SSH keys section of your Bitbucket settings. URL is different for different users.
  • In Azure DevOps, it's in the SSH public keys section of User settings. URL is different for different users.

Make sure that you use the SSH URL instead of the HTTPS one when cloning new repositories (it's the one not starting with https).

For existing repositories, you can change the remote URL to the SSH one, e.g.: