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  1. 8 Characteristics Of The Innovator's Mindset
  2. The Innovator' S Cookbook Pdf free download. software
  • Innovative, high-quality components for large and small medical OEMs
  • Leading-edge fluid delivery filters optimized for effective treatment
  • Advanced manufacturing processes
    for complex medical devices

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Innovative Quality from Prototype to Production with Global Quality

For today's medical device OEMs, innovation must be at the heart of your approach.

Filtertek has the technical expertise to design, develop and manufacture custom filtration and fluid control devices that are as imaginative as the products they're part of.

What else do we offer? The kind of collaboration that speeds time-to-market. Democratic socialism simulator download for mac 7. Value-added services that shorten the supply chain. And worldwide, full-service supplier capabilities.

The innovator' s cookbook pdf free download pdf

Customers come to us for innovation, quality, risk mitigation, reliability and value.

That's what makes Filtertek the Worldwide Innovator in filtration technology. That's why you need Filtertek on your team.

As we enter the new year, a new strategy, focus or mindset is often required. In a few years time, the impending onslaught of digital and intelligent tech like AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, VR/AR, voice personal assistants and IoT will create a perfect storm for innovation and disruption. Due to this threat of technological and digital disruption, many organisations are undergoing digital transformation, building an innovative culture and exploring blue ocean businesses.

Companies in this creative journey frequently find that while strategy and leadership are important, the biggest inertia and obstacle is culture and individual mindsets. According to McKinsey, Cultural and Behaviour Challenges (33%) is the most formidable challenge to digital transformation (article). Similarly, in a Cap Gemini report, Culture (62%) is ranked as the top hurdle to digital transformation (article). In Nov 2017, Harvard Business Review piece emphasizes the need for CEOs to think like founders and not mere managers (article).

8 Characteristics Of The Innovator's Mindset

To address this critical gap, we have specially developed the MINDSET 4.0 Now! program for various types of organisations (MNCs, government agencies, local enterprises) in a variety of sectors (from financial services, retail, FMCG, healthcare, real estate, telecoms, technology, manufacturing, logistics, etc) for senior, middle and promising talent (CXOs to mid-level managers). Objective of program is to quickly inculcate and internalise the Innovator's Mindset in your leaders and talent and unlock their potential to be creative catalyst in your organisation's future. (For note: Manager's Mindset [Mindset 3.0] needs to be rapidly upgraded to Innovator's Mindset [Mindset 4.0] in 4th Industrial Revolution. Refer to my recent Straits Times article on why countries and companies needs new mindsets for this mega paradigm shift on 'Preparing for Singapore 4.0')

This program can be customised and delivered in flexible formats, from 2 hours express version (suitable for management retreats, regional meetings, company townhalls, innovation workshops, etc) to full day complete version (internal training). There are a total of 9 Mindset Upgrades (e.g. Exponential, Digital, Futures, Ambidextrous, Lean) for participants to adopt these new holistic and powerful ways of thinking. It is designed to be interactive, experiential and practical, integrated with peer learning, group discussion and team collaboration.

More details below. Feel free to reach out to me ([email protected]) or my team ([email protected]) to discuss how this can benefit your organisation.

The Innovator' S Cookbook Pdf free download. software