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With the proliferation of medical journals, all too few surgeons are able to read the appropriate material in their own narrow fields of interest and from their own country. On the other hand, being aware of topics of interest and useful contributions in other countries, particularly withshared languages, may be very meaningfid. For some time, The British Journal of Surgery has carried out very sophisticated and meaningful clinical research trials, and the Editors and Publishers intend to share those tables of contents in a timelyfashion withthe readership, hoping that they willoccasionally find articles ofpertinence to their own clinicalpractice in The British Journal of Surgery. The Editor
The British
Journal of Surgery Volume 79 Number 2 February 1992
Vein graft surveillance-all p. L. Hank
Repeated hepatic resection for recurrent metastases from c&rectal cancer 97
part of the service
Flushing technique in the management of retained common bile duct stones with P. Ambmseni
99 W.KeukweU
device for open laparoscopy (w&al
Preoperative assessment of lymph node metastases in patients with gastric cancer: evaluation of the Maruyams computer program
E. Bolkchwei*r, K Bwftcher Mamyama and I. R Skwen
Abdominal rectopexy for rectal prolapse: a comparison of techniques G. S. D&k and D. C. C. Banok
Oesophagitis and pH of retkxate: an experimental and clinical study G. Zaninotto, F. Di Mario, M. Cartonrini. R Baff’, B. Germand, P. L. Do1 Santa,
Function of the distal rectum after low anterior resection for carcinoma N. D. Kamnjia, D. 3. Schache and R J. HeaId Informed consent in w&l research (for debate)
A. Kristoj+o~
A. P. Savage, T. O’Brien and P. M. Lament
M. Rugge, M. B&m,
C. D. Johnson
Prognostic factors from computed tomography in acute left colonic diverticulitis P. Ambmset& I. liobefl J. A. Wip andA. Rohwr
D. Mlnseu, R de Goutard, F. Bow
Ileoanal pouch wmpliince and motor function
M. D. L&u,
M. A. Kamm, 3. Grcwq
of dietary calcium supplements on ileoanal pouch function and cytokinetin G. H. Bamnun, M. Wmla, D. Youngs, 1. P. Neoptokmos and M. R B. Keighky Congenital duodenal obstruction 3. Akhtar and E. I. Guiney Accurate method to measure the percentage hepatic replacement by tumour and its use in prognosis of patients with advanced mlorectal cancer S. F. Pwk!.w and N. S. WJliams Multiple-fibre low-power interstitial laser hypcrthemda: studies in the normal liver A. C. Steger, W. R Lees, P. Shorvon, K Walmdey and S. G. Bown
A. Bosrrlim and T. Siiderberg
Adjuwnt herbal treabnent for gaustones (case report)
162 162
C. Hermessy, J. A. Henry and T. W. J.
Delays in care of the critic&y injured
B. p. McNichoN and C. H. Dearda
P. R Hawky and R 3. Nkholk
R Naccemto and E. Ancara
strength is improved after parathyroidectomy in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism
P. D. Watoworfh, R H. R Gomjw~ LaJwd
In v&u modulation of haematoporphyrin derivative photodynamic therapy on c&rectal carcinoma multicellular spheroids by verapamil S. F. R&is& hf. F. Gmhn, M. II&is/a, M. G. Maceyand N. S. wiuiams
A. H. Hoekche~ M. Sasako, T. Kinoshita, K
Primary leiomyosarwma of the breast (case report)
P. Meyer
1. D. Rodrr, H. I. Stein, W Hiit11and J. R. Skwn A simple D. 3. Hay
Anal endascmographic findigs in the follow-up of primarily sutured sphincteric tuptures M. B. Nkkm, C. Haugr, 0.0. Rasmussen, 1. F. Pedersm and I. Chrisrionsen
andA. Rohner
Pylonrs-preserving versw standard pancreaticoduodenectomy: an analysis of 110 pancreatic and periampullary can5nomas
Acute colonic pseudo&auction S.Dmudi,A.R&nyandM.G.
F. Momalto, R. Doci and L. Gennti
a T tube in sinr C. Somvia, P. Meyer, G. Me&a,
F. Boz?ett& P. M
129 133
Massive lower gastrointestinal haemorrhage from a splenic artery pseudoaneurysm (case report) G. S. Honk C. Y. Wang and R Nambiar
Age-standardized incidence of ruptured aortic aneurysm in a d&ted Swedish population between 1952 ed 1988: mortality rate and operative results C. Lhtt,B. [email protected], P. Ortenwolf and K. Lundholm
180 185 180 107 189 191

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BRITISH STANDARD BS EN 12266-1:2003 Incorporating Corrigendum No. 1 Industrial valves — Testing of valves — Part 1: Pressure tests, test procedures and acceptance criteria — Mandatory Licensed copy: Book Supply Bureau, Version correct as of 07:05, (c) BSI requirements The European Standard EN 12266-1:2003 has the status of a. Table 7 – Key factors used in assessing management levels 31 Table 8 – Permissible variation of door, corridor and stair widths and travel distance with ceiling height (BS 9999: Table 16) 45 Table 9 – Travel distance as a function of risk profile (BS 9999: Tables 12 and 17) 46 Table 10 – Door width as a function of risk profile – mm.

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Table 2 — Factors for parallel electrodes arranged in line 13 Table 3 — Factors for electrodes arranged in a hollow square 13 Table 4 — Minimum sizes of components for earth electrodes 14 Table 5 — Coefficents for strip or round conductor electrodes 16 Table 6 — Recommended materials for the manufacture of earthing components 19. How Many Elements in the Periodic Table. As we have already informed you all that there are 118 elements in the table and for more information, you should try our table and one good thing about the table is that it is available in printable form and pdf form. Therefore the users are free to download the table according to their choice. The design tables also include section property, member resistance and ultimate load tables calculated according to BS EN 1993-1-1: 2005 and its associated National Annex. Apk sigil. The tables are preceded by a comprehensive set of explanatory notes. Section ranges include universal.