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Do you want the full version of Informant but you don’t want to pay? In an effort to reward the loyal fans of Informant who have been using Informant and referring Informant to friends for years, we want to give you something back. You can now get a FREE Month of the full version of Informant for every invite to a new user that you send.

Here is how it works

1)Download Informant 5 for iOS.

2) Follow the screen prompts as indicated here:

Settings > Enjoying Informant? > I Love it > Get Informant for Free

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3) Enter your name & email and your friend’s name and email.

Your friend will receive an invite for a free trial subscription and you will receive a free 30-day extension of your Informant Sync subscription as well. If you invite 1 friend per month then we will add a month to your Informant Sync subscription. If you are good at inviting people you can theoretically have Informant Sync and its benefits (Informant 5 and Informant for Android) for free for life. (Only one submission per Informant Sync account is allowed per month.)

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Details & Limitations of this Offer:

The Informant By Thomas Perry

–Invite a friend via any web browser.
-You must have an Informant Sync account created to get the free months credit.
-This offer is intended to encourage the invitation of new users to Informant. If you invite a person who is already an Informant subscriber, the free month offer may not apply.
-Your friend invite will be sent immediately, however, the free month credit may take up to 7 days to show up on your Informant Sync account.
-The “free month” applies to Informant Sync, Informant 5 for iOS, Informant for Android. Informant for macOS is NOT included in this free month.
-The person you send the invite to does NOT even need to subscribe or pay. We will reward you just simply for making the introduction.
-The 30 Day free credit will be applied to your Informant Sync account on the servers and will not show up in your iTunes account.
-We can not issue refunds for charges made in the past, we can only give credits on future months.
-We reserve the right to refuse to issue the free month if we feel that you are “gaming” the system by sending a fake email invite. Examples of gaming the system include, but are not limited to; sending bad email addresses (that bounce back), or sending the same email address multiple times.